These are the Calvin Johnson’s CJ81 Cross
Trainer shoes from Nike. They actually are $100 dollars right now down from $120 at Champs
Sports. This shoe comes with purple shoelaces to match the Decepticon style. It haves an
awesome strap that was made for support and it haves all these diamond decorations to
it. I would strictly use these shoes for the gym and also for indoor turf. You can see
the Decepticon logos connected to the shoelaces. Here’s a closer look with the Calvin Johnson
signature. Here is the strap when you pull it out it says “show no mercy.” The left shoe
insole says the shoe was engineered for Calvin Johnson while the right shoe’s insole says
Megatron inside. The back of the shoe haves a grey gridline and the deception logo that
pays tribute to it. I just wish the rubber outsole was just icey instead of looking a
bit yellowish. This shoe really haves this cool transformers upper metallic look to it
and this shoe haves Max Air in the heel which really helps with the absorption of impact
after your movements and so Max Air actually takes up more room in the heel of the shoe
and so there is not as much of that phylon midsole that is found and so this shoe haves
an inner sleeve that really wraps around your feet like a glove. And the shoe haves these
things called nanoply bands which is also found in the Nike Free 5.0’s and so what it
is it really helps with the fit of the shoe. It’s really light and only 13.4 ounces and
so I would use these indoors at the gym. I wouldn’t want to play basketball in these,
but you can use these on turf. And if your lucky, you’ll get the Megatron action figure
that comes with the sneaker so the Megatron action figure actually turns into an airplane
and it comes with a football with a nike logo on it and comes with Megatron’s gun so that
is pretty cool. And here is just Megatron’s quote (Inside lid of toybox).