All right ladies room we have Juicy, justin and dylan versus Kelty knee and hips. Oh Dear God this is gonna be nuts So right off the bat hep skid lane it’s low gets a flick over Justin puts this right off the backboard and Easy dunk by Cal teeny had that one read Does Justin played for c9 no he does not play for c9 He plays for mentality pogchamp Let’s see, Keltie knee trying to get this pass over to hep skin orange teams on their cheap justin’s up Gets that flick right over hips kid in that said go for orange team two goals first 20 seconds of this play up Place for the free agents. Yes. Yes. Yes Yeah, it’s pretty nuts I know a kooky place for energy. I was picking one of them Alright Kelty trying to get this over the hips houses on the retreat tilling here to punish hebbs kid pushes this one of the ceiling Let’s see – this is nuts Suddenly our elf you sit down Here we go Justin puts a Bangor on gold HEVs kid there for the save Dylan’s on the follow up though Blue teams looks like they’ve had most momentum here since the last goal Cal teeny able to push this into the opponent’s half Dylan, it’s got time get some boost a little bit of a Loomis hit there Dylan give him this one right to Kelty Kelty knee still playing with the DA Stroh and surprised he didn’t switch over to the fennec for this match, or maybe the the Merc Trying get that flip cancel over to give him some momentum for that shot not able to get it See Justin’s up going through the air dribble Kelty knee gets the save Oh and Dylan’s able to put that one in blue team takes the lead two to one Dylan just had this read hep skin not able to get there fast enough RFU so you said you were 1600? Yeah. I think I need to might be a little too high Wham Let’s see peps kid trying to play aggressive here. Justin’s able to get the clear. Oh This goes right in the arms to kill teeny though Weren’t seem able to keep up the offensive Demo but that’s not going to do them much good right now Justin’s already down the field That’s good getting a challenge She’s a teen trying to get the pinch over to hep skin Able to clear just some it goes all the way over to the other side of the pitch You know What a save Oh, that’s an accidental pass over to Dylan just not able to punish him on it And now orange teams going downfield with the bums It’s gonna slow things down for orange team Yeah, it is diamond mom Let’s eat Dylan taking the slow down field looking for Justin I Felt a double tap in the works there. I think LT was trying to get a flip reset there, or I’m not sure Let’s see Justin trying to dribble around all Orange team Looked a little silly. They’re not making a challenge Wait was he just okay. That’s just replay for a second. I thought he was dribbling with a ball cam Let’s see orange team saw us a minute and 41 seconds left and we have seen this team make some comebacks in the paths here Nice demo by head skin Might give orange team the advantage they need but that’s gonna be a booming clear by Justin Giving his opponent time to get back Pat’s kid forced to make it a comfortable adjustment there. And that might give yep blue team up by another goal. Yeah. He’s pretty fast Speedy boys Kilty knee trying to play off this kickoff gets a flick doesn’t get as much heat on it as he wanted to Going for the demo gets it it’s just hips getting Dylan downfield Heads kid puts a shot on but that’s gonna go off to be right above posts It’s got a shot not able to get enough heat on it and that’s gonna be cleared away by Justin Let’s see orange team running out of time here. Only got 55 seconds left Dylan makes an uncomfortable save and That’s a shot on goal and that is gonna give orange team 46 seconds to tie this up Wait you okay. What here we go I’m skipper reading the kickoff Well, that’s right doc I forgot about that clip It’s going down See you have skids hustling back to gold able to stop it Orange team only having 25 seconds left to try to tie this up Tillman almost pass that to Kel teeny Gets a reset and this is Oh No Nice delay on hep skin. I’m not taking the bait there but doesn’t look like orange team’s gonna be able to get the momentum back Oh tell teeny trying to get last-second goal there Well game one goes to the blue team GG’s in the chat Miss Xue. No. Thanks for the rate of 16. How did your stream go? Under ready up Jesus Mrs. Uno thank you for the follow. I I believe I’m following you. I’m not just dropped you fall Thank you so much for the raid. How did your string go do we get some shadow links in the chat for Mizuno? Could have been could have been better a deer inking stream Hexes trash Oh doom, Dylan. Don’t be like that Talking ish. Thank you so much for the rape guys. You just coming over here. We are currently doing a show match We’ve got Justin in Doom. Dylan vs. Hepps kid and Kelty need Blue team is up 1-1 game and I believe this is a best two or three Oh my god rhyme the memes Yeah The guys can get some shot on links in the chat from mizuno missus, you know Thank you again so much for the rate guys go drop this laments and follows It’s real not so juicy in a slump