– Yes.
– Oh, whassup? – [Dan] There he is, yes he’s here. – What in the world? – Is.
– What is, what is this vlog? – What’s your favorite kind of ice cream? What is up everybody? Today is gonna be a fun
day, because Lincoln is at basketball camp, playing
against his best friend, Easton, in a game, and then we’re gonna go watch the Warriors
versus Cavs game three. I thought I’d bring you guys along because I’m gonna show you along the way, we’re gonna stop at some
YouTubers offices or houses and then go see Lincoln, see how he plays. This is his third day of
camp and he’s havin’ a blast. He’s kind of tired from
playing basketball all day, everyday, but I’m excited
to see how he does tonight. Right now I’m stopping at the mall, because they both don’t have their Warriors jerseys and I think
they need some new ones, ’cause the ones that they
do have are super old, so. Alright, I came to this
place called Pro Image and they have all kinds of jerseys. So we’ve got, Kevin Durant. This is like, and Steph Curry. And then we’ve got the blue and gold or blue and yellow ones. I don’t know which one he wants. I know he loves the
ones that say this city, which look kind of like these ones, but they don’t say it on this one. Which one, let me know in the comments, which ones should I get them and then we’ll see if I failed or not. (relaxing music) Alright, I’ve made up my mind. I’m getting this one, that’s
the Kevin Durant, for Easton. He’s a big kid. He likes ones without the sleeves
’cause he has big muscles. So this’ll work good for
him, and then Lincoln, he already has a Curry jersey
that looks kinda like this. I was kinda hoping to get the Nike one, but I guess those ones
really aren’t out, fully, ’cause of the licensing stuff, yet, so I’m just gonna get this for Easton. Hopefully he’s happy with that. And today’s video’s gonna be pretty raw. I’m not gonna do a bunch of b-roll, beautiful music montages. Let’s see what you guys think about it. First stop is going to be the
Tesla Supercharging station, because two reasons. One, I need to have a meeting with Hunter. – Hey, guys.
– Who works for us, he’s awesome, and I
need to charge this car. And every other car that’s
here, right now, is black. I feel like I’m out of place,
look, black, black, black. ♪ Give it up for Elon Musk ♪ ♪ Sci-fi’s about to get real on us ♪ – [Dan] Here’s our
meeting spot, right here. And their WiFi here is brilliant. Look at this, isn’t that so funny? (relaxing music) How was the meeting, Hunter? – It was solid, we have
a lot coming your way. – [Dan] Is this a good meeting spot? Should we meet here in the future? – Yeah, I feel recharged. – Oh, and look, we’ve got
a model three, over here. You ever seen a model three, before? There she is, little tiny car. That meeting took a lot
longer than we thought, and I didn’t film a lot of it,
because it probably would’ve been really boring to you. We are fully charged and important step, take the Supercharging out of your car before you drive away. Very important. (electronic music) Alright, he’s in his office. He doesn’t know I’m coming here. Look at that truck, that looks
good with that lift on it. That’s the first time I’ve seen
his car with the lift on it. Hello? Hello, where’s that clown? I’m calling him. Yes. – What in the world?
– He’s here. – How’re you doing?
– Random vlog, just surprising ya’.
