Welcome back ya Dingos! 3 & 9 in our
first season 7 & 6 last year and now we’re going for double-digit wings but
we have improved as a team we are now a two-star school and we are 70 overall so
instead of a d-minus were a d’ big fat d that’s what she said speaking of what
she said she told me to let you know that this video is brought to you by man
skate but we’ll hear more from their glorious below the waist grooming
products at halftime we’ve projected to finish 8 out of 14 teams in the Mountain
West surely we’ll finish much higher than that we finished higher than that
last year and we have a much better team this time here’s a list of the patreon
being named for the new recruits as always I reserved like the top 3 players
to leave their name the same just so it doesn’t get confusing for most people
watching but nonetheless I’m always thankful for everyone who contributes to
the channel one of the main reasons I get to continue doing what I love so I
thank you guys greatly you know what’s the funniest thing I found in the
offseason is receivers yeah Dean Young has higher catching than a lot of our
receivers but so is Kevin Davidson the true freshman he has a higher catching
than christian hers new zach wrote in the defensive end a lot of our tidings
matthew paul so that’s why we dropped so many passes last year and then of course
brian mcbride he’s gonna be a stud at defensive tackle maybe even move him
defensive in next season if we need him there but i mean anywhere on the
defensive line he’s gonna dominate left outside linebackers gonna be alex king i
can’t replace him and doesn’t matter who else we have on the team he’s gonna be
starting until he graduates cameron tipton middle linebacker number one
richard peiser’s gonna be middle linebacker number two right outside
linebacker Logan Pogue who is also a senior and then we got a bunch of
freshmen backing up everybody or at least new faces
Seth Burton his cornerback number one Marcus frisk the senior is gonna be
cornerback – Marcus cush the junior cornerback number three we got Cody
spice or Easton Gorman bill Dingle Craig mooshka and then I believe we also have
Chris Davis who could move over there if we need them Avery Harris the
transferring is gonna be starting a free safety and then a strong safety we got
Kerry spell Justin Powell is still gonna be kickin
our extra points and a punter slash kickoff specialist slashed long field
goal kicker Matt Jessie this is obviously not a championship caliber
team but it’s much better and there’s still a lot of potential out here excite
to see the new faces excited to see what often Sui can put together and how well
our defense does boy am I excited for Corey Hayes the number one tied in in
the country I mean look at this guy 88 catching 87 spec catch the catching
is all there the speed is good enough for me
the rushing is insane for a tight end like we could put him at running back if
we really wanted to he could be an offensive lineman if he had to be mark
my words if Courtney Hayes commits to Death Valley State he will win the
Heisman Trophy TJ Rodgers also looks good but he seems like the harder
challenge or a number ten on his board right now 96 acceleration 85 tackle 81
hit power that’s all I need to say and of course the offensive lineman Crispin
Arthur Jones 79 overall I mean he would be a day 1 starter same thing with
Arthur Jones we need these guys on the team Ron Anderson lagaa 89 zone coverage
96 speed 96 acceleration like I feel like I’m going for way too good of
recruits but I’m going on to these guys so early that maybe we’ll have a slim
chance maybe we’ll get a couple of them I’m not expecting all of them first game
of the season is against FCS southeast they actually beat us last year in an
embarrassing loss for this year we are the higher rated team finally took us
forever hopefully this one is not as close as last year and hopefully we come
out on top the All Whites here in season 3 the revenge game against FCS boy I
never thought I’d say those words but here we are they beat us by just a
couple of points last year it was a pretty ugly game we started out slow try
to work our way back and we couldn’t stop them we got a new kicker Matt Jesse
you know the drill welcome to the team sheds side strong
side oh yeah it kicks it straight it’s gonna be a touchback can’t ask for a
better way to start it r.i.p Blaise bortles he’s not dead but he’s not with
us and we can finally kick straight they’re gonna throw it here on their
first play actually it’s gonna be a draw play that’s Zach Roden busting it up
early gotta put it in the guy everybody’s excited to see Brian McBride
number 99 middle your screen watch him bust up this sinner