job to be eyeful. Yes. It is couscous. He has rhythm There we go, so a blue team already up by one point here And it looks like they might be going up by another if Justin can put this in and he does that is two goals So – orange team, come on guys, hep skit and Kel tinea are the home team here – definitely the home team advantage Let’s see if they can get this turned around It couldn’t finish it drop to three foot I’ll miss you know, you’ve got a next room don’t even sweat it You’ve got this guys, please go click that link and drop mizuna will follow She was kind enough to bring her community over here. It’s the least we can do Okay, Keltie knee playing this slow trying to maintain possession But it looks like Justin’s on the hunt trying to get the fort canceled out to have not quite there See Dime I am not flat you take that back Halves kid trying to push this downfield Justin makes it uncomfortable Sam. I think Kel teen he might have a shot over but I think he was looking for a pass to have skin and said, let’s see Oh another punishable mistake there I’m locking someone who said that wait. What year? Oh, yeah Wow Oh miscommunication there by blue team, but orange all too happy and capitalize on that. It is Caesar Here we go Orange team trying to see if they can turn that goal into a little bit of momentum, Keltie knee keeping up the heat oh nice buck by hepps kid gets orange team only one point away from Tying this up miss you know, thank you so much for the tier one sub. Can we get some hype in the chat guys? Here we go orange team’s gotten a little momentum, let’s see if they can run with it All right Cal teeny pressing the advantage think he was hoping for a little bit more heat on that but Cal teeny plane is safe That’s lick it’s gonna put hep skin in a little bit of position But I think tell T knees gonna be able to get back in time Hey, I’m a puppy thank you so much for the follow. How’s your night going? Let’s see Dylan putting this up nice challenge there by hub skin. I have no idea how Jason got down to that Let’s see Have skippers looking for Kell teeny there, but Dillon had that pass red Actually things thank you for coming in here and saying hi before you had to go to sleep. Oh And blue team is now a two points ahead again hoof Kelty knee has to go to bed cos daddy needs to play rocket League. Oh my god distorted Well not how about not in the middle of this series pours. Ooh. Thank you for the follow. How are you doing? See Keltie me putting a shot on goal, but that’s right norms. Dylan see hep skin might have something to work with here Justin’s gonna push this down field I know it’s absolutely nuts to see hepps kid and Kel teenie as the underdogs here Oh HAP’s trying to rush that save or she still has two minutes and 21 seconds a comeback is not impossible here Let’s see Oh No House kids rushing back to make this save and he does puts it off His backboard is Kel. Teenie gonna get in time for back up a Little bit of a rush touch their bike LT me house kid having to make another brush save Is that alpha boost I’m seeing too by the way I’m not used to seeing that not and When your monitor gets collateral, what’s of course? Justin’s up. I have skip with the challenge nice challenge by have skin Gives Kel teeny an opportunity to take this slow. Try to get the flick. Well, that goes right to Dylan I’ll go get an OC ePro. Hold up. Yeah, and they’ll play on 300 ping Let’s see Keltie knee pushing that let’s see Justin able to make the save Orange team start even run out of time here looking on got a minute and 16 seconds left. Oh That is gonna be out of the reach of Kelty knee feels bad man just as soon as we thought Warren team is getting some momentum going their way a Blue team was just kind of running away with this That hard now, come on. Oh my god. Oh That’s Orange team all too happy to take that free kick off goal Yeah, ultimate the OCE Pro. Hey, didn’t I beat you in a 1v1 ones? It still drives Altima crazy, oh my god Justin spans the rearview to Is that just a high MMR thing I used to do back on PlayStation actually Let’s see Phil teeny Pushing this down the field maybe in whatever head skin tell Tina’s got a shot on goal But I think that’s gonna be right off the crossbar Let’s see Orange team only got 35 seconds Justin takes a shot and that’s gonna be right over hips kid putting the tie again four goals out of reach It’s sure we get what’s a malar? How are you doing, man? And yeah So I don’t talk about these things Keltie knees up caps Kim might have something to work with here. Kelty knees get in the read Keltie knees got the reset looking for hips kids pass. It’s not gonna come in time though Yeah mmm And that’s pretty much gonna seal the fate barring some Changes by psyonix in the physics. There is no way orange seems making that time Come drink, oh my gosh Bower Juice juice juice 10 and Helps kid able to keep it for being 9 to 3 Well, I was hoping we were to get to a game 3 for this series but blue team is It’s pretty Opie not gonna lie Can we get some GG’s in the chat that was that was pretty freakin