– Alright. – [Dan] Need some tootsie rolls. – [Zack] Done. – [Dan] Look at this place. It is messy, geez. You’ve got your ammunition in here? Hey, you’ve made a good dent in that. That’s, like, halfway gone. – I’ve been giving away to my neighbors and basically anyone
who walks in the door. – Your truck looks good. First time I’ve seen it
with the lift, I like it. ‘Kay, we’re gonna do a rapid
fire Q and A with Zack. Here we go. (upbeat music) – [Dan] Why do you need two bikes? – So, there is no really
good reason for that. – [Dan] Did you see what Elon Musk said yesterday about bikes, motorcycles? – I did not. – [Dan] They asked him if he is ever going to make an electric motorcycle. – Actually, I used to ride
motorcycles when I was a kid and I did dirt biking for, I don’t know, eight years or something. And then had a road bike until I was 17 and was almost killed by a truck, so we’re not gonna do motorcycles. (audience laughter) – Ho ho ho ho. – [Dan] You saw, Elon’s
comments, thoughts? – Looks like I’ll just have to make my own electric motorcycle. I feel like motorcycles are fun, as long as you drive them safe. With the amount of power he
puts into his other vehicles, I guess safety would be an
issue with an actual motorcycle. So, I get it, not happy, but I get it. – [Dan] Rapid fire
questions, favorite candy? – Off the top of my head, Skittles. – [Dan] Best ice cream? – Either cookie dough
or cookies and cream. – [Dan] Best burger you’ve ever had? – Seven brothers. – Yes, that was us, together, with Devin. We went there in Lincoln,
that was a fun trip. Favorite video you’ve made this year, I don’t care if it’s about a phone or not. – Can I scroll through all my videos? (laughter) I’ve made a lot. Alright, if I had to pick. Ooh, this is tough, I’ve
narrowed it down to three. It’s either the bulletproof car one, or the egg drone in
Hawaii at Kualoa Ranch. That was really fun to film. Or the Mercedes video in Spain. – I was in two of those,
it was pretty good. You gotta have fun while
you’re filming, right? – Okay, the top three right there. – [Dan] This is what
it looks like when you randomly drop in on Zack. This is awesome, it’s kind
of like, I don’t know. It’s like robots. – [Zack] It gets the job done. – [Dan] It’s like an assembly line. (classical music) – So my channel actually
hasn’t seen this, yet. I don’t even think I’ve done– – [Dan] Okay I won’t show everything. – Oh no, it’s fine, all these are monopods for cameras and they’re stuck inside these barn door rails. – [Dan] Oh, that’s smart. – So the barn door rails can
hold 400 pounds when they’re mounted to a barn, I guess. And then all of these are adjustable. I can raise them up and down. – [Dan] These are just
the cheap Amazon lights that you buy that work great, though. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, they’re
just the white LEDs. So, if you swing around over here, you can see everything I’m working on. I’m literally in the middle
of testing the Nokia 6.1. – [Dan] Matte black, nice. – And then you can see
everything on that screen that I’m doing. And then if I do front
facing camera stuff, I mount my camera there
and then I show myself– – On this big one. It’s hard to see on camera, but this is a really small space. It’s just this little, tiny space, but on camera, it fills
up the whole screen, 4k 60 frames per second. And it looks like this big space, you see the phone, but
this is really tiny. Play button is so clean and nice. – [Zack] I’ve never taken that one out. Yet.
– Guys, leave us a question
below and we’re gonna do another Q and A with Jerry, with Zack. But I gotta get one more. If you couldn’t own a truck
for the rest of your life, what car would you get? – Definitely a Tesla. – [Dan] Which one? – I don’t know if I would
go brand new on any of them. If I was personally driving
it, probably a Model X, because it’s a little bit
higher, more clearance, can do more, more useful, more practical. – Okay, there we go. There’s Q and A with Zack. Now we gotta get on the road
and go to our next place, and then go see Lincoln play basketball. Adios, Zack. – See ya, have fun, drive safe. – Alright, you too. Like I said, I’m not
doing b-roll transitions. This is just showing you my day. So, I just arrived at the
BYU basketball facilities. It’s called The Annex, it’s
their nice practice facility, where we filmed the
Square Basketball video. Elijah is here training,
getting ready for the pros. Yes!
– Oh, whassup? – [Dan] There he is, look
at that haircut, dang. – It’s a fresh cut. – [Dan] Dude, you’re ripped. – Uh, I’m trying–
– You leave BYU and you’re like, “I’m just gonna workout every day.” – Yeah, I try to be. – This is the court,
remember, Square Basketball? This is the place. Number one on trending, that video. I did not expect that. – [Elijah] That is
crazy, I don’t know why, Oh we need to do another video like that. – [Dan] It’s because you’re in
it, like, this video is gonna do well because you’re in it, now. – I know, right? (laughs) – First things first,
just like we did to Zack from JerryRigEverything,
rapid fire Q and A. You ready for this? – Let’s go. (upbeat music) – [Dan] Favorite place
to get a cheeseburger? – Five guys, if I do eat a cheeseburger, but I don’t eat cheeseburgers, as you… See? (laughs) – Favorite ice cream?
