Good Day everyone
I am Ralph Tiama this is not a top 10 or top 15 Nike sneakers so why I’m here?
Well I am here to talk about my channel My channel is all about top 15 or top
10 Nike sneakers for those who are trying hard to find the best and affordable
sneakers out there sneakers are getting better day by day
so it’s really hard for us to find Where to buy the latest sneakers
when will it drop and what are the current price of the shoes that we want
but don’t worry I am here! I made the top 15 or top 10 latest Nike sneakers for
the following reason first for you to be informed on the latest sneakers update
or sneaker news next one is to know when and where the shoes will be released the
third one is for you to know what the current price of the shoes that you want
to buy and last one is for you to know how does she is made or what material
used on a specific shoes each of my videos are different based on your favorite
categories like top 15 Nike sneakers for the month of July or top 15 nike
basketball shoes in 2019 the images that I’ve used are came from different
sources that are low graphic images but if you
can notice all of my videos have the high quality images and not pixelated
why why it’s because each of the images that I put on my video are edited one by
one yes one by one in terms of my channel arts and graphics
all of that 100% made by me with the used of different software like Adobe Premiere
adobe after effects adobe photoshop and of course adobe audition for my voice
recording and commentary except for the release date and the price of the shoes
I have also put some educational value and TRIVIA on each shoes that I put on my
video and I want to say sorry that I’m not good at English because English
language is not my native language and that’s all thank you! god bless!