nuts Dude white Sambas alpha boost Jesus oh My god, what’s up red rain, how are you doing, buddy? I was not miss sooner. Are you still here? It’s not a high it’s kickoff jitters. It’s a terrible cancerous condition. Yeah, I’d say so Wait, what do you mean? Who’s what red rain? Oh Yes, sir, miss, you know, thank you so much for that raid that really means a lot guys if you uh If you new to the channel, make sure you hit that follow button It’s 100% free to follow doesn’t cost you guys anything and it really does help me grow my stream a lot Miss you enough for likeness. Oh my god Keira RL. Thank you so much for the raid Who is Joost that’s Justin distorted we trying to do Three’s I mean if people are down we got it forgotten other players that are down to join Forget Kyra RL. Thank you so much for the raid. How did your string go? Guys were my stream and go get Kyra as follows. Thank you guys so much for the back-to-back raids. It means everything. Thank you Oh, Are we going is this a best-of-five? Cute Chiara what? It’s Chiara I Never heard it said out loud. I’m so sorry Vinny. What are you doing in? Hey Vinny hop out, buddy Try on Justin’s team, you’re a high as a kite I Am NOT gonna embarrass myself like that Would adjust in come in here whenever we talked about setting up the show match distorted Oh Justin going for the breezy flick there. It must have seen Kelty knees clipped the tournament. It’s not Carrie. It’s Kira Oh my god, Kira, when I go for a raid people tell people my name’s tree house Kira thank you so much. Oh my gosh. I just got memed on. Thank you the Zune. I appreciate that Kira Right now we’re doing a show match between we’ve got Justin and doom. Dylan vs. Kelty knee and hips kid If you guys are coming over welcome, my name is kevin aki alice is from rocket league every day 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time fun facts I’ve got $180,000 worth of student loans classic Volkswagen bus if had since I was 15 originally from Dallas, Texas currently live in Los Angeles Julio I hate Trina What’s up, ghost factory? How you doing? My man? Place I joined a team. Oh, okay It’s Kira, okay. Good. Good. Good. Good Kira. How did this string go? I believe was the next squishy before he popped off Well now we’ve got a tie game this game threes a little bit more pretty close It’s not pronounced treehouse. You guys know this I’ve actually had people come over from my YouTube. Thanking my name is brown striaght still I never say a tongue like YouTube. It’s No, mr. Cleese, yeah, what’s up in Prague dizzy, welcome to scream Let’s see, alright back to the casting caps get with the save, but it’s little uncomfortable for me that goes right in arms of Dylan Dylan able to ground the air drum let him Especially one for fun. Uh Yeah Because I said I don’t think there’s a team in here that I think could beat Kelty knee and hips kid and then doom Dylan came in and Got Justin, so I was proved wrong Whose Kelty knees Here we go That’s down, how does he Oh my god, I I didn’t know he had enough boosts to do that Brian. I am not ignoring you. Calm down Wait who was proven wrong? Yeah, I was. Oh, yeah, I mean Fork LTE partner dude, I don’t know. Let’s see Orange team not looking too bad here Peps kid looking to get this over to Keltie Keltie knees up and Able to get this shot in we’ve got a tie game two minutes 37 seconds left Who is Justin oh my god Recology it you’ll be a figure it out Oh and just like that blue team answers Becca, oh my god, Keltie knee gets in after shot demo just for fun Wait, so Akira. Did you tell me iron stream win? I appreciate that rate so very much. Thank you Have work in Mizuno. Thank you very much the rate. Thank you for hanging out after the raid for a little while. You’re amazing Thank you. I’ll come by and return the love sometime. I promise Oh EPS get almost getting that double tap there. Let’s see. Tell teenies got enough room for challenge here helps get on the retreat Chuckwei, what’s up here? See kill teeny move this downfield Hef’s kids got a little room to work with and he’s going to use it But Justin’s there to get the save See cats keep playing this slow able to mind game past Dylan only one man. Left Oh Cal tinea almost getting that shot on the goal Don’t smush this down till t’s clearing it right – Justin That’s an open net heads kid with the challenge and the foot cancer to keep his momentum going forward Let’s see Have kids are trying to put this sinner for Kelty knee and he has them Cuz he taking the boost trying to weaken the blue team any way they can This is going to be balanced. I think LTE can work with this but Justin’s in net to make the save Hold on Let’s see Orange teams trying to get this one and they’ve been on the blue side of the field for Most of these last couple minutes here and that’s gonna do it. We’ve got another two eye game 37 seconds left in this third game of this series This is Oh, yeah, definitely why no definitely Oh Heads kid winning a kickoff Keltie knees racing downfield try to push their advantage, but Justin’s flying downfield. Oh, That is just a