– Pineapple ice cream. – What, what, who is this guy? Pineapple ice cream? Like, I like pineapple pizza, but pineapple ice cream? – Pineapple ice cream. – [Dan] That’s legit, I like that. Favorite video that you’ve made this entire year on your channel? We’re already June, it’s like
halfway through the year. – Had to be the one
where I was leaving BYU. Nothing against BYU, but it
was just fun to put together and see the whole process come along. – [Dan] Most surprising
thing from an NBA workout? – 180 question mental test. – [Dan] What? – That’s ridiculous. – [Dan] Like what, what’s a
weird question they asked you? – Scenery, do you like the scenery? Somewhat true, kinda true, not true. – [Dan] Scenery of what? – Exactly. – [Dan] What did you answer? What’s the right answer? – Always true. – There we go, there’s
your rapid fire questions, and now we gotta figure out
what we’re doing here, so. Go do something, dunk it, or something. – We’re gonna play one
on one, so you can– – Okay, alright, alright. (hip hop music) Oh, that was pretty. Okay, that’s good, there you go. There’s a little one on
one, this is what happens. You’ve got a guy that
just got off a two year church mission, who’s probably
a little bit out of shape because he just got back. And then you’ve got a guy
that’s been working hard playing ball, so it’s fun to
watch him play one on one. That’s what these guys do. It’s not easy being a college athlete. Here’s Lincoln. – Have you been vlogging, today? – [Dan] Yes, I’m vlogging today. – Oh, okay. – How’s it going?
– Give him the rapid fire questions. (electronic music) – [Dan] What’s your record
in the tournament so far? – One and one. – [Dan] You’ve only played
two games in three days? – Wait, no, two and one, two and one. – Two and one, okay.
– Yeah. – [Dan] What’s your
favorite thing to eat, here? – Probably the chocolate milk. – [Dan] What’s the best place in the world to eat a cheeseburger? – Steak and Shake in Dubai. – [Dan] Steak and Shake, okay. What’s your favorite place to
eat ice cream in the world? – Nelson’s. – [Dan] Nelson’s Frozen Custard. – What is this vlog? – [Dan] What’s your
favorite kind of ice cream? – What is this vlog? – [Dan] I’ve asked Zack these questions, Eli these questions, now you. – Oreo.
– Alright bud, here’s your game.
– Good. – [Dan] What, where’s the
score, what’s the score? – Two to six. – [Dan] Which one are you, home or guest? – Two. – [Dan] So, you’re going in, in three minutes, seven seconds, so you guys better
score, right here, okay? – [Lincoln] Two, one, buzz. – Twelve years old, size 13 feet. That’s awesome. Here goes the little guy, and
yeah his jersey’s too tight. They didn’t have, I didn’t
order the right size, and they wouldn’t switch it, so. His best buddy, Easton,
that you’ve seen in a few of our videos, he’s out there. He has the orange shorts. (electronic music) That is a big kid, he’s,
I’ve never seen anybody block Easton like that. Easton usually doesn’t
get blocked like that. What did ‘ya think, Lincoln? – I missed. – [Dan] Eli’s been
thinking hard about this. He has some tips for ya. This is literally on the spot. – Yeah, this is on the spot. The intangible thing you
can do, is always talk. You can always talk on defense. You can always rebound, you can
always be the best teammate, ’cause you’re not gonna
hit every shot, right? – [Dan] Hey, nice job, out there. – Thank you. – [Dan] Tearing it up, what’s your name? – Isaac.
– Isaac, Isaac? – He scored, like, 30 in our last game. So I’m the point guard,
I lob it up to him, and he just scores and scores. – [Dan] It looked more
like, it didn’t look like you were lobbing it up. It looked like you were shooting it, and he would just get past the air ball. – Yeah, see, I was– – See, what had happened at first, was… (audience laughter) – Alright, so check this out,
Eli just gave me this ball signed by the entire team from last year, I guess, or this current
year still, or whatever. Right there in the prime
position, we got your signature. I got your signature, it
looks like your logo, EB. – Yeah.
– He’s so nice and he’s giving this to Lincoln and to us, for like, all the videos and
stuff we’ve done together, but here’s the even better part. I just asked him, and he said, if we wanted to give this away, he wouldn’t be offended,
like I want to keep this, but let’s give it to one of you guys. How’s it going, bud? – What’s that? – [Dan] Eli just gave
us this ball signed by the entire team and Coach Rose. – That’s cool. – [Dan] We think it’s really cool, but I want to give it to one of them, so. He gave it to you, but
I’m gonna give it away. – Okay. – [Dan] That cool? – Yeah.
