Hello and Welcome to All of you Guys. This is JJ Jing Gaming signing on. So enough with the chit chat. I won’t make this any longer. I would just like to share with you my newest discovery. This is what I call the Coach Settings or… Play Calling Settings. So this is where I got it, guys. Here at the Association. Here it is… Maybe some of you already know what this means. Let’s head to the coach settings. And here it is. Play Vision, Play Call Message Offense Play Calling, Defense Play Calling. I didn’t include the late-game fouling, because it wasn’t that important. So this stuff is only at the Association. And I was thinking if maybe we can apply this to our My Career? The answer guys is, yes. If you want to see your full play. If you’re gonna play. Just activate this. User Plays set to All. Its value here is 0. 1 for User Plays only And Off is 2. We go for the All Plays. We are gonna set it to 0. Play Vision Display Full Its value is 1. Play Call Messages. Let’s set it to All. So its value is also 0. AND!!! These are the settings. That is not in My Career. The OFFENSE PLAY CALLING and DEFENSE PLAY CALLING. Maybe some of you also noticed it. Sorry Guys… I’ve gotten ill just finding this value. Going back. What this thing does is. If your teammate or even if you’re the one whos gonna bring the ball down. You will see a diagram of Play. Right down to the Player. If it’s in Manual. It means its not gonna work. If it’s in Auto. You will see Plays in the Court. I’ll give you guys a sample. So I’ll explain it again. Its value should be… The Offense Play Calling and Defense Play Calling is 0. It’s better if you’ll just freeze my values here. So you won’t toil out here I’ll save it first because I haven’t saved it yet. I’ll share it here in this video. You can download it down there. I’ll just show first how it looks like. We’ll just play it here in the Association. I’ve already tried it in My Career. So it’s gonna work okay. Play Game. I’ll just show you a sample okay. How the Plays Diagram looks like. Okay, let’s play. Actually, guys, you’ll be happy with this one because. Your offense and defense won’t be scrambled anymore. If this Play is activated. That you will never go selfish with the ball again. Okay, as you can see right there at the head. Swings Quick 2. Sorry. Just a little excited. There you can see a diagram. To where you’ll gonna pass it. And how you’ll gonna execute the Play. And there you have it. Okay well, I’ll show you… If it’s gonna work to My Career. Maybe some of you are happy. Many of us want to have this on their My Career. And as for me. I really want to use it for My Career. And I was glad that I’ve found it. It’s good that I’ve really listened to my friends. My friends told me. It’s impossible that there is no value that can’t be found… Game Guardian, they said… All of the values can be found. Even if… it’s complicated. I strived just to find it. I managed to find it. It almost took me overnight. This New Year. Maybe this one is like… what do you call it? Like a New Year’s gift. To make your 2k Gaming smoother. Okay, let’s try my settings. But if we want to see it applied Let’s save it. I’ll double save it So I won’t make any mistakes again. This is what I always recommend on my videos. Always make some double saves So it won’t corrupt. Just for backup. Okay, let’s try it. Remember guys okay. Freeze okay. And I save it there. You must do the same procedure that I did. So you can activate it, okay. No skipping. You will really need to go to the Presentation Settings. Let’s Play. I’ve already got colds. Let’s see if it’s gonna work. I’ve shown you a while ago in the Association That there are some Plays. Now let’s see if it’s gonna work in My Career. And I hope that you guys would be happy about this. Many of you might be happy. Okay, let’s Play Defense First. Now you can see it up there. A diagram We will Play Man to Man first. It means that it’s working. But I want you guys to see me in the offense. So you’ll know that it’s really working in My Career. That I wasn’t bluffing. There it goes. Okay, let’s see first what would be our Play. Sorry if it’s a bit longer. Okay! There! It showed up Guys! The guy with the yellow icon will hold the ball. And I will cut down there. And! There you have it guys. Maybe I’ll cut the video right here. You might be happy about what you have seen right here. You can really make it work guys promise. I will include the next video. Someone has requested me… To Shorten the Playoffs Series. Well, I’ve already found it guys. Some of my friends have told me that there is already an upcoming update for 2k20. So I think I won’t be uploading that. And wait for that one. So we can load more textfiles. I guess you have never seen a streamer that uploaded this kind of video. Maybe you have just seen it here first. I’m telling you guys that this thing is Legit. That it’s really working. I’ll end this video right here. This is JJ Jing Gaming. Signing Off. And I hope you’ll enjoy your new Run Plays… Settings.