Basketball has always been my first love. it has brought me so many memories and taken
me so many places. Through basketball I have come in contact
with so many great people. From first playing at the YMCA, to making
it on the GA stars team to playing at New Hampton with so many talented players, to
attending Elon university who helped shaped the person i have become, to playing at my
dream university at BYU where i was able to meet the my wife and not only grow on the
court but also spiritually and in the classroom. basketball has been a life long journey of
connecting the dots. These dots have been pit stops in my life
and i look forward to connecting more dots in the future. it has always been dream to play in the NBA
as a little kid and now is my opportunity to fulfill that. i am honored to say i graduated from BYU and
look forward to connecting more dots with great people around the i chase my
dreams follow my journey. always believe in yourself and make you dreams
a reality.