This is ‘4-Square Volleyball’ and it’s
basically the 4-square game but using the volleyball skills: setting,
serving, bumping. This is for grades 5-8 and you will need a volleyball. Here we have our 4-square court set up. A player will start in each one of those squares. The extra players will be along the edge. If you
have too many extra players just have separate games going on on other squares so that people are not
standing around too long. The game starts with the ball in the King’s Square. The King Square is the highest ranking square
where people are gonna try and get to. So if we look at the rotation here:
purple is in square one, red is in square two, green is in square three, and
yellow is in square four (the King’s square). If a player makes a mistake then they have to
leave their square and it becomes filled by the next person
in line. So we’ll see here in an example: the King is going to start by serving it (a light serve) then a bump or a set. The purple player
made a mistake there so purple player is out. Purple will go to the end of the line and the next player comes in. Then it resets, so the King gets the ball again
and makes a serve to whoever he chooses. It went to green and green made a mistake, so
green player goes to the end line and now red will rotate fill that spot,
blue will fill that spot, and brown will come in and fill that spot. So that’s the way the rotations work. Basically any time somebody makes a
mistake, they must exit the square and the next person fills in. And so on
so forth. So if a player hits a ball out or if
it’s a bad bump or something, then that player has to leave that square. That’s it for this game!