mechanical error, thereby Hef’s kid what’s up aroused waffle are you doing Yeah, how’s kid I think just played mind games with himself here to get in it I can do I do not Let’s see house kid again winning a kickoff see if Kell teeny can work with it. He’s playing this slow Trying to get the flipper reset Justin Justin just playing this slow See orange team’s got eight seconds left to try to tie this up Got a pinch caps kids not home though. I think he got bumped by Dylan and Justin’s gonna Play around this one a little bit ground-to-air dribbles. Oh and that’s gonna end this series Gigi’s in the chat that is a that is three games in a row one By the blue team best of seven. I thought doing said goodnight D-roc I thought the series is one but if people want to play, I mean I’m here to work This is Dylan’s last one I think okay, it might be a fairer matchup Oh Nice flick there by Justin. She’s never kicked them splits in the Dominus Man, huh? What’s up, bacon? Boom? How are you doing, man? Zero I just realized says zero IQ at the front of his name the bow means workout. Yeah easy. Here we go I just I just want one win for the home team that that’s it It’s just to imagine Keltie nyan helps get being underdogs I just Just really yeah that it’s a zero IQ. Yeah See so far this is the first matchup they’ve had where they haven’t had points on the board in the first minute and just as soon as I said that There’s the first goal for Bluetooth. Oh my god. Dylan’s trying to get a demo after the goal Yeah Matthew got next. Well, you should be here more often. Yeah, you’re this close to getting in I’m just kidding me Let’s see Oh Justin still able to make that pinch work out in their favor It’s got time to work with this here Pets kids only one back. This is gonna go forward. Keltie knees got the reap and still supplies. Cal teens using the th row Distorted this email is this his main car right now and that is gonna put this at a time matchup Energy Justin equals vitality let a hollow go easy Stuffed the birch. Hello See Justin’s up. Oh my god Keltie knees got an open net to work with is anybody gonna get back in time not able to put that one on Yeah, I took see what I’ve seen from all the lands to just the way he interacts This is a tournament or something now call him. This is just show matches because I was in feeling like casting a whole tournament because sometimes the lower brackets are in spicy and So we just like skip straight to the show match part of it Kept teeny almost able to get that one in Dude thick in my experience. The tiara has been an absolute battleship to try to use I don’t All right, all right bet oral views Let’s go Wait also This would make Justin the first pro player to come into my chat. I think I think I’m an energy fan now It’s settled. I always said the first first pro that would actually come in in the chat. All right teams changed Yeah, I don’t know like I can’t I have never seen somebody at As high MMR as Kel teeny play with the da Stroh ever What do you mean tgb driver Dum-dum boys got it Here we go tie game, let’s see if orange team can get a win here Might be too much to ask Have skip pushing this down fuel trying to stall for quelle teeny I don’t know if he’s going for a bumper shot till teamís designed to play it safe not trying to give away points Yeah, I know I have expected I’m gonna put on the Merc Oh That’s gonna go right to Dylan, but Dylan’s not gonna be able to do much with it yet See how to get able to put that down Well, Timmy’s got some momentum Where are you talking about praxeology Peter Drummey? This is open net always guilty knees gonna want that one back. He’s already saying no in the quick chat We’ve got a tie game Kelty he’s got another shot opportunity not able to put it on target See Cal teeny Justin in the corner mind games not working out in Cal teenies favor See Dylan’s putting this down feel Easy put down by hep Skelton, he’s got an open net again. Oh, it’s playing the crossbar challenge That one that one hurts to watch Orange seems so close Okay, here we go we’re in overtime first overtime of this series Crossbar again, I know Just get able to get the block here still in striking distance a blue team See Oh Getting the flip reset but it’s not enough to get past the orange team Let’s see. Oh, he’s thought he had a shot opportunity there Justin taking the slow Going for the half flip clear and he gets it he’s up It’s just hep skin and Justin in this overtime that’s get able to get enough touch on the ball to keep that out in it Kev’s and a fight with Dylan here Trying to keep this up. I think Cal teeny was expecting a another touch from peds kid Oh, Dylan’s looking for the bump. Keltie knee able to avoid that and get the ball Kids I think we need to start playing nice in the chat There we go cap t knees up and wasn’t able to see Justin coming out and Gigi’s Right ecology. Thank you for getting that sub – Justin Means a lot buddy you get in sixty two subs News Channel mycology. You’re an absolute nut, man Thank you guys. Get some hype in the chat my colleges get to the sub Gigi’s