[Introduction slides to background music] [PAUSE]>>Voiceover: One of the most memorable sights
greeting visitors as they fly into London for the Olympic Games is the pink and blue
synthetic hockey pitch at Olympic Park. Dr Martin Schlegel, Managing Director of Advanced
Polymer Technology Australasia says the new polymer pitch has set a new benchmark for
the future by combining vibrant colour schemes, environmentally responsible technology and
exacting characteristics that are necessary for elite hockey.>>Dr Martin Schlegel: Well our products have
a competitive advantage that really derives from the unique environmental conditions in
Australia. One of the harshest UV exposure in the world, high temperatures now, a lot
of rain that we have to cope with. So our products have really been designed for the
Australian conditions and therefore can cope with conditions all around the world.>>Voiceover: The legacy of the pitch will
last long after the Games are finished. There are plans to disassemble parts of the venues
and use them in schools or recycle them and Dr Schlegel says this is a great lesson for
every future host city.>>Dr Martin Schlegel: London has come with
the idea to actually recycle parts of the stadiums, and make them available to schools
and take a part of the Olympic turf and put it maybe into a playground at a school i think
going to be a great leagcy.>>Voiceover: This may also be of great benefit
for the likes of Qatar.>>Dr Martin Schlegel: So things like using
artificial surfaces instead of natural surfaces and not having to water them could be a great
advantage for a country like Qatar. Now product development has come that far that synthetic
surfaces now behave and perform like the best maintained natural surfaces without having
to use water. So for Qatar, in terms of football or soccer, I can imagine that a stadium indoors
to shelter people from the heat, could be outfitted with synthetic turf.>>Voiceover:The look and feel of the synthetic
hockey pitches for the London Olympics align with the branding colours of the event and
will no doubt be a talking point for spectators when the games kick off.>>Dr Martin Schlegel: The hockey stadium is
the only open air venue in Olympic Park, and its striking colour design certainly stands
out in the wonderful parkland and the other arenas, so it actually can become an icon
it’s just a pity that it is only a temporary venue.