— What I think also “freak” stands for is that the guy from
nothing became everything. — The poverty, the difficult times, kept him grounded. — He had a talent, but
the most important thing that made him different from
the other kids was his passion. — If I could go back to the
time when I was 10 years old, I’d probably see my brothers following our mum to go to work. After a long day and being
at work, coming back, having a little bit of fun at home, and take dancing and then just
try to go outside and play. — I’m all about my family. Without my family, I wouldn’t be here. Without my family, I
wouldn’t be who I am today. Me and my mum spent the … a little bit more time for ourselves,
because we did it, we did it the most. — Different markets and sell our glasses, sell bags and stuff, either here in Athens or away from Athens. — From what I remember, whenever I think about
that, it was always fun. It was always fun. I think I learnt from the best. She always used to be a great seller. Had a great smile. — Sometimes, Yanni, sometimes Thanasis, sometimes all of them wanted to join me. I’d say, “Please, stay at home”. They’d say, “No, we’re
coming with you, Mummy”. I say, “OK, come with us, you guys come with me if you want”. — It actually makes me feel really proud. Sometimes, actually, I miss
it, sometimes, you know? I miss it—do you know how
fun it is for, like, a kid, come back home, “Mum, I just
sold this bag and this bag, and we just made 40 bucks”? And you’re 12 years old. — And when I grabbed the
basketball for the first time, everybody has, like, a
cool story that they say, the moment they thought they
were going to be really good at it. I hated it, at first, I did
not want to play basketball. I wanted to be a soccer
player, just like my dad. But Thanasis wanted
us to play basketball. And, you know, I was probably, like, 12 years old, and I wanted to spend time with Thanasis, so I was like, “OK, I’ll play basketball”. This is my court, man! Man, this my spirit right here, man! Shift, drop step, dunk. I broke this rim, like, three times. — He saw that he could play, from day one. He saw that he could make
money first for his family through basketball, 100%. I think his main goal
when he started playing was to provide for his family. — This is where I grew up. This is where I started playing. I came to this team when I was 12. Alexis grew up here,
Kostas grew up here, Thanasis played here,
everybody played here. Giannis, the kid who left
this place, that skinny kid, had already worked very
hard to become what he was. — He was, he used to be my
head coach, right there, Takis Zivas. A little bit crazy, but good, very, very good heart. He was at the gym every day, a skinny, sickly kid, probably with nutrition
problems in his everyday life. Nevertheless, he was here every day. When we decided to put
him on the men’s team— he was 16 years old—we told
him he had to get stronger to be able to compete with the other guys. The very next day, he started to work out. Before and after each practice,
he was lifting weights. — This … — Coming. — So this right here, is
like, is like the facility of the Milwaukee Bucks,
the new facility, right? It’s, it’s, it’s exactly the same. So, this is where we used to work out. This is where we used to watch clips. DVDs, man. — Could see that he was a guy that wanted to strive for something. He had this work ethic to be
the best from the day one. — And when I was practising, I wasn’t thinking just about practising, I’m thinking about my dad and my mum, selling stuff on the street right now. And I gotta do whatever
it takes to get better, and hopefully have them
never do that again.