we have some NBA 2k20 news today
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released their all new legendary teams that are coming to 2k20 and we’re
looking at the all-decade teams dating from the 1950s and 60s all the way to
2010’s so let’s look at the 1980s so we have MJ and Larry Bird and Magic Johnson
that’s good and I think that’s Kevin McHale it’s 32 right yeah Kevin
McHale and Moses Malone number 2 so 1980s pretty good let’s look at the
1990s we have MJ and Pippen a duo and we also have John Stockton and Karl Malone
that’s another duo right there so I guess 2k is really pushing this duo
thing this year do you think we’ll see any duo’s in my career you know maybe
they’ll find a way to implement that anyway so and they also have Hakeem the
dream so 1990s looks pretty good now let’s look at 2000s we got Kobe and Shaq
that’s a great duo right there we also have LeBron and AI okay not the one from
2k19 I’m talking about Allen Iverson okay we’re talking about practice we’re
talking about practice not a game not a game not a game we’re talking about
practice and we also have Timmy D so Tim Duncan the big fundamental so 2000’s are looking pretty nice and let’s look at the 2010s so we got Steph
Curry in the middle got LeBron and KD all right and James Harden all right and
is that Dwight trying to think of other big men in this decade that were good
actually you know what no one really comes to mind unless I’m like totally I
don’t know forgetting someone do you think Dwight is the right pick for 2010s
but yeah other than that I think it looks pretty good I mean
Dwight was pretty solid too so I guess I mean I can see it so yeah it looks
pretty good the teams are teams are nice so let me know what you think in the
comments do you agree with the picks that for these decade teams do you think
there should be someone else in one of the decades so you know just let me know
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