Kameron Tipton zooming around this side and Richard pies are the freshman’s
gonna bring him down rolling around Oh popping them that’s a fourth and inches
great play that’s Carrie spells Chris Davis makes a great catch
Oh trying to do too much Kevin Davidson first career start for DVS you or pass
first team so let’s do that pass right away McEvoy start out pushes a man over
oh he gets flattened Adrien Felix I’m actually starting him at running back
because of his speed dang it still not enough to get around the edge that’s a
lhasa for soft catch actually he drops it okay off in slow slow to start but we
were always slow to start last year Matt Jesse back out on the field he’s got a
strong leg actually looks pretty swollen tall for a kicker – oh gosh they’re
coming at him he’s gonna call for fair catch Cody Spicer was looking to blow
that one up Oh going at Marcus Prince that’s his
first interception of the year why do people keep testing him they think he’s
just a shorty out there and he’s a one star recruit he’s not gonna be able to
do anything he’s got some of the most interceptions on the team counterplay to
start out this drive great block from 61 can’t get to the open lanes break blocks
right here John Evans it’s the best run of the day three yards john evans wide open it’s got to be a
facemask oh well it’s a first down for the dingos I know Kevin Davidson none is
slower in but I want to get him involved in this read option to see what it can
do breaks that one off he’s tall and he’s
tough to bring down short yardage situation let’s get Jay to Martinez in
the game run up the gut lower in the shoulder
that’s gonna be a first down that’s a gain of eight another jet sweep this
one’s the Matthew Paul he’s got a lane keeper for the quarterback block from 72
Kevin Davidson one yard short of the end zone let’s start off this season right
with a handoff to the full-back Kenneth Hernandez he’s not able to get in and
off Adrian Felix he actually loses the yard well we’re going backwards that’s
not we won and off Adrian Felix again he is stuffed fourth and goal I don’t know
what happened to her crowd noise but he’s is completely dead silent in here
and I refused to be tonight so we’re gonna go for it here on fourth and goal
John Evans he’s got the touchdown gamble pays off Kevin Davidson first career
touchdown pass to John Evans doggies are out here too they’re multiplying I’m
getting triple teamed right now with Brian McBride throws of it off his back
foot and he completes the pass I guess I got a rush more than just three third
down can we get through find McBride shut it off I went for the running back
and not the quarterback this is gonna be a huge game for him Oh went for the
quarterback this time / carry spells head can we recover oh my
he’s still going what a throat look at that over his head perfectly placed to the corner he’s got it Jerry Yates with
the touchdown catch we got a tie ballgame well we had a shootout with FCS
last year we might be looking at another one this year Titans wide open
blow him over that works too we got the post downfield John Evans with a great
catch gets rid of that John Evans again he’s got open space downfield
Cape running breaks it off we got a first and goal Kevin Davidson a John
Evans has been a great connection in this game trusting in his receiver with
the pressure in his face that’s a great thrown ball over to junior Miller in the
corner perfect that’s another touchdown pass for Kevin
Davidson he has looked really good only one incompletion on the game and it’s
just a drop pass from Matthew Paul what’s threw Brian McBride way too slow
can’t get the quarterback Marcus cush with his first tackle of his career we
got to stop this quarterback I’m gonna make that adjustment right now won’t
tripped him up got him in the backfield there we go made the adjustment to stick
on the running back I think you’re short of it yeah that’s
fourth in inches no surprise they’re gonna go for it here they’re trying to
tie up the game it’s gonna be an option he gets rid of it
Cameron Tipton is their safety switched over to linebacker he is kind of small
but he is great at wrapping up and he’s even got a black helmet that’s not even
correlated with our team well I’m not risking that we got the tight end wide
open fancy footwork stiff arm somebody hell yeah Chris McAvoy is dancing around
do the best playmakers on the team are showing out today now in the middle
that’s intercepted I forced it I thought he was gonna break in now they got the
football just a mental error he’s got a lane can we get some safety help he’s
blocked Logan poke dive at him got the ankles scared me there I thought he was
