yeah yeah I can’t get you out of my nose
said I think about you all the time yeah but imagine do you think it super run
around in my I can’t get you outta my dog said I think about you you know I’m gonna green up ya digg all right
everybody can you please get 200 likes today’s good for me I got $20
gift cards in your back out multiple gift cards in it video I got like three
let’s go ahead and drop a like if you new please subscribe please get a
notification bill welcome to the game but yeah it’s ya boy
cash nation here with another video but I have a lot of things to show you I
found another method where you can go ahead and take this to the park but as
you can see I got something special for y’all I got two people around the spot
I’m trying to show y’all give y’all some little gameplay real quick that show
y’all that it works in the park and yeah I can go ahead and do it apart if you
want to take that risk so I don’t recommend y’all to do this so do this on
your own risk you can go ahead probably have fun with it you probably won’t have
fun in part for the first time why you know it go ahead just oh no but look at
this here I come trying to run with them they come off the spot like I am just
complete trash you know how bad I feel I felt I was being judged by by the cover
like look at me I’m not gonna brunt you bro you matching with me you got the
same attire is me and they both running away come bro alright whatever bro it is
kind of is sad like anybody look look if you wanna Rami is he going wrong with me
bro look he just realized my over all night he’s he’s looking crazy
he realized my over alright whatever bro but anybody that’s trying to run look at
him Akio remember that outfit REM that guy right there this ran past that i’ma
let y’all know what’s going on – look they hopped on the tools cord they left
me by myself to hop on the to escort to squad up together come on bro bro they
got it they have to get they had to be taught a lesson bro like this I don’t
want to do the demigod glitch you know and in this use it against them I’m 60
overall weight at the same time you judging me by his cover what’s wrong you
don’t even know I’m good right I got a 60 overall but I’m good I’m
gonna hop on the spot and teach you a lesson look he hopped off now
Levi look look oh oh this was Fame bum God we have our own the way to say bye
good alright anyway bro do not look look even my own team of like hail not all
right hop your head back on his plans but for real GG’s everybody I really appreciate
have fun but at the same time I wanted to give a very good message about this
because look at me look at us 60 over I’m not playing my sharpshooter facilitator
you know what’s going on with that build and he’s going crazy look hey y’all were
looking a little smart these people ready ran from me y’all seen my last if
y’all seen my last video go ahead comment down below
hash tag loyal gang because y’all seen that he had 40 games some people say he
had three big fat three dubs he had only to some people’s clothes no I’m not
gonna lie play if I go check and see who did gets it right before I uploaded this
video and the answer was you’ll see up in when it happens but let’s go ahead
and get to the part gameplay if you let me know if you want some more part
gameplay just let me know because I’ll make some I’ll go ahead take my slashing
playmaker out there and get some footage let get some gameplay for y’all go ahead
post onto the channel let me know by that by leaving a vote on my community
tab or go to my story or even leaving a vote on a video as you’re watching right
now as you see the poll but I’m a very glass them eyeglasses dude from the back
row off the glass you see all the badges don’t leave me oh because broke we green
up we green down that’s all we do ain’t little heat
disrespecting me because my over alright my overalls are 60 he’s like this do
cannot see little in don’t get fooled Road i mighta teach him a lesson do not
judge a book by its cover you have the same clothing as me why is
you treating me like I am less of a person than you look at this I’m wide
open I’m playing with one hand i’ma show
y’all in this video somewhere you’re gonna be like a little video cut on a
screen someone showing you that I’m recording and playing with one hand and
drink the shot and everything roll it like it’s crazy so let me know what
y’all think leave a like on today’s veal for me
let’s go ahead get two hundred lights if y’all found a giveaway already go ahead
I hope you enjoyed that giveaway congratulate thanks for even watching
and being an OT game and being supported to my channel you appreciate everybody
that do so even the viewers watching today look at this that double team is
real I have two of them on me and I’m still hustling and showing a MIDI and
this is I am nasty bro like these badges I ain’t gonna lie it makes your 60
overall player plays so much better in the park because it stays it stays more
like the hot zone stays the badge it stays as you can see I got everything
going you know the attributes do not carry over in the park game as you’ve
never never carried over but the badge is always did in the hot zone then when
2k Ronnie resented everybody hot zones in the park everyone was going crazy in
the community so with this we green up that’s it that’s all we do we’re gonna
green up we’d be goats but I’m showing you that this bitch works with this
method and I’m showing threes in this guy face you know go crazy you be so if
you knew please subscribe I really hope you all if you’re new watching please go
and clean occasionally my son or my future videos future giveaways I love to
keep doing some more every single day every time I upload
and although everything s6 but as you see that gave him the game-winning shot
I don’t want to drop all 21 on his head I wanted to to give him a good message a
good very good message but I wanted him to skip the game points cuz I felt like
out of you know go ahead and score the last point bro even I’m involved in all
games oh you go ahead but as you can see here I’m going to his gamertag because
I’m sending him a message now right here is what I said and this is his response
and of course I texted buddy as well rainbow god I taste the rainbow God as
well as you see there it’s all Gd from my side but from buddy he called me
trash like bro I knew cone called me trash but look rainbow sent me a squad
invite bro like he likes after that Doug he felt hype I can feel his energy bro
like I could feel it through the controllers and through the TV he’s like
yes yes we want but some reason something tell me go check his record
