And welcome back to all of you guys. This is JJ Jing Gaming signing on. And as you may have seen from the title of our video. I’m now gonna teach you how to Shorten your Playoffs Series. But before we start… I would like to give my apologies to some of our viewers. That we couldn’t grant their requests. My schedule was stiff these days. I have some duties to attend with that’s why I can’t grant your request Someone has requested me about the shorts. And someone also requested what’s the method of how to change the name. We’ll try to figure something out of it these one guys. Maybe next time we’ll try to reupload it. So that others will benefit. And so some of us won’t feel upset about it, Okay. But as for now, I hope that you guys will appreciate this video as for now. Let’s move on and let’s proceed to our… Shorten Playoffs Series Tutorial But first things first. As you may see on our screen. I’ve already opened my Game Guardian on the left side. Just copy my method. This is the step that you really need to do guys. You cannot proceed already to My Career and simply just load my Association Text. You will really need to go to the Association. Because we need to freeze their values. So this is what we’ll do… Press that New (Button). Tap that Continue (Button) And… Maybe some of us already… Know the way to Shorten the Season. Many of us know how to make it work. So maybe we’ll load my textfile… The Shorten Series So this is how my Short Playoffs Series looks like. But you may notice right here that I’ve put in a lot. Because I was experimenting if some of them were working. And mostly the Fantasy Draft and Historic Players were not working. But if you manage to make them work guys, Okay. kindly comment me down below so we can make a video. But as for me, they’re not working. Those that I’ve noticed working is the Season Length, NBA FInals, Conference Semifinals, and Conference Quarterfinals So these are the ones that I’m just going to use. I’ll delete the others. So these are the ones that we can only use. Kindly follow me on the screen. If I’m going to fast. Okay so, 82 Games. Since we just want to shorten my Season. It’s 14 we already know that, okay. I’ll be putting it on the description of this video. The codes of the games. Just follow my procedure guys. You will really need to go to your Association. Okay so let’s already head on to the Playoffs Series. Best of 7 up to the NBA Finals As you could see here in the value. They stand at 0. Why? Well, I’ve noticed that the value of the best of 7 is counting in reverse. So the best of 7 stands for 0. If we will reverse our counting. Best of 5 Stands for 3. Best of 3 Stands for 2. And finally our request. 1 Game stands for 1. So I’ll be freezing them now. But before all of that. I’d like you guys to see this. I’ve managed to find a few more. If you’ll try to exceed. Like For Example. 14 As you could see 14 Games are stated. I’ve already tested it. What just happened is. The Playoffs didn’t happen I was laughing about it. I thought at first it’s gonna work. I’ve worked hard to work on it through my Season. But it didn’t work guys What will just happen is an error. No one will win the Playoffs. And there’s also another one. I think it’s 200? There are more of it guys. But, I’m telling you right now… That you should not try them. Because they’re not really working. It’s like we are just moving onto other settings. Example, Audio Settings or Video Settings. Camera View Settings. So I suggest, that we should not change these. It’s like your in some sort of Audio Settings. So let’s just stick to the… Options that we see on our screen. So let’s just go for 1 game. As you guys wanted it to be. But if you still like to try it. There’s no problem with that. If your mind is really importunate or you’re just… curious about what might happen. Okay, you may go ahead and try. But before all of that. I would just like to say first. If we will apply my Association Text. Sadly, we really need to create a new My Career. This won’t apply. For example, you already managed to finish your 82 Games Then suddenly just came to your mind to put the Association Text. That won’t work guys okay. I’ve already tried it. Made those test runs. Well, it won’t really work. You really need to start over again making your new My Career. So that’s how it really works Now if you manage to make something happen here from my Association Text. Okay, just comment me down. So I can make another test run for this Association Text File. Okay, so next. So I’ll be picking the Lakers Oh right, we are not going to use this. This was just like a dummy. We just copied the Association Text. This Association Customization you see here. I’ve already got those codes. But I’ve noticed that it’s not useful in My Career. That’s why I didn’t include them in our Text File. Like for example if you just want to have some Random Trading in your Team that won’t have any effect. Line Up Management doesn’t take effect. All of this doesn’t go on effect. My Career is in Default. What will really work is what you see on your screen. So I’ll start freezing my values now. Before we make any mistakes. I’ll be freezing them for you So you can just instantly load it. Okay. So let’s head out Next. We can close this one now. So Method… The first thing that I would like to remind you guys is… If you are now going to try this method of Shorten Series and Shorten Length of Season. My first… Suggestion is. Do not quit your game. Second, do not close your Game Guardian. And then… Third. Whatever happens, don’t force close your NBA 2K20. Even if you lost to the Draft Combine. Your results were not that good. Even if you noticed that your performance was not that good. I really suggest that you should NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER close your game. Even if you feel frustrated. Because you didn’t get the result that you wanted. Because I’m telling you Guys that these won’t apply… These settings that we just took from the