Llike I said I was going to show you the team handball video.This is a when you watch this think this is something that is very popular across the globe it’s actually the number two most participated at sport in the world behind soccer and I think basketball was a close third many of you probably never even seen this this video. We are not going to watch the whole thing but created by Team USA team handball *music in the background* it’s one of the world’s most popular team sports developed from soccer, water polo, hockey, and basketball This is Olympic team handball. Fast-paced High scoring. End to end action. USA team handball the fastest growing sport in America like hockey or basketball this is a team sport simply put 6-court players and one goalie attack the opponent’s goal and defend their own the court is larger than a basketball floor and features in front of each goal a 6-meter semicircle that’s about 19 feet this is the exclusive domain of the goalies to advantage basic throwing-and-catching skills are the foundation of handball *radio announcer in background* Court players include wings from the corners three backs are usually a team’s top scorers and one circle also called a pivot similar to a center basketball teams run pattern designed to exploit zone or man-to-man defenses then take shots for outside that 6 meter area growing as fast as 70 miles an hour the ball is about the size of a volleyball hard like a soccer ball the goal is six feet high by 10 feet wide and a typical game about 50 goals each game consists of two 30-minute halves with unlimited substitutions and almost no breaks this game moves as a player remember the rules of three. three steps maximum before you have to pass or throw don’t hold the ball for longer than about three seconds referees have discretion take the ball away if you’re not attacking enough. The game can be physical. More contact allowed than basketball, but no tackling but don’t let your aggressions get the most of you there are two minute penalties like it hot yellow and red cards like soccer The rest of the video talks about how to get involved in different clubs around the U.S.