– [1st Announcer] Good evening everybody! Welcome to Spartan
Stadium in East Lansing. Some in-state bragging rights tonight. It’s the Spartans entertaining the gentlemen from Kalamazoo, the Broncos of Western Michigan. Michigan State will have to be as good as they have been
defensively, and of course, they’ve gotta kick that
offense into high gear. – [2nd Announcer] You cannot
play this game half speed or anything below your very best, ’cause it’s not about the place, it’s about the execution and hopefully Michigan
State does that tonight. – [1st Announcer] We
will get an early look at this Michigan State offense, see if they can improve on last week. Early play action and an early deep ball! Stuart, got it. (crowd cheers) Just like that, Spartans
in the Broncos’ territory. And out here’s a run, Elijah
Collins, speaking of space. (crowd cheers) So they give Collins his first ever start and the redshirt freshman takes it in the red zone with a 29 yard gain. Thanking the hand off, easy pitching, catch out wide for the
junior Tight end Matt Dotson. Touchdown, Michigan State. (upbeat music) – [Woman] The entire
offense huddled together, and after that player just
kept repeating all night, all night, so you can
feel that spark down here. – [1st Announcer] And that’s
three defensive penalties already for Western Michigan,
and the Spartans capitalize. La’Darius Jefferson untouched. Two drives, two scores for Michigan State. Lewerke’s already thrown
for 120, he wants more, he wants a lot more, he’s got ’em. Stewart, 10, 5, touchdown Spartans! (crowd cheers) – [3rd Announcer] But so far, he’s had a really good connection
with Darrell Stewart. – [1st Announcer] And all told, the offense was six plays
in 20 or more yards. (crowd cheers) Going up to grab it, first
down, Darrell Stewart again. He’s been good tonight,
that’s his fifth catch, and that one for 21 yards. (mumbles) reverse, and
now a pass to Lewerke! And Lewerke is pancaked inside the five, but it’s first to goal as he pops up okay. Now the play fake, and he’s gonna do the more normal thing, throw it. Touchdown! Cody White on the receiving end. Burn, passing touchdown of
the night for Brian Lewerke. (crowd cheers and applauds) Feels like a pretty big drive, yeah. If you don’t put up more points
here before intermission, this might get away from you. Wassink, clean pocket throws, intercepted! Xavier Henderson, first
career pick for the sophomore. See how they play this
one, timeout 49 seconds. Collins, or you might play
it a little differently now, as he gets it all the way out, near the 45 yard line. – 38 yard attempt here. No problem for Matt Coghlin, who was 44 against Tulsa last week. Hits that, that’s a 10 point swing going into the locker room. So we mentioned this at
the top of the broadcast but a win tonight ties
in with Duffy Daugherty for most in school history. Is that intercepted? It is. Picked up by Tyriq Thompson, (crowd cheers) the senior from Detroit gets
the Spartans the ball back. Looking to get up over 300 yards, and he’s done it. Stewart! Hurtling his way to the 40. 15 yards, so Lewerke’s
over 300 passing it, Stewart is now at 184 receiving. Jefferson dodged that eye,
he dodged and he’s in. Michigan State, another
offensive touchdown. – [3rd Announcer] This
office has continued to execute at this level, with the way that their defense plays, the way that their special teams play, gotta watch out for Sparty
at the Big Ten East. Mark Dantonio has tied Duffy Daugherty atop the leaderboard at Michigan State. He does it in grand style, beating Western Michigan 51-17. (upbeat music) I’m happy we’re 2-0. This is really a result of a
lot of work by a lot of people. When you look at all the
players that have been through here in the last 13 years and you look at the guys
now and then you look at all of our coaches and administrators and all the people that have, they really put forth the
effort to make this thing go. They all had to go in one direction and I felt like we did
that from the get go. We’ve taken big steps and
we’ll continue to do so. So go green! Thank you for all the
support for Spartan Nation. We’re not done yet. (upbeat music) (intense music)