Association. So I suggest that you guys just move on into that guys Because we can still make some Editing. After the Draft. So, whatever happens, don’t ever, ever do that. That’s what I really suggest So I’ll be taking this Shooting Guard. And the Game Guardian. I suggest that… Up till the end of the Draft Combine Don’t close it. That’s my reminder again guys. Don’t ever, ever close it. I’ve already managed to make it work once. For your info. What happened is. I also got frustrated. I wanted to make my Player a number 1 Pick. I was surprised that after the Draft Combine was finished. The effect settings of the Association Text were missing. So. First Hand I’ve already experienced it. I don’t want you guys to get frustrated also. Restarting again because you want to use the Association text. Due to the performance of your Player. You decided to just quit. So don’t ever, ever quit guys. Don’t force close the 2K20. And especially the Game Guardian. Just keep my reminders in mind. And I’m sure that these will apply to you. So about this Difficulty. The truth about it guys is. I’ve tried to set it to Hall Of Fame. I believe that it’s not working in the Draft Combine. All Players were just set to Rookie. Which makes it easier for the Draft Combine. That’s why even if you set to Pro or All-Star. Up to the Hall Of Fame. It’s still not working. It will start to take effect after the Draft Combine. Even if you notice these 6 minutes. It doesn’t have any effect on the Draft Combine. For example, if you’ll change it to 12 minutes It’s still for 3 minutes. So nothing will change. Same with the Difficulty guys. It doesn’t change. It will start to change after you… After you’ll get drafted in the NBA. So I’ll cut the video right here. And I’ll be progressing our My Career. Up to the point that he will get Drafted. Maybe a little longer. Maybe around 15 minutes. Let’s see what will happen. Hello and welcome back to all of you guys. So, we already finished my Draft Combine. For making our My Career. But I would like to give you guys a little suspense for… what my Season looks like. So here it is. So our Shorten Season Code has worked. What we still don’t know what’s working is the… Playoffs Series. Now if you want to start Editing your Player This is the right time to Edit it at once. Go on fiddle on everything that you wanted to. Just double save it guys. I really suggest that you make a double save. So you can still work in your previous progress. Like I’ve said earlier. Just follow the steps. Just follow my warnings. Don’t ever close the game… your progress in the Draft Combine. Don’t close the Game Guardian Or don’t force close your 2K20 So you can apply these settings. As for now we still don’t know if the Shorten Season (Shorten Playoffs I supposed to mean) has worked. So I’ll start progressing it from here. Around 30 minutes we can progress it right there. I’ll cut the video right here. And maybe we’ll continue this one. To the point that we are close to the… Playoffs Series. Hello and welcome back guys. As you could see here. I’m here at the near end of the Season. You might struggle because you have shortened your Season. Like me. At first, I don’t know what I will do. Until I realize that we can click by this one by one. Just do the same if ever you don’t see any games. Just like that. Continue doing it guys until you reach the end. Because we can’t see the next games here. Sorry if it’s a bit long This is what you really need to do guys. Because sometimes you can’t see your games. One-piece at a time Until we reach April. And there it is. There are my Games again. Maybe this will be my last game This April 10. I’ll just place it here on April 6. Now I’ll start playing it guys. And let’s see what will happen to our Playoffs series. So welcome back guys. I’ve already finished all the games. I was also excited to see it. For what will happen. If what we applied will probably work. Okay, let’s answer this one out. If it’s going to be just 1 game for our Season. Our Playoffs. Let’s check it out after these guys. Irving was the MVP. I won’t bother looking here. Because we might waste our time here. Okay, let’s head next.’ Start of our First Round in the Playoffs What might happen? Okay, so WHAT did just happened guys? You see, it worked… We will now start working for 1 game here. So this means our Playoffs is now 1 game at a time. Okay, let’s see if it will still apply up till the end of the Finals. I’ll skip the video right here. I’ll cut it here Okay, so here we are guys. They’re saying here that you guys up 1-0 I don’t know if it’s a bug or something. But let’s see what will happen. Okay, let’s answer this one. I hope that we’re right. For what we did. If we are really 1 game at a time. OKAY! So it REALLY worked guys. We are finally here… Okay, let’s head first to the Playoff Tree. Maybe it might not apply. You guys just follow what I did. So it worked guys, okay. Our thing is still working… The interviewers were just fooling us out for what we did. So I’ll proceed with this one. Up to the Finals. Maybe, I’ll continue the video in the Finals. So we can cut the chattering right here. I’ll head back. And I’ll play this one for a while, guys. Okay, so there you have it guys. As you could see all the games that we played is just 1. What we did with the Playoffs 1 games per piece is working. I recommend that you guys will make a double saves You might don’t wanna lose in the Playoffs. Double save it. In case that something might happen you still have another backup. If you want to repeat it again. And again… Just press that Playoff Tree It’s here in the Team. Playoff Tree just like that. To trigger the Playoff Event. If you liked the content of this video. And would like to see more from this channel. Please Subscribe. And Hit that Like Button on this video. And leave your comments down below so that you would see more… To see more from this Channel. And I hope we’ll see you guys again back soon. This is JJ Jing Gaming. Signing Off.