Okay, guys,
stop this puck! (GROANS) (WHIMPERS) -Ahhh!
-(BUZZES) Not bad, Brillo you didn’t even hide
your eyes that time. MANAGER: What kind
of captain are you? This team stinks. You win tonight’s game
against the Thug Suckers, or you’re fired! (PLAYER GASPS) -(STEPS RUMBLING)
-We can beat these guys. They’re only human. Well, almost human. (ALL SCREAMING) Out of the way pink pants. There’s a real
hockey team here. (EXCLAIMS) (GROANS) Whoops, you missed. -(CHUCKLES)
-(SNARLS) -Huh?
-(BUZZES) (CHUCKLES) (INDISTINCT TALKING) So he can skate. He still needs a goalie. Goalie? Oh… I know the coolest dude
for the job. He’s got ice water
in his veins, a frigid stare and he keeps my sodas cold. The mighty The Mighty Bucks
new goalie! Ha! Eh? (CHUCKLES) Goalie? This snow cone? (GASPS) (LAUGHING) When I get through,
you’ll be able
to bite that guy back. (ZAPPING) Whoa! Slusho! Old buddy! Oh, happy day! Together again. Say, who are you exactly? I’m you’re team captain,
you’re my goalie. Ooh! Dream of dreams. What’s a goalie? PINK PANTHER:
All you have to do
is stop the puck. I think they look
nice on me. Can I wear them out to dinner? This gives new meaning
to the term “body-check.” Hmm. We’re gonna have to put
that snow cone on ice. (ALL SNARL) Ice sculptures. (CHUCKLES) Just what the doctor ordered. Oh! Whee! (LAUGHING) Ooh! (LAUGHS) Whee! (LAUGHS) THUG SUCKER: (ON SPEAKER)
Mr. Slusho, Mr. Slusho…
Uh, please come
to the parking lot.
You left your
car lights on.
(EXCLAIMS) Oh, my (EXCLAIMS) car lights. Wait, Slusho. Uh, you don’t
even have a car. Oh. They said I left my lights on. But on what? The love doctor is in. (IMITATING WOMAN’S VOICE)
Dear Slusho! Oh, Slusho! -(EXCLAIMS)
-Ooh! Whee! Ooh! (CHUCKLES) She could melt the ice
right off a snow man. Hello! Would you like
to slalom sometime? Sorry snowball,
little Cubette
has places to go. Cubette! (SOBBING) Cubette? I think Slusho
is getting snowed. (EXCLAIMS) SLUSHO: Come back! My little Cubette! (CHUCKLES) That’s right,
slush for brains, keep following the ice queen. Uh, hold on Cubette! I’ll save you
from that, uh, brute! (IMITATING WOMAN’S VOICE)
Eh, Slusho, help! (EXCLAIMS) Oh! Something tells me
Slusho doesn’t have his mind
on our hockey game. Oh, be brave,
my little snowflake, Slusho is here. Shake your body
you little icicle, -freezer face!
-(EXCLAIMS) (ELECTRICAL CRACKLING) Slusho, the hockey game
starts in a few minutes. Oh! Who can thinks about pucks
at a time like this? I guess this means
you lose the big game. (LAUGHING) (CRACKLING) I’m crushed ice! My Cubette’s in the tank. So is my hockey career. (CRACKLING) Oh! I’m gonna stand out
in the sun and end it all. Wait, the game ain’t over
until it’s over, buddy. Oh? I never thought
of it that way. He’s so smart. This’ll jump start
their romance. (SPLASHING) (CRACKLING) (ZAPPING) Say, good looking, did I give you a hot flash, or are you just melting? Oh… You can’t melt until
the hockey game’s over. Come on! (CROWD CHEERING) (ORGAN PLAYING) The game starts in 30 seconds. I’m gonna fry that panther! (CROWD CHEERING INTENSIFIES) (GRUNTING) (BLOWS WHISTLE) ANNOUNCER: (ON SPEAKER)
Panther scores!
Mighty Pucks, one,
Thug Suckers, nothing.
(GROANS) Ice ’em boys! (CROWD CHEERING) Oh. I love a man who can hold on to his puck. (CHUCKLES) Ahhh! -(CROWD CHEERS)
-(BUZZES)And the Mighty Pucks
score again!
Whoa! Oh! -(FIRING)
-Whee! (LAUGHS) -Ooh.
-(GROANS) (GRUNTING) This game ain’t over! It’s not over till it’s over, I learnt that just today. CROWD: (APPLAUDING)
Slusho, Slusho,
Slusho, Slusho! Oh, yes. (CHUCKLING) For me? (CHUCKLING) Ooh, thank you. Oh, yes. (LAUGHS) (GROANS) Oh, ho. I feel all watery,
maybe it’s love. Slusho, get out
of that spotlight! -(BUZZER BUZZES)
It’s the Mighty Pucks, two,Thug Suckers, one. (GRUNTS) Whoa! -(BUZZER BUZZES)-Make that
Mighty Pucks, two,
Thug Suckers, two.We have a tie game. Don’t you dare hurt
one ice chip on my Slusho’s empty head. Ahhh! (GROANS) Thug Sucker puck
in the side pocket. (PUCK RICOCHETING) (GROANS) (BUZZES)Yes!The Mighty Pucks win
at the buzzer,
three to two. (CROWD CHEERING) Panther! You’ve just won the big game and saved your job. What’re you gonna do next? (IMITATING SLUSHO) Ooh, I wanna get a snow cone. (EXCLAIMS)