– Was there anything
that you said about me
in a negative way to Kristen or anyone
in the collective…[tense hip-hop music]Or anything?
– No. – I wanna know. – She can see if she wanna see. – Let me see.♪ ♪Oh, wait, go back.♪ ♪It says, “Ugly ass ho.” Can y’all just tell me
the timing? – The timing was
after the pool party. Not only did I not know that,
which, I apologize. If I did say–I don’t
remember saying that, okay? – Okay, ho, please, ’cause I’m tired. This is so [bleep] old. You typed it. She saw it
with her own eyes. – Right, and I’m
trying to tell her that I didn’t know her
at the time and I was sticking up
for Kristen. – The point is,
you said it, though. – So apologi–
CeCe, at some point, like, just own what you say. – All I was expecting, CeCe, was for you to say, “I said it.” It’s in text.
Kristen’s not lying. It’s from her text message.
It’s you.♪ ♪– Come on, let’s go
watch Feby, y’all. – I’m so over this.
It’s not even worth my time.I’m out of here.♪ ♪– Hey… – What’s up? – I came back, ’cause I wanted
to say something to you. – Okay. – What just happened was not no hating [bleep]. I’m sick of CeCe lying
and not owning things, and if you’re gonna be in a
real relationship with somebody, be it you or anybody else
in her life, it has to be real.[solemn music]Listen, if Byron is
not gonna call CeCe out on her [bleep], OG is the one that will do it.I am so over arguing with OG
and us being enemies,
at this point, maybe
we could get it together.
I’m over having beef with you. I would like you
and I to move on and just be done
with the bull[bleep]. – I agree. Between me
and you, we’re good. [laughs]
– We’re good. – As long as we’re good.
– We’re good. Don’t make me say it again.
[laughs] – Okay, and I have been sorry. – I just gotta check
with all of Africa, but I’ll get back to you.
[laughs] – You know what, bitch… – Africa, are we good
with Kristen? – Are we good?
Let me know what they say. – Oh–this is bad service. No–[laughs][hip-hop music]