Basti, 8 years, actually handballer, but holds for Manuel Neuer Flori, 8 years, professional footballer aka Bernd Leno The first challenge will be a nine-meter shot. In Shing-Shang-Shong, whoever starts. You won. Would you like to start? Yes. With shooting or goal? In the gate. Florian’s first shot. Now Basti has the opportunity to equalize. Securely held. And kept safe again. There’s the Manuel Neuer in the goal. He could catch him safely. Strong parade by Manuel Neuer. That’s why he stands in the gate. It is 0: 0. Everyone has 2 shots. Who will win this first battle? A pity, strongly pariert nevertheless in it. Now Manuel has the opportunity to equalize. Just so, almost gone through the legs. Strongly parried Manuel Neuer again. Now he has to compensate. And thus the first round Florian aka jasmine wins on the back. The next challenge will be. As a goalkeeper, one must also be able to throw against the bar, so try the two times in the slat throw. Sching Schangschong who starts. Recovered. Would you like to start? Yes. Well then go. That was close Was a goal, but not against the bar. That was close again. One must also say, actually the Manuel Neuer is a handball player, so actually he would have to win this battle. The gate is too big. There we have the 1: 0 for the Manuel Neuer. From the height not so bad. He always slips out of my hand. You can also do without gloves. Now the gloves are moistened again. There he is the 2-0. Now, Florian must meet both to have a chance at all. He’s still slipping. You won the first round. Manuel Neuer has already won. But we want to give the other a chance again. This ends the Battle 2: 0 What are you saying? Uh, I do not know The last challenge is a 1 to 1. It runs from the 16s and tries to score a goal. I can do that at Basti. Would you like to start? Yes at the gate. He pulls over and shoots past. Is Manuel Neuer in the dribbling just as good as in the goal? And held. He shoots directly and makes him clean. 1: 0 for the footballer and the Manuel Neuer is again on the train. And he also shoots directly and hits. That is the compensation. Tunneled. Get tunnels that are 50 cents. And that was the second hit. Now Manuel must meet Neuer or the round goes to Florian. Or who do you want to be? Bernd Leno? No. Why not? Second goalkeeper at Germany. And he forgives. So we have a winner of the round and also a winner of the entire Battles. What do you say? Was definitely fun and I want to be number one. 30/5000
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