yeah yeah I can’t get you outta my said
I think about you all the time yeah imagine do you think it super run around
in my hey I can’t get you know said I think about you yurrr its your boy cash nation here with
another video today to show you this easy
Demi god glitch that you can do right now and another glitch that you can do as well
to get two times VC two times my points also you have this glitch working for you
right now you can be a low overall I’m telling you i
can be a sixty overall and still score 100 some points be on the
top of the leaderboards and there’s my player nation and I’m telling you I
found a glitch y’all can get y’all badges ready fast and you can get your
aunt reduce upgrade real fast with this so go ahead stay tuned to rest video I’m
going to show you how and it’s gonna get to it
alright so first thing you want to do make sure you go ahead load up your 2k
20 go ahead and make sure you be in the main meeting of the screen but real
quick if you new to my channel go ahead please subscribe please click that like
on today’s video let’s go ahead get 300 likes on today’s video for me because I
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on off so that’s all it is to it and also coming down below a headset know
the gang in the comment section as well I look at everybody coming as well and
leave a heart let you know that I’ve synced it if you have any trouble with
this let me know in the comment section below and I’ll try to help out the best
way I can to understand your situation and see why did that happen alright but
this is like 100% working even I got the update required from last night I was
playing from 5 in the morning a total jog I need somebody to be inside a
neighborhood go ahead and and I’d be in the neighborhood for y’all I gotta need
somebody do it late in the middle middle of the day or morning late late at night
telling y’all if you did see me miss you add me you let me know you’re trying to
do the glitch right now re I go to neighbor for you
I mean let me know now I’ll get back with you but nobody gained nation I
really appreciate all your support all y’all is been watching the video I
really appreciate the glove and everybody watching video I hope you all
having a great day but come to features go to 2k sports come to the roster you
want go ahead here press y to see the numbers for each category or you can see
they got 90 92 91 97 or in it so what you want to do is go ahead and press
Start on your controller to get the quick edit option up now you see it’s
blue it’s not just a clear white color it’s blue on it now once you have this
you hover over clothes and stuff you should be able to edit the number right
alright so from here what you want to do is go ahead make sure you go to your
friend list go join somebody as inside neighborhood
when person you joining right now is inside a neighborhood you will load in a
part but the glitch will carry over and it will work and when you go to roster
you better upgrade all your attributes you better put every single Hall of Fame
badge you want all your hot zones you can get animations as well on your
character you can also get a lot of other things with this glitch and also
VC like I said in two times my plane so this brand new glitch right here go
ahead please drop a light for today’s video and I was like that my flare
nation look kind of crazy like it looking good how I was looking at all
playing it but these computers like kind of crazy
so with that content finishing all the other badges I need it helped me do the
job well you can watch that later on in this video I will show you how and each
step to get every single badge what I mean by like I showed you how you can
get your finishing badges messed out in a day I showed you how you can get your
defending badges messed out in the day as well shooting and playmaking I gave
you each step and a good method for you to do to get it every single time you
can get like over 50 assists you might get over 100 some points you’ve already
get over 30 rebounds and all depends on your strategy and your position and your
art type and everything but you have every single bags so you can do
everything so as you can see here when you go to
your roster this press y or triangle on your controller any there you can see
the blue color right there where you can edit every single category on your
player your teammates the opponents and so on so you can go ahead change your
stats from 84 it’s at 99 you can change the area bar from teammates but to do
this to upgrade every single category at one time press a on your controller
gonna s Boston its if you own ps4 you get upgrade every single attribute cap
and do it all that once you do that as well for the bad you see I got 10
blowing 74 okay every single batch cell Hall of Fame easy just like that now you
do your hot zones then when you since you did the night-night overall you can
go to the animation store but before you do that go to your mob player parents
you want to go ahead and leave out of that and save it alright that’s how you
would save it and that’s how you leave from there go to the animation store and
buy any injury move that you want that you cannot get at first but now you can
get close it’s 99 now alright so you can get any contact dunks any dribbling
moves any little packaging that require a high overall attributes for that
specific one you can get it now since you did the glitch I see I got every
single batch all the fame now now I’m showing you gameplay how to get every
single badge on your player right now and one day messed out and I’m gonna
tell you II still I’m explaining it to and I’m showing you little clips of my
highlights that I did and it’s my player nation with these badges like I see I
got a Hall of Fame handles for days tight handles look at that on the beat
you cannot tell me that was as far hiding a lot I just this seeing that all
right so for finishing what you want to do is go ahead and just come up the
court do a step back momentum to the left or right it all depends on you
whichever way you think I space so my can be the love my momentum to the left
easy drive boom just like that contact finished will come up so time will come
that’s how you get your finished badges man started easy all right
easier so for defending you just want to go ahead and just bait
you wanna off ball bait so what you’re gonna do is go ahead give that man some
space let him come up the court you know how to cpu play special on Hall of Fame
you just want to go ahead let him try to just come up the cross slow and he gonna
try to pass the ball cord they pass the ball too much so it’s all ball still the
ball with the Interceptor bass you got it on Hall of Fame now tone fast break
you can either go do it three and you go through three at the top of the key or
their wing or you go to the corner whichever one or you can go ahead hold
LT or l2 and go ahead post up and Wes here player gets in go Ali or the other
way just go ahead and go in for finishing flashy dunk to go to some type
of badge for your player now as you see there for shooting if you just want to
come up the choreo and go to the corner you wanna do no fast-break so you don’t
even know no fast-break all right you just come up the court for shooting come
up the court call isolation with every give some space and dribble cover tons
do a step back easy step back and you pull it that’s a easy green as you can
see when I put it at the buzzer the shot clock was going down but then I got
ripped so which one do as well easily draw the double-team you see my man
right here he’s trying to double-team trying to help nope I got my boy in the
corner going for the rebound cuts angle I if you put your teammates badges up
I’m saying you playing on my career my player nation your players when they
badge alone transfer over but you will all right but that’s it for the my
player nation that’s how you get every single badge and that one game take
advantage of this because when that Damon God which gets patch I believe
from our nation two times BC and my points it’s all gonna be a waste
so – we’ll go ahead and do it you see I got double my points double VC and
double badges so my mistake of that is three things again for this and you
don’t anemic God glitch so what can you lose from this I don’t know but if you
knew like I said please leave a like drop us up click the notification bell
down below I hope you all enjoyed this video and I got some important
announcements to make plate if you haven’t seen the gift card code yet
keep watching trust and believe it will pop up soon but do not do the demagogue
glitch in the park Rick pro-am I do not recommend y’all to
do that alright be safe right here because this is only for my career I do
these glitches so you can get your badges faster you get 99 fast to help
you out with these groans god I know y’all busy I know you had some busy
people alright my game I know the game nation that y’all deserve it so let’s go
ahead in his video with a bang you did hi