and the basketball kid is dancing he’s
dancing he’s dancing you look good dude you’re high I was try something new but I like
breathing what up guys I don’t know I was gonna say like normally I know kind
of know what my thumbnails gonna be for the day but I don’t really know right
now so most likely I’m gonna click bait you guys I love you thanks for clicking
last night I did something pretty awesome we did something pretty awesome
for this really cool event to help people get some rewards for traveling
because you know that we love to travel and all that kind of stuff so best
friends love to travel best for instance and we left California the fin agario
day because it’s raining where it’s raining
well beautiful it’s cold but it’s sunny out in New York so it’s like sunny we
left cold New York but rainy in Southern California yeah that’s exactly I just
said kinda so we’re gonna go grab some food you guys I’m not gonna bore you
with the food maybe a little bit not too much
keep watching come on guys just give me some slack coming some slack it’s just a
daddy’s vlog today so daddy’s that lady looked at us funny but anyway daddy’s in
the ideas Valley okay breakfast was good it was like
watch this bro Manuel zoom because we’re our own camera
crew you guys really good hey guys today is a new day I’m actually
back from New York City whoa my microphone is falling off him houston we
have a problem my microphone was falling off of my camera so that’s what all that
weirdness was but anyway you guys I am back home from New York City I am on my
way to go pick the kids up from Nana and Papa which I’m going to meet them at
Olive Garden when you’re here you’re family right after that I’m going to be
taking Caspian over to a shoe store and see if I can get him some basketball
gear because he’s got his first basketball practice because he joined
the basketball team you guys do you play any sports
comment down below he does not have any basketball clothes or shoes at all so
we’re gonna get that today look who I have with me you guys it’s been awhile
since I’ve seen you guys you know that do you know what we’re doing right now
we can’t use the new basketball shoes because she went tonight is what tonight
is Caspian first official basketball practice are you ready to shoot some
basketball do you know how to dribble can you show me how
nice show me how you gonna shoot the ball let’s get some chips let’s get some
chips alright so just pop off one of your shoes he was right he was what you
said 13 Oh 13 and 1/2 same thing she said 13 was the same thing he’s at at
the one at the one dude Genie colors you like yeah that was pretty cool like that
one I think this one’s pretty right here like that we tried this one actually did
you guys know that I think ESPN is starting to call for an actual sport huh
really like it’s gonna be like the real competition is it covered on like your
TV is done really it’s becoming a sport video games like officially a sport now you can have a future as a gamer ask me
next thing we need to do is find you some socks we gotta get the whole set up
tomorrow you get your Jersey – did you know that your Jersey your team jersey
you all have the same color and shirt pretty cool huh kids
socks CAJ – how do you like them cool that little booty talk we also you get
to these slides right here and when you get them – those are Nike so I guess
should we get you something Mikey soccer how’s it looking all right let me see
stand up and try to walk around buy you some socks right here do I feel good try
again try again with you Joe nice let me see what’s your foot
who’s your toe hat that you tell is it right up against it now it’s got a
little room huh they’re pretty cool I think I should take a pictures on the
time – mamas your mom thinks let me see how you taking shot if you’re gonna take
if you had a basketball how would you shoot it you chummy whoa like that
that’s so crazy we got all his stuff including a hoodie
that way if you pulled we got black shorts white shorts I’m thinking we go
all blacked out tonight which would be kind of cool your first practice I’ll
help you did I help you I hope you will turn the camera off when you change okay
super all right guys we’ll be right back in a second let me change and then his
new this festival of it and the basketball kid is dancing he’s
dancing he’s dancing you look good dude he’s got all the Nike going on here he’s
got the new shoes the new sock the new Nike pants and a really soft shirt
what’s going on with him over here all right guys we got to get to practice it
starts in 30 minutes you ready to go you gotta get you back
in your car seat let’s go play some basketball you ready play some basketball live yeah
looks like fun looks like Kash is pumped about his teammate so broadsky’s teaches
kids how to win coach I’m sorry what’s up coach hey what’s up nice to meet you
nice to meet you chef here did you make it nice
I shot live oh nice shot did dude how’s it going out there fun – you
want some put some pants on since it’s so cold dude I got pants feed the water
break we’re home now wasn’t that amazing you
guys seen cast me and do his very first basketball practice ever I thought that
was like one of the cutest things ever I’m really glad that we were able to
vlog that and have that as a memory as a family because you know a lot of times
it’s like even if a lot of people don’t watch the vlogs instead of it’s still
worth it for us when we have those memories in those moments Oh
Kassadin is uneasy we were getting ready for bed you guys we’re gonna call it a
night I’m so tired from traveling you saw earlier which was yesterday but in
this video I combined the two I was in New York City so the time changes stuff
has gotten me like super tired but remember you guys be kind to each other
treat each other with love we will see you guys tomorrow tomorrow is actually
Caspian it’s very first basketball game so you guys have to make sure that you
watch oh sorry just a promise but make sure that you watch tomorrow you guys
that you see his very first basketball game that should be really cute and
really awesome and Cass we want to thank you think your score go yeah nine nine
goals with EJ what CBO score any goals and they got
least three at least three and Cassidy thinks 9 comment below how many of you
guys think that he will get