One of the thoughts that
came to my mind, though, was for our seniors. And as you go through
each year and you’re like, you can’t wait to
be a senior, right? I mean, ’cause
you’re going through, ’cause you see when you
come in, that leadership, that kind of hierarchy, and so, what I see from
players that are leadership is you’ve earned the right
for special treatment, but servant leaders
don’t want it. They don’t need it. They have a bigger platform and it will mean
a whole lot more when you guys do something
for your teammates than when you were a freshman. You work to be the biggest
servants on the team. And that’s how you lead and that’s how you make
us better, all right? All right, let’s get after it. [upbeat rock music] Don’t forget, guys,
when we’re doing, especially with the swing block,
with a more athletic block, we’re blocking the ball, so it’s not necessarily a spot where you go to for
line and cross, ‘kay? You are trying to take the, come stand in front
of me, Stroup. If you’re blocking line,
you wanna make sure I can’t get down
that line at all. If you’re blocking cross,
you can step in a little bit where your outside hands
lined up with the balls. Got it out, ready, ready? Oh! I’m just taking out Mya. Oh my God. Hey, when you go,
keep those hands up. Don’t lower your
hands with your jump. The speed of the toss. Bay, are you a little
far off the net, maybe? Yeah. Are you mic’d up right now? I am mic’d up, totally. [Steven laughs] Perc, if there’s little
comments you wanna make about your teammates, feel free. Feel free, you’ve got
the floor right now. [player yelling] Woo, nice job. [players cheering] All the way, blue line
to end-line, all the way! Good positioning! We should have very little extra
movement during this, guys. This is the detail part. [upbeat rock music] Go! High, high, high! [players yelling] Hey, approach facing the net. You’re approaching here,
swinging across your body. Okay. Face where you’re heading. I think you’re leading way
too much with your elbow, and so, you’re coming
underneath the ball a lot on going on that cross. You still need to get up
and take the same swing, just your follow-through’s
a little bit different. A little late. Be in the air when
the center hands. Go. Good, that’s a good tempo. Never take your eyes
off the prize, Percy. I didn’t know where you were! [Steven laughs] Tori, are you mic’d up? Yeah. Boop, boop, boop.
Hello. Peanut butter. Tori smells. [chuckles] Man. Heard it here first. [upbeat rock music] Hey, good practice. Now, from a physicality
standpoint, we’re fine, but what we have to
do is we need to be, our positioning’s gotta be
better, more consistent, we gotta be more
disciplined with details. And so, you’re gonna be
hearing it every drill, every practice, sometimes,
some of you, every rep. You’ve gotta hear that, ‘kay? [girls cheer] Rebs on three, one, two, three! Rebs! Hands, hands! High five, high five!
Hands, hands, hands, hands. [players chattering]