This game is called ‘Master Ball’. Use one of the end basketball nets. Place down four cones. One team will split in halves and face each other and
another team does the same thing at the other cones. In the middle place the target cone.
Both teams will get a basketball to start. In the first part of the game, teams will
roll the ball back and forth between their teams. So the blue and the blue will roll it back-and-forth. The goal is to knock over the cone. So the two teams are competing to be the first team to knock over the cone in the middle. After a student rolls it, he will just go to the back of their line. The team that knocks over the cone (we see that the blue team has knocked over the cone). The team that knocks over the cone gets to line up and do some layups. They run to cone, form a line, and start layups. The other team goes to the opposite corner
and starts doing 20 passes. Chest passes back and forth twenty times.
While they’re doing that the blue team is continuing doing layups. Layup, rebound, pass, continue. Once the Green Team has finished their
20 passes it all resets: they put the cone back up
and start over again. It continues on and on and on like that.
That’s it for this idea!