everybody how you doing it’s Bruce here
with traveling with Bruce you know I guess something here that’s
completely off the track from what I’m known for
I love talking about cruise ships and all days if you guys watch me regularly
but I wanted to show you this little piece of memorabilia right here
my wife presented me this gift a couple of years ago for Christmas knowing that
it would bring back a lot of memories of my childhood and I’m 62 now and there
are a lot of us out there probably anywhere from 60 to 70 or older who
remember this this is a box first of all in unbelievably good
condition which is also stunning because this box is almost 60 years old and it
contains one of the most sought-after items a seven-year-old kid could have
ever wanted back in 1962 or 63 and I just had to film the Box first I had to
I have to show you the outside of this box because after you rip off all of the
Christmas wrapping paper you come up you see this box sitting in front of you and
you open the flap and you get to pull out what’s inside this thing and I gotta
tell you you really can’t forget it I can imagine
there are seven eight nine ten year olds twelve year old kids out there from you
know we’re born in nineteen fifty fifty-five when they got this they
couldn’t believe it I had to also film the top flap of this box to see that
address there the top address is where it’s from Montreal Canada but where it’s
going to is Prince George British Columbia to a Woolworths store this went
to a Woolworths store and then was subsequently sold inside the store to a
parent for a child and what is it it is this it is the NHL hockey night in
canada hockey game from 1962 look at this and I gotta tell you this isn’t the
complete game this is only though nuts and bolts of the game itself there were
other add-ons to this that are I think available through collectors but Oh will
you pay dearly this here however is a fully functional
completely working hockey game with the two storied franchises on the ice for
any Canadian boy who would want to want this much all Canadians and the Toronto
Maple Leafs the hockey puck is it in the middle it’s right in the middle they’re
ready to go we got the goalies and we’ve got the players and I’m just love the
sight I just love the side of this thing how they the artist painted in this
illustration of a game with the crowd there on the side wearing suits and ties
to a hockey game women were dressed in the finery you didn’t go to a hockey
rink like a schlep like you do now and I got a bit of a zoom here on these
players I’m just thrilled with this one Mike my wife handed me this I couldn’t
believe it I I just I just looked at her said why would you give me this for
Christmas and she said well you know I think I
think you missed this I have to say there were a lot of memories of my youth
that came flooding back to me I know we used to play this for hours you know
you’d have one of your buddies over from you know the neighbor one of the
neighbors over and you’d play this game for hours and there’s wear and tear on
it yeah it’s not in mint mint mint condition but it’s a pretty damn good
shape and it works this game works but it did have stands it had a puck puck
dropping unit it even had even goal lights of you if you scored a goal the
light would come on you have to put batteries in this thing but it doesn’t
work like them anymore but here’s the shit the other league thing about this
acquisition that my wife made for me there are instructions the instructions
with the game came or with this set the business almost impossible to find you
can’t find stuff like this this is hard to come across the actual document that
was in the box the assembly instructions on how to put the game together not just
the players on those little metal posts but how to put the grandstand together
how colder and the whole thing oh my god the puck driver there it is unbelievable
this this is just this is history this is so cool and I just got such a kick
out of seeing this and looking at it you can order more parts from the Eagle toys
limited company in Rivard Street in Montreal yeah I just fill in your name
and address and then over here on the side you just fill in what is it what is
it you need you need some more players you need some more the the nets or do
you need another puck there’s your prices at Pakistan a dime another spring
on the bottom the five cents per spring a little rubber grip $0.50 all my
goodness you can send this in for more parts and here is the piece the
resistance you can win a trip for two to a Stanley Cup final playoff game in
1962-63 you can go to the Stanley Cup final in 1963 for a game if you don’t go
you get five hundred bucks in cash from the Eagle toy company my god five
hundred dollars in 1963 you know how much money that is
that has got to be all my god that’s got to be $3,000 today I mean it’s just it’s
just unbelievable the drawers gonna be held in March 15th 1963 obviously this
entry was never sent in because this entry is in mint condition never touched
never filled in and you had a stiff he had a couple skill testing questions he
had to fill in what team won the Stanley Cup 160 162 put your name in there your
address the city you live what province or state you were in and your phone
number and oh my gosh what entry this is here’s the other side of it you send it
in an eagle toys limited to Montreal québec in a place stamp here just cut it
build it and send it in all my goodness can you imagine I hope you enjoyed this
little video or this is a walk down memory lane I’ll tell you unbelievable I
love it thanks guys bye for now