yeah yeah I can’t get you out of my no
said I think about you all the time yeah imagine do you run around in my said I
think about you if you want to go from zero to this man you know that’s not
even enough all right you can go from that into this if you states addresses
video I got a V sequence for you that I’ve been using personally myself to
help me get this much VC the better spin on some clothes or you know some
upgrades that’s why I have multiple bills but as you can see here look at
the score bro this whole squad was very irritating it was like you can see me
right here I was like give me the ball because the whole game this do right
here could not handle the raw I when I get the ball I easily get a six and five
seconds like no problem because they defense is some terrible but I’m like
bro give me the ball you cannot do nothing when you look at him he is
struggling he is very East panicking look almost got a charge I had to call
timeout look we over talking he talking crowd but I’m like I want the ball so
let’s go I don’t know we can do he got the ball
on my man give me the ball bro three seconds you know it you already know
what we do we green up we green down YA DIGG!! LETS GO! yeah what’s up everybody welcome to the
video welcome to the gang if you new thanks for tuning in today’s video but
as you can see here my big man can pull threes as well and have all the Hall of
Fame badges but that’s not this video all right listen this feels not about
that that’ll be another video for the time because they did say about the
recent patch it did fit some things with the demigod glitch that’s why I heard
rumors been said but hey we’ll find out but this video will be about to be
secret as you see in the beginning I had went from you go from any parents you
have anything below 20,000 and go all the way up to 20,000 and make even more
if you keep on grinding with it and it’s made $57 house that’s how much I made
when I stopped I know I was gonna go to 60,000 you know but I was like in 57,000
good enough to show y’all that this method really is effective long as you
do this right each time you do it you know it not wasting no time you’re
trying to get out the way so go ahead first thing you want to do make sure you
get on your main player go to my player nation and go play a game okay you
should have available where you have double VC and double my points so go
ahead go crazy in that game do demon got glitch if you already know it do that so
you can go crazy so you have your stat line looking good so you can get more VC
for that also a lot of my points to your cap breaker if you need it or even bash
points as well so anything mega be bonuses to this
video but other than that you really mainly looking for is the VC as you can
see I got 1,800 for this game and stat wise I got 300 so
make sure y’all SIM y’all first season because if y’all on first seasons do
you’re gonna have that low very low 500 every game you don’t want that you want
at least 750 or a thousand because we can go to my player nation think about
it two times that re so you get a thousand every game you play in my
career two times that my play nations 2000 so the more the more salary you
have the more impact it will have towards your your VC currency like you
will see the major impact it would do with this VC Glidden though that’s why
I’ve been doing I have multiple players that have bigger salaries like in the
beginner to Kaitlyn 2k first came out I had made a big man I made an offensive
threat so if I do a my player nation VC was right now on this player on the 99
offensive third I have he would have 3000 BC BC coming tourism for doing this
my player nation glitch and then I can go make another player and get that 2000
or not get 2600 which are how much your salary is on there that’s how much two
times you gonna get from alright so as you can see I’m trying to think about
switching us on badges around for some part gameplay so let me know by leaving
like on today’s video I made a part video already and go check that out
a recent video rest 1v1 played in event you already know it’s a lot of chars
sinners 98 99 paint beasts glass locks I’m a 92 slashing playmakers come on now
play go from there leave out after the game is over with go to another player
go straight into my player nation to time as you see I had 20,000 at the time
alright so this time Lance I had 20,000 so I’m over here playing and then my
player nation and let me show you exactly hide like waste time and that’s
to get by this man flexing very fast as you can
say because you know you have a limited stamina bar so you cannot lose no
stamina you can’t be tired and get get out for the rest of the game work to get
out for the majority of the quarter so you have to like really just just dart
biessing so I’ll and him score I really sag also get defensive breakdowns call
for the ball all day you know I’m saying or you can go crazy for stat-wise
because at the same time you’re getting VC at the end of the game and you get
more if you do a lot of good things and it’s that wise so to even do good in
stat wise do demagogue glitch so you can be 73 it’s max wait
night now over on every single attribute cap you have hot zones everywhere
permanent animations permanent hot zones it’s a lot of things you can have with
this but if you’re new and you don’t know about that glitch go leave like on
today’s video I will show you how the new way you can do it because it’s been
the recent patch it like they touch on how you can better to do it like you
have to do it another way for it to work for as example in the park or rec
anything that sort of matter but once you’ve done with that my career makes
you have at least three files so you can get subbed out the first quarter at
least put in the second quarter or maybe even subbed out a second and go straight
to the third and play only third in the fourth quarter and that my player nation
game and that goes another VC you can do as well the daily bonus you get one
triple-double we get three thousand that’s easy so why even at my player
nation this go ahead just do a triple-double so you get at plus three
thousand and a salary times two you getting a win-win so you don’t all that
it will take you no time to build up ten thousand it will take you no time to bid
up to 20,000 won ain’t taking no time to even build up to thirty forty even fifty
thousand so like a good example is me walking to the store right now after
doing all that grinding and I got fifty seven thousand you did so I’m telling
y’all I’ve been using this Vesey glitch this VC method for so long
and then building up when I really need the VC especially when I’m gonna make
another player and put the VC on them cuz you can’t make another player and
have no VC tourism I have some players like that but I put the VC towards the
main one that I really want to focus on Oh full of fat I’m gonna play with them
in the future so the slashing playmakers my primary one I really like this bill I
really like this bill but I really want to build a bill video Jean shot video
every video y’all recommend seeing park videos leave a like on today’s video for
me and comment down below letting me know cuz I look at everybody coming I
will respond to you and actually interact with you or even actually
answer your questions we have any questions about the glitch or any
problems that’s going on because everybody can’t hate the glitch
everybody can do the Zack st. still but they might work on Mons but if you try
to do in yours it might come up differently like some people might have
a error message or they might get a blue screen that’s for ps4 so it’s all
different ways for you to hit the glitch that’s why I post different methods and
different little ways before the glitch to still work for everybody and
everybody can have fun due to glitch but with no problem like
is it simple so the whole game can eat not just one one side
not one sake eat I want both sides to be ps4 in its bus so we all can go crazy
y’all gonna go to park we’re gonna grind these patches out we’re gonna get our
attributes up y’all gonna be goats so I got a lot of news my partly you already
know the vibe if you play 2k 17 you have my part leads and you got a teams and
stuff so I might make my own team have my own little tryouts so we’ll see some
will talk more about that with the Commissioner about that but
this VC Gliss is very very useful to everybody that’s watching this video if
you have not you cannot get no VC and all whatsoever this is the number one
method for you to do as a right now before it gets patched because you all
know we all know the community knows who they’re gonna get this don’t get patched
in and pack eight believe that but thanks for watching hope you all enjoy
please comment down below hacks that nobody can leave with like oh today’s
video share this video with your friends family share this with everybody in the
community let everybody know hey we got a VC glitch right now to help
everybody make some so thank you all for joining thanks for all for tuning in
thanks for watching hope you enjoy the gift card giveaway or have more coming
in the future videos but stay tuned for my rush 1v1 event video okay you know
what they say right we green up or you green down you did