Alright boys. Let’s have a fair match. Up to ten by twos and threes. Let’s play ball. You can’t shoot. Shot! Two to zero. I respect that, I respect that. You gotta respect this though. All day. Hey! Four to two. Four? Two to two. Correct. Go ahead, keep shootin’ those. Keep shootin’ those if you want. D me up. OH! I’m too quick, too quick. And one! Body! Five to two. Oh, euro step! Hey you got some good moves. Too bad you don’t have the defense to match
it. Here you go. Oh! A lot of contact there ref. Settle down. Oh, no. Come on now! Nice shot. Six to five. Agh. Three! Threeee! Where’d that come from? Nine to five. Nine? No, seven to five. It was just six to five. Oh, yeah it is nine to five. YEAH! You know what they say, fourth time’s the
charm. It’s gettin’ a little bit hot out here. I’m sweating. . . . gotta cool off somehow. Guess you can’t do it twice in a row huh? Hey, hey, hey! Foul! That’s right. Do I get free throws? Reach in. No. Seven to nine? Yep. So a three is for the win right? Oh what a move! Nine to nine. Next basket wins, let’s go. Foul! Body. Two shots. Wasn’t that before the shot? No sir, no sir. One more, game point. Airball. Ahhh. Come on now, I’ll show you what I got. These gloves been holdin’ me back. That’s a foul! That’s almost a flagrant, boy. Almost a flagrant. Oh! No good! No. Travel! Double dribble! Man I don’t know what you’re lookin at. He’s been doing that all day, too. Hey, watch him on it. Out of bounds.Your ball. I’ve been takin’ it easy. Come on now. Ahhh! That’s game!