– Hey, what’s going on hockey players. In this video, I’m going to
show you some skating drills from two-time NHL Stanley
Cup champion, Max Ivanov. He worked with the Pittsburgh
Penguins as their skill coach, won two Stanley Cup rings, worked with some great players
that you may have heard of. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin,
along with many others. So we’ve got some skating drills here. I was able to film with him in Toronto and I’m going to show you guys a couple of the skating drills that we filmed. So let’s get into it. Hey guys, let’s… Let’s think about drills. Yeah, just a little bit
more focus for balance, for cross over as well. And let’s start… as a warm-up for your ankle, yup. And just very very simple stuff you can do just in any rink. And, look, just, first
one you have to get it; toe, toe, heel, heel. One, two, three four. One, two, three, four. And
then as fast as you can, yup, just go around. Yup. Okay, and the next one is, you
can just get an outside edge, yeah, outside edge. And inside, inside. Same thing, fast as you
can. And then go around. Yup. And just one more, yup. It’s
really, just make a cross. Then get it more focused
for outside edges. Yup. Okay, I want to do a
drill for your feet, yup. Now look, you have to get outside edge. Outside, then, open inside, open inside. One, two, three, four. And same thing, yup, accelerate. Yup, accelerate. Let’s do a little bit more skating. Yup, now again, wide base position, right, and now you have to guys
go move side to side, look. Just move your balance side to side. Stay deeper you can, yup. And just… Turns, yup. Next set is for, get more
focus for balance, yup. Same thing, it is very, very simple. Just a small area. We get a small space. What do we need to do, guys? For the first time you have
to get a wide base position. Right, wide as you can. And then you have to move
your balance side to side. Right, the stick in one hand,
move balance to the left. Yeah, right knee go on ice and
then you have to make a push. Right, look, balance, knee, push. Again, balance, knee, push. Right? It’s very simple, yup. Nothing…Nothing hard, yup. Then you can add something, yup. You can do same thing. Just make it two times,
right, up, and then push, yup. Left, up, push, yup. The next drill just same thing. Wide base position and
now, guys, you have to drop knee down, yup, and
then make a push, again. Drop knee down, push. Yup,
knee go on ice, make a push. Knee, push, yup. Yup, that’s it! – Thanks for watching that video. If you guys enjoyed it,
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