Hey CJ, are you addicted to
pickleball? Oh, good question. Probably. Ernie, are you addicted
to pickleball? Well, maybe. Are you addicted to pickleball? Hey everybody. It’s Ernie Medina
Jr and I’m here with CJ Johnson. Now some of you may know Ernie from the pickleball forum on Facebook
where he is a top contributor, but Ernie, when you’re not on the Facebook forum
and you’re not playing pickleball, what’s your day job?
Well, I do actually work. I’m not retired as a lot
of people think, but, I’m currently an assistant professor
at Loma Linda university. But before that I was working in a
medical group, working with people, trying to help them to lose
weight, control their diabetes, quit smoking and deal with stress. If you’re interested in getting better
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post a new video. Ernie, and I agree on a lot of things,
particularly off the court. You need to pay attention to your
lifestyle if you want to become a better pickle ball player. Now, Ernie, we started
this video joking, right? We’re joking about pickleball addiction, but there really is a reason
that we picked this subject. So tell us a little bit more
about it Ernie. Well, you know, when I started playing
pickleball about three years ago, I kept hearing the word addiction.
I’m addicted to pickleball, I’m addicted to pickleball. But you know, when you take something that is
good and you do too much of it, it can actually be harmful to yourself. So we want to take a look at that and see
are we too addicted to pickleball that it could be actually
harmful to our health. Ernie, how do we know when our pickleball
addiction has crossed the line? Well, you know, when you
do something too much, your life gets out of balance and there
will be other areas in your life that are going to start suffering from that. We need to pay attention to some
of those other areas in our life. And you know where I come from in Loma
Linda, we are one of the blue zones. If you don’t know what the blue zones are, these are five areas in the world that
researchers have found that people there live longer than the average
person, about 10 years longer. And so they’ve studied these different
populations and they found that there are certain key characteristics in a holistic
lifestyle that shows it can be very beneficial for your health,
both quality and longevity wise. Okay. Ernie, I’ll bite what
are the five key points? Well, you know, pickleball actually
covers two of those very well. The social and the family/ We all know
that is a very good inter-generational sport, you know, and then socialize. We all know that’s what
attracts us to pickleball. So pickleball already covers two of
those that are blue zone characteristics. Ernie, what’s another point from the
blue zones that can help us? Well, you know, we started talking
about exercise addiction
and you know, looking at, you know, we love pickleball, so
we play it a lot and you know, six, seven days a week, some
people, but you know, we need to really look
about balance. You know, we need to think about things that
we can do outside of pickleball. And one of the things I really
recommend is cross training, doing some kind of strength or weight
training because that can help you in your pickleball, but that will
also help balance out your
life for other activities. And so I recommend people either do some
simple calisthenics, simple weights, but if you don’t know how to
do those kinds of exercises, I highly recommend going
to a personal trainer. Finding one either at your health club
or at a Y and make sure they’re certified either like I’m with American College
of sports medicine, ACSM or ACE, there’s others out there, but
make sure they’re certified. And sometimes they could even be
certified for working with the older population. And so if you can find
that, that would be really good. Instead of playing
pickleball seven days a week, maybe play pickleball
five days a week, right? And do a little something off the
court to take care of yourself. You only have to weight
train two, three days a week. So we’re not talking about
being, becoming a bodybuilder. That’s what a lot of people are
afraid of. Weight training. But no, we’re not talking about that. You can do a simple program within
20-30 minutes and that’s it. So just a couple of days off the court
can really be big dividends on the court. Ernie, we’ve been talking about weight training
and that’s going to segue perfectly and to one of the next points, which is
rest. That’s right. Well, you know, rest is critical in all
of the five blue zones. And so we are talking about not just
rest in between weight training, but also even rest from
the pickleball court. I know that might be sound sacrilegious, but we need a break from the pickleball
court because that’s going to help overall balance. And if you
know you’re getting addictive, then you might be playing too much
pickleball. So rest from pickleball, a rest from everyday life, and also
even sleep rest, and sleep as important. And so getting your seven hours is also
an important for both your pickleball play on the court and
your life off the court. Ernie, what’s one of the warning
signs that we need some rest. That’s a good question. CJ. You know, if your body is usually
trying to tell you something, whether it’s a nagging injury that’s not
healing up or some ache and pain that is not usually, you know,
the normal aging process, that’s usually a warning sign
that you’re overdoing it. You might be a little too addictive
in your workout or your play. And so that would be
what I would listen to. Listen to your body and that will tell
you when you need to take a break and take a rest. Okay, Ernie, what’s point number five?
Well, you know, no surprise here, diet, what we eat is a key
factor in all of the blue zones. Okay? Now, Ernie, we could
talk about diet for a day. Can you give us just a couple
of recommendations on how
as pickleball players we can get healthier bodies and
have a healthier diet. Sure. There’s all kinds of
diets that are out there, but one thing I like to tell people is
to keep it very simple i s these two things watch for refined sugar
and trans fat or hydrogenated fat. The easy way to do that is look at a
label and if you look at the first five ingredients, if you see the word
sugar or something that ends in O S E, OSE or you see trans fat or hydrogenated
fat in the first five ingredients, probably shouldn’t be eating
that on a regular basis. I would try to limit those or cut those
out of my diet on a regular basis. Oh, CJ, there’s one more thing I’ve got to
tell you about diet and that is drinking plenty of water. You know when you’re
playing on the pickleball court, you’re sweating and so you need
to be drinking plenty of water. We recommend eight to 10
glasses, but if you sweat a lot, then you’d probably be needed
to be drinking more than that. If you got value from this video, do not share it with your
pickleball playing friends. Take the information that Ernie gave
you and change something inside of your life. Likeyou all say CJ
together we can Train Smart, Live Bold, and Age Well.