bro mm-hmm shocking right 40 games 7.5 web percentage I guessed it on the money
bro first I witnessed this the first time I
got it lot of reaction so right when I first witnessed this trust him believe I
was going crazy I was like bro how did I guess the number he said yes that’s his
first dub so I really appreciate that I’m very honored to give you your first
Doug I wanted to give you some more does even other people as well so you looking
for somebody to run away or anybody I’m looking for Sanders as well to run to it
and I need me some sinners hit me up on Instagram mostly hit me up on Twitter or
even in sports and I we go from there so once you do all that when you come to
the main me go to any player that has a game already in my career so basically
you already have a game started in my career you know player go to Mimi’s go
to the roster and go ahead go off Alon and go right back online and coach go to
2k 20 right as soon as it goes right back online you click on
go to to Kate when you should have that error message on your screen once you do
that Glenn goes to your marker go to any player you want to pick that has the
micro game already active so what I mean by that when you click on them and you
load it it should already load you into a micro games as long as you see here so
I’m going to cut it right here so I’m going be shorter go straight to
the game to show you I’m going to Dallas Mavericks in go ahead Sam to the end
you’re at the play no game and nothing is just this is another way I meant it
for you to do this glitch the demagogue lives inside the park and you can even
buy even how it zones work and animations as well so go ahead take this
and make sure you be careful with it only this is only for educational
reasons I want to let y’all know how to do it because I’ve been asking me how to
do the demagogue leash in the park that’s a work in the park so and I found
a way so might as well give you the method in the way to do it for you for
y’all for the community everybody that’s trying to do it so when you don’t the
game you sim out everything loaded up you can be 0 of course go straight to
the roster as you can see there should be already blue if not already blue you
cannot edit nothing going press while or trying on your controller you should go
ahead and have that blue color through the whole entire category if you want to
select more than one my enroll or you can go ahead press X or a on your
controller to go and switch roles and yourself are always down to your
teammates in the same column but go ahead say all the badges for yourself
I’ll recommend you go take steady shooter off you a shooter you don’t want
that only real effective shot when all playing as you see here I’m going to go
down some because let y’all know that the hot zone stay I don’t have to touch
the hot zones at all when I do to the image are glitch that’s why I say if
it’s permanent when I think that’s why I say your another way say be permanent
because you go to my player animations appearance after you’re doing that go
ahead quickly save it for your play even come up go down to my animations if you
Boston animations show everything’s there good go and so on and after that
goes straight to the neighborhood don’t worry about anything you want to
go straight back to the me and go do the demigod glitch again no go
we go straight to the neighborhood you fully load up that’s when you go ahead
make sure you check what’s going on after you load up I can go away probably
not but when I checked it and made sure it was still there as you can see I got
71 Hall of Fame badges but I got even the gym rat bed and the goddess so as
you see that in the park with them so go ahead and make your way straight over
here to your Mike or penthouse but stop real quick and go straight to the VC
management and go ahead pick up a free check if you made a new player if you’ve
never went to this VC management place not one time you have nothing and went
one time please go there and be your first time because you have a free check
there for 500 VC go and click that real quick in this process since you’re
already doing this to help everybody out real quick but go ahead go to your mark
or pants and go echoing sergeant mark or this will help you have the badges and
work inside to my part this is gonna be so crazy because when it works for you I
know it will work for you so if it’s good for you please leave a like for me
drop it so click on location because I got plenty more coming where it works
for more than one game and I got video to show you
in today’s video that’s why the video is so big I got so much to show y’all and
prove that it stays for more than one game and you can take it to the park
it’s it crazy y’all so please go ahead drop a like let’s get this video to
everybody and show this so whoever is trying to do this playing the part with
the best to go ahead but if not play this in my career
Glen get old badges go crazy that’s why I’m using it for I’m using demagogue let
stuff get my badges cuz badges are kind of hard to get if you over here playing
against big defenders you can’t really score early slashing the paint so
as you see here you see Danny Green small right and he’s five for so I using
I play everybody five or so I better slash and get my finishing badge
I already got like two Hall of Fame badges for my finishing player slice and
playmaker so I see their top right all the best is coming up quick first
ill-posed thick I got even Hall of Fame Intimidator Hall of Fame hey foxy I got
every single bad that’s shown in my 2k card all my players – so what you want
to do go ahead and play another one be one again and I’ma show you that it’s
still active and it still works after the first game so usually the first game
it will you know it’ll go away you have to do the whole thing again from step
one no look pogo stick came up I got other beds gonna come up when I play
defense I’ll show you the club also and I might have my grand bag to show you I
got the catchin shoe hover fame ever even work for shooting bags as well it’s
not just playmaker or defending it sold it’s all badges that you have and you
bought animations it will work for your player you will get contact us as well
you have that badges and most certainly the animations for them so if you knew
please drop a like please drop a comment down below your console if you want to
be in a good way if you have not won this giveaway go to my story coming down
your console and you will win a gift card when I send them out to all my know
the game did not win but thanks for watching my video stay loyal and I love
you all thank you community for the support and I see you my next video you