You have you favorite pair of shoes, but there
is a hole in the front. In this video I show you how I fixed it. For this fix I need a pair of scissors, a
good sharp knife, a stitch ripper, some fabric, a marker, super glue, a needle and thread,
a thimble, and of course my shoes. I start with removing the laces and the sole. And I remove the sides from the front part
by removing the old seams. Then with a knife I remove the front piece. It’s 2 layers, we only will remove the mesh,
the top layer. So be careful not to cut in the bottom layer. Now here we have the old front piece. I use it a an template to make a new one. I use my old black jeans to make a new front
piece. But of course you can use any kind of fabric. You can go really fancy here. Make sure you cut the new front piece a bit
bigger than the old piece. So there is enough fabric left to glue it
to the shoe. Try to clean the shoe as good as possible,
by removing the old glue and the old fabric. Try to fit the new front piece first. If you think it looks ok, then we can glue
it together. I start with one side first, when that’s ok,
I’ll do the other side. Put some good pressure on it, and then leave
it for a while to dry. Ok that’s looking good. Now let’s do the other side. Same, Same. I find it more easy to wear the shoe on this
side, so I can exactly see where the fabric will fall in place. You want to make the shoe very strong, so
maybe you can find some spots where more glue is needed. Again put some pressure and let this side
dry as well. Now we will sew back the side pieces at the
same spot where we removed the seams earlier. We also sew back the lip. And finally trim of the excess fabric, make
sure it all looks neat. I’ll put back the sole and the laces. And then the shoe is done!