– Hi, my name is just
Steve Baek, BK Hockey. I teach hockey, hockey
players all over the world. Today, we’re gonna to
work some outside edge, one-on-one, Nylander move, let’s go! This kind of figure eights skating we do on the outside edges. So let’s have a small
space without the sticks. Let’s do the crossover first. (ice scraping) All right, okay, so two-step, crossover and then one to the outside edge stopping. So, keep your head up. Yeah, go! Let’s go. A fake is a bring it like a inside and then you do the fake, eh? This one’s opposite. so when you are close to somebody, close to one-on-one battle eh you’re gonna look tight outside
and then you have to go. So, you can use it lot
of times offensive zone small area. All right, so let’s do it! So, start it from the here. So, we do cross, eh, through here, here, let’s go. (ice scrapes) Go! Yep, let’s go! (bar down sound)