This place has been around for a very long time. It’s pretty cool to be here. If you were to see German football, you’d probably think we were talking about soccer, not really knowing that they have what they have over here. It’s great to be able to see young ones out here loving the game that I love. You know, obviously the goal is to be in the NFL. That’s what they want to do. He’s one of the best receivers out there, so of course it was a huge evaluation for these guys. As soon as he stepped on the field the energy was up there. And you could see that in the eyes of the kids. I was so nervous this morning. My best friend’s getting married today, so I’m coming late to his wedding just because I wanted to be here and working out with Odell Beckham. The main thing about the fade at the goal line is just knowing your time clock is slower, like you’ve just got to slow it down. I think I was just able to give them, you know, some insight on things that I was told or taught or had learned over the years. Just to be able to share the knowledge that was given to me, it’s what you’re supposed to do. You know, you’re supposed to pass it on. There you go. I like it. Go inside. Get ’em moving. He told them how to move against releases. – There you go.
– And they immediately transformed it on the field. And to see that, that was special. Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah. He was awesome. He just told me two small things about how to improve my rounds. It helped me immediately to be in my corner. They don’t have high school football. They don’t have scholarships for college and things like that. All we want to do is play ball. Right? Like y’all love this. You’re not out here for money. You’re not out here for the fame. You do this ’cause you love it. Am I wrong? And that’s kind of what it was for me. I loved ball. You want to run and get to 10, bah, bah. Yep, yep. Stick it, stick it. Ah, ah. There you go, there you go. What’s up with you? Y’all good? How y’all? You have like these amazing, wonderful catches. Do you do these catches always in training or something? It took a lot of practice. It took a lot of drops. It took a lot of drops to be able to make those. I remember after I made the catch, I posted a picture of me from college. It was against Auburn my junior year. And I tried to make the exact same catch. Dropped it in the game. I posted on Instagram—I was like, “Next time it’ll be mine.” Live. Don’t be afraid to live. Fail. Make mistakes. That’s the only way to succeed is adversity. Honor and legacy. It’s just about changing the game for the ones that are going to come after you. And honoring the ones that came before you. If you’ve got a dream, honestly there’s nobody who can tell you what you can and can’t do in this world. You got something you want. You know what I’m saying? You got something you want to do, you go do it bro. Nobody can tell you—how’s somebody gonna tell you what you can do? How are they gonna tell you that? You know what I mean? So whatever you have in your mind that y’all wanna do, you just got to go for it.