[MUSIC PLAYING] Sense Rugby is
really for anyone who finds it difficult to engage
in mainstream activities, and who might need a
little bit of assistance to develop those gross
motor skills, social skills, emotional, and
behavioural skills. [MUSIC PLAYING] The opportunity to go
and play on a field enabled them to feel like
they’re just doing rugby. They’re not going
to therapy again. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re running through ladders
and crashing through pads and being able to
tackle, wrestle, and all that heavy input
that a lot of our kids really need and lack outside
of our Sense Rugby groups. Which really helps our kids to succeed and concentrate
in maybe a school setting or anywhere else
they’re trying to succeed. 3, 2, 1. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] For me, the best thing is just
seeing families experience that success of
being on the field and then feeling
socially successful. [MUSIC PLAYING] My friends come
here, and I love it. Making lots of friends
and having fun. I feel like I’ve
accomplished something, and it makes me feel good. Probably the best thing
about Sense Rugby is I get to go beyond my limits. And I feel dedicated and
devoted to my hard work here And I always think of Sense Rugby
as one big happy family as well. [MUSIC PLAYING] Just seeing them
overcome their fears, the struggles that they have. And seeing them
being able to succeed in it where they possibly
hadn’t before, it’s just huge. [MUSIC PLAYING]