now look before you leave
my conscious weighing on me my players in 93 I’m really grindin for free as everybody
can see a life is what I need and hopefully y’all agree cause everything
has a balance and everything has degrees here I’m trying to grind while trying to
earn a degree somebody please check on Geesice cause
because he is precisely what i mean, look getting greens with numb fingers
putting up dumb numbers getting a high streak and doing it all over nobody is
sleeping on him so he get like no slumber working hisself to death his body
is slumped over living is more important your niggas is more important im
supporting my niggas dreams until my souls imported to heaven I don’t
remember when i really learned that lesson but it sound like something that
I am never regretting like and subscribe like and subscribe I said that
it will be something like on it like and subscribe like and subscribe like and
subscribe like and subscribe I might not be able to sing but I don’t my
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