Hi stampers, it’s Becky Roberts from Inking
Idaho. Today I have a cute little embroidery hoop
project to show you that you can use for Christmas packaging or a Christmas ornament or however
you want to use it. You make it with the 3″ embroidery hoops,
which I got from CraftyWoolFelt on Etsy. You get 6 of them for $6.75 and I will link
them below so that you know which ones I purchased. Let’s go ahead and put this together. I’ll show you how to do it. You take the little embroidery hoop and you
just unscrew it so you can get it apart and just slide the middle out. Then you’re going to put it over top of the
burlap, and this is just burlap yardage that I cut a square of. Spread it apart and get it on here, push it
down and get it nice and tight, make sure it’s just a little bit recessed and tight
on there, and then tighten it back up, and then you’re going to turn it over and take
your large scissors, and you’re just going to trim this off. It trims really easy because the hoop itself
is flat so you have a nice place to lay your scissors. Just keep going till it’s all done. Then go back and trim up any little edges
that might be still kind of raised so it’s all even. And you have your embroidery hoop, and you’re
ready to go. I’m going to get rid of this page, because
it’s all yucky. Now we’re going to go ahead and do some stamping. I’m using a black circle from the Journey
circles from Fun Stampers Journey. I’m using the colorless blender to put on
my cardstock first with a sponge to remove any static that might be on it, because we’re
going to emboss an image on here. So just put it on – it kind of gives a fun
little chalkboard technique as well. Then you’re going to take your stamp – I’m
using one of the Tea Time stamps today -we’re going to do a little coffee cup. We’re going to use the Clear Pigment ink. I’m also going to use the Clear Pigment ink
refill on here, just a drop, because we’re going to create some steam coming out of our
cup, and the stamp doesn’t have the steam. We’re going to get all of that ready before
we go. Alright, we’re just going to ink up the stamp,
put it right here in the center, and then we’re going to pick up and I don’t know if
you can see this or if my hand’s in the way but we’re going to create some steam, just
a little steam on there. Then sprinkle it with white embossing powder. If a little’s good, a lot’s better, right? Then you have your image which is ready to
be embossed. This is the FSJ white embossing powder. So you heat it with your heat tool and you
have this. Voila. Ready to go, nice and raised, still has the
colorless blender on it so it still looks a little bit like a chalkboard. To decorate this little guy I stamped two
little hollies, a green one and a red one, and cut them out because that’s the crazy
things I do. I put the red ones on top. Then I also made a little tiny tag – I’ll
show you what this looks like. This is from the Tag Elements stamp set. It’s an Artisan Trading Stamp from FSJ. I forgot to show you that I have the Tea Time
set here, so you can see all the different tea cups, and we’re just using this one on
the bottom. So I went ahead and stamped this already with
the clear pigment ink and I embossed it with the white embossing powder. I’m going to attach it on here by putting
2 little holes right inside the handle right there. Now we have to use a flosser – I think these
are called thread flossers – these are for your teeth and if you have bridgework or braces
you just put your floss right through there and it makes it easy. We’re going to use it for our project. I have some of the FSJ Licorice Twist twine
and I’m going to loop it through the floss threader just a little bit so I can hang on
to it. Then down first, and then back up. I can’t see the black on there – there we
go. Then you just pull your strand through and
get rid of your floss threader. I’m going to tie a knot in this first. I’m going to use the floss threader again
to put my little tag on as well. I’m going to bring this up through the bottom
and put it on just like that. Then I’m going to tie it down into a little
bow. I’ll start with a big bow because it’s much
easier to tie and then bring it down. Then we’re going to fiddle with it for a little
bit to make it where we want it to be so that it hangs off of that tag, cut the strands. Then we’re going to take a little piece of
the foam squares and put it on here – I just cut one of them into thirds because I just
need a tiny tiny edge. I put it on the edge of the cup. Then we’re going to put it on here. I have some more of the little foam squares. Just put 3 or 4 of them on there, just so
it kind of balances on each side. Position it on there right in the center. Then I pick it up and kind of squish it to
the bottom just to make sure it’s nice and secure, so it stays. The next thing we’re going to do is decorate
the outside with some pom-pom trim. I’m going to take some of the white-liner
tape and put it all the way around. Then I’m going to cut it. This is pressure sensitive, so you have to
put quite a bit of pressure on it in order for it to peel off. I’ll do that. There we go. Then we’ll take the pom-pom trim and we’re
literally just going to stick it around there. It just lays down and stays down beautifully
– it’s so, so strong. I always give myself a little bit more than
I need because I’m never sure how much I’m going to stretch it, and I don’t ever want
to end up short. So there we have our cute little embroidery
hoop. I’m going to go ahead and show you a couple
of others that I have made. This one has a little sparkly trim on the
outside and I embossed the Holy Night on a star and mounted it on a mirror paper gold
star, and on top of a little medallion. This medallion was 12″ long and 1-1/4″ wide,
and I scored it every 1/4″ and folded it up forwards and backwards accordion style, fanned
it out and glued it on there. This is another one that’s more along the
chalkboard look. Snowflakes and merry Christmas and I put one
of the little coffee cups on there and it says happy holiday season. This one’s holly jolly and looks kind of like
a Santa belt and I embossed the holly jolly with white, and I cut out another one of these
little hollies and I love this gold mirror paper – so pretty. Then the one that we did today. And my practice one. Thanks for tuning in today to learn how to
make these cute little 3″ embroidery hoops. I hope you enjoy them at your house like I
do at mine. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. And thank you.