– I’ll have it! – No, we’re gonna do it on video. Everybody wants this
ball, it’s a cool ball, but one of you guys are gonna get it. Just go look in the
link in the description. You better get out and win this game. All of you guys. (electronic music) Now we are off, I’m stealing
them away from camp. We haven’t told their counselor. Probably not ideal, but, oh well. Here we go, Easton. – Oh, sweet, thanks. – [Dan] Durant, Kenny D. – Yeah. – That’s your guy. Look at this thing, alright,
turn around, the back. Ah, that’s perfect, perfect. When we did the video with Kevin Durant, Easton came with and was able to meet KD, and KD said that he was
that tall and had that big of feet, when he was Easton’s age. So, next Kevin Durant, maybe, right here. – Mm-hmm, hopefully. – Alright, so this is the next step. I hope you like, let me know
what think about a video that has no music
transitions with b-rolls. It’s not cause I’m being
lazy, I’m just trying it out, and we’ve got so much
stuff going on today, so– I mean, we might have background music, but I’m not really doing it, maybe I’ll have some while
you’re playing basketball. Now we’re going to my, our
buddies Cameron and Sabrina’s. We’re gonna watch the game. We got Durant, over here. – Yeah. – [Dan] How many points does he have? – 36, I think. – 36 or 38. – I really wanted Curry to be the MVP, but I think it’s gonna be Durant. Our friends, Cameron and Sabrina, it’s these people right here,
see, in this cute photo. He had to go to a baseball
game and he’s nice enough to be like, “Yeah, hang out at our house.” They’ve got Toblerones, Skittles, M&Ms, Girl Scout cookies,
popcorn, Brick Oven pizza. That’s some nice friends, we got there. They might be back before
the end of the game, but look, right now, 81, 78. Warriors are gonna win this, for sure. 100 percent. Was my guarantee right, or what? – Um, hmm. – Yeah, Warriors won, it’s down, 3-0. I kinda feel bad for LeBron,
he’s such a good player. This night’s not over, we’ve
got one more place to go. – What?
– Another YouTuber I think. Alright, like I said, the
night is not over, yet. Right now I am waiting for
Bryce Jurgy, from the Jurgys. This is his giant RV. It’s kinda hard to see at night, but this is it, Daybreak. It’s pretty big. Like, look how big that thing is. Over the next six months, Bryce is going to be driving this thing. Bryce, and Nelly, their new baby and then another family,
which is kinda crazy. Two families in this little RV. They’re gonna take this
thing, for six months, all across the United
States, every single state, except for, I think, Alaska. They might just fly up to that one. Alright, he came, let’s
go, let’s see this RV. – [Bryce] We got it, light switch, okay. – [Dan] Hey, you have lights. – [Bryce] We got lights. – [Dan] Oh, nice, here’s
your couch-bed, I guess. – [Bryce] Yeah. – We’ve been doing this
theme all day, today. So here we go, rapid fire questions. (upbeat music) Best cheeseburger in the world, where? – Ooh, Das Burger in Frankfurt, Germany. – [Dan] Best ice cream, in the world? – Ooh, ahh–
– Best place to go for ice cream? – It’s in Missouri, and what’s it called? – [Dan] Don’t know, I’ve
never been to Missouri. – Frozen custard, Nelson’s Frozen Custard. – [Dan] That’s not in Missouri. – There’s one here, but they’re also there’s one in Missouri. – [Dan] Who is this? Jase. – What up? – [Dan] C’mon in, I’m just doing rapid fire questions, real quick. – [Jase] Oh, nice. – [Dan] You’re next, actually,
get up here, get up here. Jase Bennett, The Ohana Adventure,
here we go, get in here. Alright, rapid fire question, best cheeseburger in the world, go. – Smash Burger, dang it. – [Dan] Not Seven Brothers? – Seven Brothers actually is good, I have not had the
mainland Seven Brothers. – [Dan] Best place to eat ice
cream in the United States? – Oh, Venice, Italy. – [Dan] Is there a shop,
there a shop, like, a place? – Matsumoto’s
– Okay. – In Haleiwa on Oahu. – [Dan] Best video you’ve made this year. Your favorite video. – Baby being born. (screams) – Favorite video?
– Can’t say no to my kids. – Okay, we’ll put that link
in the description, ‘kay. Rapid fire questions, that’s
like the fifth person today. And they’re all been
YouTubers, this has been great. And now it’s finally time to go home. So, this is a random vlog,
like, it’s pretty funny. So I hope that you guys
liked to see just like what the day is, I just took you along. This one was a little interesting. We met so many people and
ran into so many people, but we got some good Q and A’s. There you go, visit
those ice cream places. If you want, lemme know in the comments, what are your favorite
answers to those questions? I’d love to know what
is better for burgers and ice cream and all that stuff. And I’ll also link those
channels and their videos, down below, so that you can go see what their favorite video is. If you’ve never seen
any of those channels, ‘least you can see what
their favorite video is. And then lastly, the
giveaway for the basketball. I think it’s in here somewhere. Yeah, it’s back there, it’s right there. If you want the basketball,
we’ll put a link in the description, it can be yours. Lights just went out, adios.