Earlier on 29th August 2019 which is celebrated as National Sports Day. PM Modi said that Dhyan Chand is a talented hockey player. He stunned the world with his Hockey skills. Earlier on 29th August 2019 was his birthday. In his remembrance, Sports Day is celebrated. In Delhi’s, Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium PM Modi launched the “Fit India Movement.” He said that we must aim for a healthy body and mind. Modi said that whenever monetary investments are made we receive some returns in the future. However you do not have to make any monetary investment in your body. If you exercise regulary, you will easily get profitable returns, your body will be fit & you will not fall sick. Modi urged everyone to make use of these free benefits. He said that, earlier people used to walk 8-10 kilometers in a day. Now it has reduced a lot. People do not have the habit of walking. This is because of technology. Technology has made people lazy. PM Modi said people have dangerous diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension. Earlier people between the ages of 50-60 suffered heart attacks. Now people as young as 35-40 are getting heart attacks. PM Modi said that success and fitness are interlinked. Success can not be achieved without good health, and success has no limits. For example look at film stars, cricketers, sportspersons, businessmen, etc. are all successful only because of their fitness. A sportsperson is successful because of his physical fitness. Filmstars are not selected for movies just because they are lucky. Filmstars focus on their fitness. This is why they get selected and become successful. If you have a systematic lifestyle then the whole day goes as planned and the business is successful as well. He said that in order to succeed being healthy is very important. The government may have started the Fit India Movement, but the citizens have to lead it. PM Modi’s speech was live-streamed in schools and colleges across the nation.