(upbeat pop music) – We are heading to Oregon to go look at Nike’s cool stuff. We we were almost late
for our fright, flight so we have to–
– Our fright? It was frightening? – Yeah, it was. It’s a gummy bear in here. (relaxing instrumental music) – [Dan] Did you bring a rain jacket? – I asked you if it was going to rain and you said, “No.” – What? This is Portland. It always rains. You should always have a rain jacket. – I asked you to like– – This is true. I said it wasn’t gonna rain. (laughs) It might rain a little bit. Alright, let’s go get an Uber and get to Nike Headquarters and check out these shoes. (upbeat pop music) – What?
– This guy’s playing music. (somber violin music) (upbeat pop music) Alright, we made it and it’s much better weather than when we were here last time. What? What?
– Don’t, don’t– – Don’t fall?
– Don’t step in there. – [Dan] Okay, look how cool this place is! This is it. Nike Headquarters. – [Lincoln] Fall! Don’t fall! – [Dan] Dude, don’t push me! You almost pushed me in there. – That was actually like really really… – Whoa, don’t do that! Yeah, I almost actually did. Touch it. Okay, we’re gonna go
find some of our friends that are gonna help us figure out and get us where we need to go and hopefully go check
out the Nike cafeteria which is so good. We’re filming in like two hours. This is (laughs) gonna be amazing. And they just have
random bikes, everywhere. “There is no finish line. “Just open it.” Look at this. This is in the ground. Just right here at Nike. Turns out this is a time capsule. They closed this thing up, in what? 1992. And then they opened
it back up in 2012, so. One of the things that
was really interesting was Andre Agassi’s visor with the Nike Swoosh on it. It was the first piece of clothing that they’d ever put Nike’s
logo without the words Nike. Just the Swoosh on a piece of clothing. They’re like, “I think we’re big enough “to be able to put this on here “without the word Nike.” And then turns out if
you see the Swoosh now, everything, you know what it is. (upbeat pop music)
There’s the place, Bo Jackson Sports and Wellness. Let’s go check this place out, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Cool. – This is the coolest room. All Bo Jackson memorabilia here. This guy was the man. You may have seen some of this in our What’s Inside?
Nike Headquarters video. Oh my gosh, you come and look outside and it’s just full of kids playing sports out there. – [Lincoln] No Dad, that
entire field is made out of recycled shoes, remember?
– Yes, I do remember that. And now there’s kids playing soccer. I totally remember these cross trainers, the Nike Air Bo Jackson. So I think what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a livestream on Facebook and show people this Bo Jackson area. If you’re not following us on Facebook you can go check us out and see some of our livestreams. We’re gonna start doing it probably twice a week I’m thinking. Okay, we’re heading to the Bo Jackson Basketball Court. It’s upstairs. Okay, so we have all the
shoes in a couple of boxes. Boxes over here. There they are. That’s where all the shoes are but for now, we’re just
gonna watch Lincoln miss. (basketballs thud and echo) Vlogging shot. That’s how we do it Lincoln. One shot, three point contest? – Yeah. – Alright, I got it. (upbeat instrumental music) This is what it looks like at the Bo Jackson Basketball Facility when it’s all yours. Okay, here goes Lincoln. (basketball thuds on rim)
Oh, so close! Lincoln just gets to play ball like we’re gonna get some shoes out and make a video but Lincoln just wants (laughs) to play basketball. Lincoln, we should get
one of these in our house. Alright, nice. This is it guys. You’re getting behind
the scenes right now. These are the KDs one through five. Every version of one through five and four different colors of each one. And this is the six through 10s. One thing I think is really interesting that speaks to the
innovation of these shoes and technology over the last ten years, this one through five box
is significantly heavier than the six through 10. The KD nines and KD 10s, I’m pretty sure those are the first two that use the Flyknit technology which is like a sock but it’s tight in the right places, so Kevin was like adamant that
he have that in his shoes. And they made it happen somehow. Here’s what Flyknit actually means. Here’s a shoe the way it used to be. These are all the moving parts that come with it. Everything. This is Flyknit. This is all the moving parts. It’s all in one piece. Look at that. See the difference? We’re gonna drag these things out and get everything set up. Nobody gets to see these. This is the KD one I think. – [Lincoln] Yep. – We can’t touch these shoes unless we have some special gloves on. (upbeat instrumental music) How are we doing this? I don’t know. This is amazing. – Those are really, really,
really, really, really, really, really, really,
really, really, really cool. – That’s a lot of reallys. It really is. (upbeat instrumental music) Okay. I hope that time lapse was cool. This is the… They’re all out. Lincoln, thoughts? – I like this one and I like this one. – Alright, I’m upstairs. I wanna see if I can get
it at a shot from above. I should have brought the stinking drone. That would have been such a cool shot from directly above the
Nike logo looking down, but oh well. (basketball thuds on court) Yes! (upbeat music) (Lincoln and Dan cheer) – [Leo] Have you ever seen
your shoes cut up like that? – Never, that’s why I’m
just staring at it man. – We have to leave. We have a flight in just over an hour. And with traffic we’re
pretty far away, so. Hopefully we can make it. We don’t have to check bags or anything but guys, thank you for your help. Lincoln, wrong way. You’re coming with me. Okay, see you guys, thank you! Okay we gotta leave the Bo Jackson place. Let’s go. (tranquil music) I wish we could just
grab one of these bikes and go. Gotta go through the Jordan shoe area. Jordans, all the Jordans. If we had more time, if
only we had more time. KDs will have to do for today.
– Yeah. – Oh wait wait wait. We have time for this. Jordan, there he is. (tranquil music) How is it so perfectly coming out? Like… (water rushing) Like the perfect stream of water. Goodbye Nike. Goodbye. I don’t know that we’re
gonna make this flight. Honestly, I don’t think we will. An hour away and we’re in Beaverton, almost during rush hour. Here comes our car. Does that car look fast? (tranquil music) Not looking too good Lincoln. Here’s the status. There’s pretty much no way
we’re gonna make this flight. I just found a Delta flight that leaves a few hours later. Was it worth it to get the
shot of all of the shoes from KDs library? I hope so.
– It totally was. – You think it was?
– I love Nike. – You loved it? It was an expensive little intro. (laughs) We’ll say that. (tranquil music) How you feeling bud? So tired? We made it. We’re here. It took us almost an hour and a half to get to the airport
from Nike Headquarters. I almost fell asleep. Lincoln slept for at least 40 minutes. I love this entrance right here. It just looks cool. Alright Lincoln, how was the day? – I am tired. – But was it cool?
– Yeah. Nike’s my favorite. Awesome.
– Hashtag not sponsored to say that.
– Not sponsored. – [Dan] (laughs) It just is. – My Dad gave me first class, so, whoo! – And I get to sit in a
middle seat in the back. Whoo.