yeah yeah I can’t get you outta my said
I think about you all the time yeah imagine do you think it’s super hey
I said I think about you Yurrrr it’s ya boy Cash nation with another video today
Video i’m gone show you a there’s no that we got the patch and we got badge buff
progression alright so state to the resident video I’m gonna show you the
best method to get your shooting basses or play megam best any badges every
single game you play so stay tuned let’s go get to the video you too bitch oh boy I’m back with
another video if you want to go ahead enter my honey kvc giveaway go ahead
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have to do and look at me pulling up greens with no problem like it’s not
it’s a breeze alright so I’m gonna show you all the
best method to use to get your shooting badges you’ll play making bad just maxed
out every game you play alright so as I can tell we did get the latest patch 2k
you know the most popular bad glitch that we had in the beginning of the game
we can go to night now overall very fast and you get your max badges all Hall of
Fame without doing absolutely no my career no part no nothing alright so
that was the glitch in the beginning of su K 20 and I had posted that so because
of that popular bands glitch all right 2k decided to do a batch buff so we
better get our badges much faster now so it’ll be worth grinding on your new
player if you want to make a new bill is worth grinding cuz now it’s not that
hard to get badges no more so the new badge method i’ma show y’all what I’ve
been using everything I play my career and begin my badges I begin my play
making and my shooting badges at the Zack same time by doing this method
right here and I all depends which one I want the most
I can either want to play making badge the most or the shooting with them at
the moment does it really up to you so in this video I’m going to show you is
when I score like over a good hundred points in this game right here by any
show the full game of course I’m just gonna show you the method you can use
for you now if you’re a shooter like I said just get your max badges and you’re
shooting badges alright so what you want to do you can go ahead come to this
corner go ahead call a screen from your small four or your
to guard he’s gonna step back ain’t gonna pull up now it all depends who
that person is the small for cuz Kuzma is a P of power for position alright so
he’s not gonna steal back well I got green I got a green setting screen I get
a green alright so make sure you somebody that’s like a to guard that can
play to guard and that’s a small four position like LeBron James so if you got
somebody to power for position he’s not gonna steal bet he’s gonna stay on you
it’s the cpu thing kind of defense was so now you’re doing this I showed this
video I showed this midday in my last two videos not the VC one but the other
video on how to get your shoot imagine get to 99 overall in a day bro this is
the same thing like all you do is call a screen your shooting guard or your small
four and they will back up you get up you pull it easy green right look look
at this curry stepping back for white I’m gonna throw that back up because
I’ve reacted too slow I wanted this is right there ain’t gonna lie so I’m gonna
do it again while he’s still back I’m pulling up green
that’s all day so I’m gonna show y’all how to get y’all shooting percentages up
now as you can see my name y’all asking I’m gonna answer your question right now
for the people that’s wondering what’s the number by my name it is floor
general Hall of Fame or a floor general Hall of Fame gives you the percentage to
see all your teammates where they got a good chance to make it or not
as you can see somebody got rid I think that’s don’t wait no that’s cousin’s
cousin had originally not been hit that thing if they ain’t green of course
they’re gonna green that thing if they hit they shot right it should go in but
you’re doing this method to shoot them anything we used to call for a screen
you go ahead he back something you pull at some moments keep going a double team
so you double when they double team there’s no looking for the open man
this dish it out to him dimer will be a good batch to use if you dishing out you
getting double-teamed a lot so I got a good 36 100 points in this game so yeah
I can go do this method to get you our max play making and start shooting
badges with this buff best progression so states
hope you like this video subscribe turn on post on vacation leave with like on
today’s video comment down below hacks that nobody can remember always stay
active because as I’ve seen in the beginning I got a cold you know to the
sbox car so if you’re know degang in the future videos and I do put a code out
you will be the ones to win so thanks for watching I hope you enjoy I hope you
all have a good day and I’m out yeah