yeah yeah I can’t get you out of my nose
said I think about you all the time yeah but imagine do you think it super run
around in my hey I can’t get you dog said I think about you Oh Yuurrr its your boy cash nation here with
another video today’s video ima show you an easy badge glitch that you can do today
right now is a recent update in 2k20 also I got plenty of updates to show
y’all as well and talk about the theses guys I might post later on and also I
found another way where you can go ahead keep on keep the badges the hot zone all
that more than one game stay tuned for that today might be dropping tomorrow
who knows face cams also come is will have you checked my youtube story go
ahead and check that if you have not already played go to roster go to
features go ahead come over here first starting up controllers have this quick
edit mode options come up on your screen come on all the over my bed come out
over here press air X on your controller and once you do that go join a friend
that’s inside a neighborhood now once you join a friend inside a neighborhood
do not unplug your internet do not plug anything just sit there and wait to the
screen loads up cuz I heard on ps4 there’s a lot of blue screens going on
and it’s a lot like they ain’t aren’t able to do it for some reason but it’s
plenty other ways and methods I found out that you can also hit this glitch on
the first try it this way not working for you let me know in the comment
section below and I will let you know the other method where you can go and
hit this list with no problem as simple as that so if you knew please
go ahead and subscribe please click the notification bill clave let’s go a get
threatened by some today’s video for me as well so this video right here is not
the same method alright you have to go to the roster alright stay right here in
this mainly right when you load them to the neighborhood once you do that make
sure you go ahead go anywhere to your settings on your console and go to your
neck or and go offline and go right back online come right back to 2k 20
once you do that you should have a error screen or error message on your screen
popping up me anytime soon saying that it’s been an error condition laws song
features little loop such etc but once you get that screen you’re good to go
you don’t have to go back to the roster you don’t have to go back to the go-to
features none of that no more you’re gonna go join a friend on we’re at today
once you get that this message right here I’m showing you go ahead just press
and controller it’s go ahead load up to the main menu which you already is go to
my career go ahead and get on whatever player that you want to Diamond Club
gives for so I want to do the demagogue glitch on the 92 officer 3 I’ll go to
him or I’m gonna go to the 98 I’m go to him I’m go to my 75 so once you do that
you load it up and all that stuff go to roster go ahead and start adding your
status now this is where you will hit make the magic happen I can go to roster
it should be blue off the back no problem and all so make sure you go
ahead and hit that like button for me because I know this work for you this
came on by so drives you present nothing at all but if it’s not there or your
screen and it’s not blue like it’s showing amongst the sky pressure up on
your right stick on your controller to see if it still edit your attributes or
your status for you sometimes it won’t show blue sometimes you be a regular
color and just go up on the right that you’ll better still do it regardless but
first while or triangles to go ahead switch column like switch the pages from
the badges set attributes hot zones all that go to my player appearance in the
urban quickly press arrows on your controller go ahead say the changes to
your mob player right before your mob player even pitcher even comes up so you
want to do that right when you load it to my player appearance once you do that
it’s just saved your player ship and pop up at all boom you’re done you’re good
to go now the next thing I wanna do is go ahead just go straight a mockery go
to my player nation who knows I just got a sub notification monster appreciate
that girl for the sub live I’m doing this way
go ahead make sure you go to my animations because everybody said
they’ve been wasting AVC on the animations do not stick I have a good
explanation for you so go ahead stay to the little little seconds look on the
video but as you see here I got slashing I got carrier bring on guys
dribbling moves alright of course I’m supposed to have those right
I got caught at dust as well I supposed to have those because my my attribute
cap is like a 91 or 92 I’m a cinephile overall have a 90 below at a 90 driving
dunk so if I had that upgraded my animation that I bought out the store
will stay there forever and permanently so make sure you miss you got the
requirement so it can show well but if you do the demigods glitch you don’t
have the requirement so you do the demon got glitch that’s what you can see the
uh all your animations and everything because your player itself don’t have
the main attributes so you can see my driving layup on there to see my Michael
Jordan Omar Jamal Crawford layup unless I had that 90 somewhere 80 some driving
layup and it’s just say I won’t have it but I still do have even though I don’t
have that requirement that’s the only thing about it but if you had the
requirement it will show your mind animation screen but if you knew please
subscribe please click the like on the tags video go ahead state to my next
video face cam coming soon and the new best wisdom me goggles come in my next
video so stay tuned you did