(upbeat music) – [Man] You can not
cross enemy lines. I’d have give him a tech. – I’m looking very,
very, very forward to hitting all
them pretty little
(bleep) with a ball. – Seeing yellow. – [Announcer] First up,
we’re gonna give you a BET X All Stars Team. – If I wanna hit
anybody in the face, Imma hit the Pretty
Much boys, man. You feel me, I’m knocking
they heads right on off. Everything getting hit. – [Announcer] Alrighty now,
we’re gonna welcome out team Pretty Much.
(crowd cheers) Team Pretty Much
stepping onto the court. – [Brandon] What’s up,
my name is Brandon. – My name is Zion. – And we’re in Pretty Much. – Pretty Much.
– Woohoo! – Yeah. – [Announcer] Y’all
ready for some BET X Celebrity Dodgeball,
make some noise one time! (crowd cheers) – I don’t know about y’all
but we’re gonna win, for real. Come on, bro, let’s do it. – Wow, Cas, you gonna let
him talk to you like that? – Don’t worry, don’t
worry, it’s going down. I don’t like pretty boys anyway. – Only time will tell, let’s go. – [Interviewer] If there’s
a person on your team that you could trade, who– – [Zion] Edwin. – [Brandon] Edwin. – We would get rid of
Edwin because Edwin is a skateboarder.
– The least athletic. – I trained myself. I feel like I’m the least
sportsy out of everybody. I probably won’t play
foreground, I’ll hang back. Once one of us drops off,
then I’ll come to play so I’m not the first one. – Boom, boom, boom! Running through that
whole joint, I’m moving. – [Announcers] 10, nine,
eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. – [Announcer] Let’s go! (upbeat music) – [Man] I can’t tell if
they got him, he’s out. That one’s going to
team Pretty Much! – Man, I feel like our secret
weapon is low key Austin because he’s gonna
be the one everyone thinks is gonna be out first but he’s gonna hide his way
and make his way through until the end and then,
when you need him, he’ll make that one lucky
catch or that one lucky throw. – [Zion] It’s always something. – Don’t hit me in my
head, okay, don’t. It’s gonna be a whole
face on that ball, all this damn make up. – [Announcer] All Stars playing
a little harder this round, I like it. – [Woman] All right,
let’s see what this is. – I’m putting teammates
in front of me. I’m dodging, I’m doing
all I gotta do to stay. Everybody getting
got except for me. (upbeat music) – [Man] They made body contact. Let’s deliberate
hold on one second. – [Woman] This is, this
is what I like to see. You are an all star for
real, good job team. Everybody catch your breath. – [Announcer] On your
mark, get set and go. – [Mouse] Oh, my God. – We just gotta kept
putting back team green. – We ain’t got no
plans for no losing. – [Kodie] We got no
plans for no losing. – [Man] Why you always
the first one out? – Thug.
(upbeat music) – Now these boy’s
been practicing. It’s two minutes left. (upbeat music) That’s it, that’s it. We have our winners team! Ladies and gentlemen, winners of the first BET X
Celebrity Dodgeball Match, Team Pretty Much. What did you do to
prepare for this? – Vibe all day, every
day, every single night. You gotta put in that work. It’s worth it! You will succeed! (mumbles) – Wow! All right, one more time, give it up for Team Pretty
Much and your sponsor W. (upbeat music)