gonna go all the way nice tackle carry spell an open space dang it the triple
options tough to stop you don’t know where it’s gonna go I don’t see anything open can we get to
the quarterback keeping the play alive he almost threw a touchdown pass
thankfully dude dropped it down the middle wasn’t expecting that Corey
Hartman with the touchdown catch we got a tie ball game again with FCS what is
with FCS southeast that I have so much trouble with gotta be the hardest
FCS team in the entire game we get these blocks set up JD Martinez with a great
one I didn’t really take advantage of it that’s my bad and can’t shake him down
the middle Matthew Paul with a diving catch
thankfully he caught this one he has been known to drop those Kevin
Davidson’s almost up to 200 passing yards already it’s just 1 Adrian Felix
an open space spin move another Juke that’s the big play potential we need
that’s got to be the best run of his career
across the middle John Evans thought he was gonna sneak into the end zone for a
second but I’ll take a first and goal oh dude Joseph Davis is wide open for the
touchdown first down Davis more like first
touchdown of the year Davis its third touchdown pass of the game for Kevin
Davidson everybody tapped him on the booty cheeks well done Joseph Davis well
done oh what a play from Marcus cush
surprised we didn’t get flagged for pass interference he was all over them to the corner what a catch
I’m seriously getting triple teamed with Brian McBride over here Marcus cush
diving catch 1st and goal they really drove down the field that
fast oh my gosh I almost got in there Chris Davis diving at it 3 seconds left
on the clock can Adrian Felix get a return she needs some good blocks from
everybody JT Martinez doing his job step back Adrian Felix is going down not
a bad efforts heading into halftime we got a four-point lead we get the ball
first in second half not necessarily my best performance so far but any we we
know what we can improve on but now that it’s halftime let’s hear from our
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refining the gentlemen taking a chance deep picked off again
forced it into double coverage I should have known better forcing things in this
game new season little rusty oh my god carry spell wasn’t even touched by the
offensive lineman just zoomed by and let’s see that one again 79 he got left
out to dry boy Oh Marcus frisk almost got a second interception of the game said Burton almost got a pic on the next
play I doubt this kicker has the leg to make this so we’re gonna set up her
return oh he’s gonna miss it will it be
returnable seems like a no that was blown up from the beginning no Martinez that’s a good run just run
it up the gut with Martinez from the coal line cutting it in still go and
hell yeah fours pass almost caught off the tip
press McEvoy heads-up play don’t bumped into my own guy
you got five out of it I’ve seen worse McAvoy wide open continues to have a
good game I got sacked no time to throw a pass to McAvoy to the end zone
touchdown dingoes fourth passing touchdown of the game for Kevin Davidson
he’s had some duds four interceptions bad mistakes but he’s also made some
great throws that one was perfect splitting the defenders over their head
to a wide-open receiver potential Kevin Davidson is very very high wrapped him
up get him back there yeah Horner out again that’s where they love to go I
love playing the man defense but that’s how they beat it it’s going deep
actually he’s going out of bounds good coverage Oh popped it off with his head mark is
Chris doing anything to deflect it away going down that’s Brian McBride first
sack of his career they’ve been trying to double-team of all game finally he
gets through putting the quarterback to the dirt throw that beast Christian
heard her go up and get it ah he’s got butterfingers tied in again he continues
to beat his man stop oh I thought John Evans he was gonna beat him
how many catches that on the game for him seven he’s over a hundred yards jr
miller across the middle great catch in some coverage Oh Kevin Davidson bopping
some people over I was gonna keep it with a quarterback didn’t think that guy
was gonna break on me let’s go to Joseph Davis again fighting his way it’s gonna
be fourth and one let’s go for it for the memes this play worked earlier in
the game oh is that gonna be a false start bro
alright I guess we’ll take the field goal all right fine Justin Palace is a
chip shot for you you’ve been great at these into your career and this one is
no different splits the uprights 31 to 17 it through
with somebody help who is I carry spell stopping him Shore to the first
