– [Announcer 1] Last night went just about as well as it could’ve with Michigan State skating
off with a three nothing shutout win over their rivals
from Madison, Wisconsin. It’s gonna be a battle. This is a desperate Wisconsin Badger team. Only two wins in the Big 10 right now. 2-6-1 and one. They need a victory. – [Announcer 2] And the Spartans
will try to keep it alive and the giveaway behind the net, got it out in front
– Goal! – [Announcer 2] Shot, goal for Wisconsin. Bit of a mental error
there for the Spartans. – [Announcer 1] Two on two into the zone comes Wisconsin. They flip it back into
the slot shot, goal! Cole Caufield. Then it’s knocked out of the blue line, forward to Caufield coming in by himself. Shoots and scores. Cole Caufield again. Wisconsin with a 3-1 lead now. – [Announcer 2] This is a
defacto third goal situation. It’s very important for the Spartans that they’re the ones that get it. Taken away by Khodorenko,
forward to Lewandowski – [Announcer 1] Yes! Shot,
goal for Michigan State. Lewandowski did that one all by himself. And there’s the one we
were looking for, Scott, early here in the third
period, Mitchell Lewandowski. – [Announcer 2] And the Spartans, 1-8. Here comes Saliba all
by himself, takes a shot – [Announcer 1] Yeah,
goal for Michigan State. Sam Saliba with a back hand first short hander of the
season for the Spartans. And we’re tied at three all. So close to getting a sweep, Scott. It’s not over yet, though, we’ll play 5 minutes overtime here and see what we can get going. – [Announcer 2] Cross ice to
Cesana, back to Lewandowski back over to Khodorenko with – Yes!
– A left handed shot. Goal! Patrick Khodorenko picked
the upper right corner, and the Spartans win it in overtime. The final score, Michigan
state five, Wisconsin four. And the Spartans get the full three points and the sweep on the weekend. (upbeat music)