oh we got him in the backfield three bodies colliding with him at the line
time for them to punt it got a pretty good lead right now I mean it’s only 14
points but I want to get some of the backups involves Dean young he had a
good season last year especially on the ground Oh break that one off
oh my goodness Dean young we could have used this all game run up the middle
Chris Davis look at the old line doing work Juke and people all over the place
that was pretty this is my favorite play in the playbook if you saw it last year
you know what’s coming gets in the way Matt Mauro does he have the blockers
it’s enough for the first go Chris Davis can we get the block up front dang it
did a read option with them oh he was ready for it Martinez had nowhere to go
let’s go to the quarterback Dean young still go and fighting his way
this is 43-yarder from Matt Jessie 63 kick accuracy but he’s got 90 kick power
I should get this one whoa that would have been good from like 60 I’m excited
about this kicker Oh Jake Bozell going down
you got Chris Davis out here Richard pies are still in the game he’s trying
to run he’s going down Jake Bozell one of the backups getting a sack that’s got
to be exciting for him oh my god he didn’t even like move his arms at all
just hit the shoulder pad he went down to meet the Dickens coming at him
made him get rid of it Kaiser’s getting another tackle nowhere to go that’s a
turnover on downs Matthew Paul Oh
got a block downfield that’s a first across the middle Joseph Davis second
touchdown of the game for him Derrick grabbin thrown one pass and it’s
a touchdown Cody Spice were getting destroyed over
there that’s okay it’s been a long game oh that should have been you Easton
Gorman probably a roughing the passer I absolutely obliterated him there at the
end frisk jumping that route first Davis
could have had the pick well I can nobody catch the interceptions on this
team he’s gonna be short of it another turnover on downs beautiful screen pass
Chris Davis he’s got space huge gain at 23 yards and that’ll ended right there
final score 41 to 17 strong strong performance from the team in the second
half and how about Kevin Davidson four touchdowns over 300 passing yards in
this game he looks very good stats on the game Kevin Davidson 18 of 20 for 311
yards four touchdowns and two picks in his first career start but I’ll tell you
right now Kevin Davidson can do way more than any other quarterback we’ve had in
the past Derrick Brabham stepped in on his first
pass actually he threw a touchdown so good for him still a good player wish
you could get him more involved but you can only put one quarterback on the
field at a time I mean realistically anyway leading rusher at 28 yards and
Kevin Davidson he’s super slow Chris Davis had 23 JT Martinez had 23.9
average yards per carry I cannot work with that I know he’s our fastest guy I
just don’t understand how he can’t make it work top two targets John Evans Chris
McEvoy all day they’re gonna lead us in receiving yards every single game
Jermaine Hodges two pancakes in this game Ricky Anderson and Timbo slice gave
up a sec alright Timbo slice first game for us and you are to give up a sec
bleeding tackler in this game is carry spell he surprised me he can move very
quickly same thing with Richard Peyser these
guys stepped in right away and made some big plays
we had for sex on the game Brian McBride that’s his only tackle of the game
Jake Bozell one sack on the game that was nice for him carry spell got one and
Richard Peyser got one we only had one interception on the game shout out to
Marcus frisk probably should have had more but we had somebody drops it was
unbelievable kicking was perfect today couldn’t ask for anything better
Matt Jesse’s exactly what I wanted out of a kicker and of course Adrian Felix
is still doing his thing at kick return team stats today we were okay we I see
some improvements we’re still not where we want to be in terms of rush defense
oh how about that Kevin Davidson’s leading the country in
passing yards right now I mean a lot of teams haven’t even played a game it’s
still a fact next episode we will take on number five ugf and hopefully not get
slaughtered in that game but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this debut episode
of season 3 please give me some tips on what we should do with the team any
depth chart changes we should make any recruits we should target any strategy
we should implement just let me know anyways I want to say thank you guys so
much for watching you’re all legends in my book and ask
for me I am true mores big old ruski not the expert and I’ll see you guys in my
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