[MUSIC PLAYING] -Another dose of
holiday hoops tonight as two of the so-called
“public Ivies” collide here in
Charlottesville, where the fifth-ranked Cavaliers
are playing host to the Golden Bears of Cal in the first
ever meeting between these two academic heavyweights. Tonight Virginia aims for its
ninth straight win and winds down what has been
one of the most challenging pre-holiday
schedules in school history. Should be a great one tonight. Backpedaling and swinging
the pass round to Matthews left wing. Three-pointer’s up and good
from the near side this time. So Jordan Matthews
has scored all five of the points between
the two teams. -Two quick shots,
one there by Malcolm, one by Darius Thompson. -Brown, right down the
heart of the defense, floats one high into the
air and good with a foul. Virginia trailing 8-1, still
looking for its first field goal nearly four and a
half minutes into this one. Pass to the left
wing– Perrantes fires away for a three. And he bends it home
from the left wing. Virginia going the
other direction now, trailing in this game 10-5. Devon Hall with a bounce
pass to Wilkins– Wilkins sends down low to Reuter. And Reuter was fouled low. Great ball movement
for Virginia there. Matthews feeds it off. Now he gets it back. Matthews, top of the arc,
and he knocks down the three from straight away. Virginia shooting 10%. That is not where
you want to be. If you are a team shooting
10%, it goes without saying. Here’s Brogdon attacking the
side, beats the left wing. Wide open look for Devon
Hall– and he knocks it down. Devon Hall from the
left wing– it’s Virginia’s second field goal
of the night, 12 minutes in. He’ll hand it off to Perrantes. Perrantes trots it to the front
court going the other way. Pass to Brogdon– Brogdon takes
it to the free throw line. Now a bounce pass to Reuter on
the left baseline a head fake. He puts up a soft jumper. That hangs on the rim. And it drops. You can’t stop him. The freshman Jarred
Reuter, seven points here in the opening half. Brown dribbles between his legs
to keep that ball with four to shoot. Puts up a tough three– missed
it badly off the window. Here’s a long transition
feed up the floor to Hall, who beats Tobey, who plunges it
through with a right-hand slam. The ball did not
touch the floor. -Great vision
there by Devon Hall to see the streaking Mike Tobey. Always got to free
the big man when he’s running down the lane. -Top of the arc, Sam Singer
defended by Marial Shayok, and hand it off. Jabari Bird elevates and buries
the three from the right wings. Dribbles right, now looking to
pass it left, left of the lane. Here’s Gill, a head fake. Staying with him, Rooks–
he passes out to Thompson. His three goes down. What a shot for Thompson. And a big one for Virginia to
try and get that offense going. First points of the night
for Darius Thompson. Here’s a drive inside. This is Wilkins, knifing his way
through the defense to lay it in as he leans in up close. And puts it off the
window and good. Thompson feeds the right wing. Brogdon fires away from three
and he tickles the twine. That’s the first made field goal
tonight from Malcolm Brogdon. And maybe Virginia’s
offense starting to click a little bit here. We have not seen a complete
game by any stretch from Virginia so far tonight. On the left side, Gill backs
his way in, a head fake, taking it on Rooks. The head fake–couldn’t
get the shot to go, gets his own rebound, trying
to power it right back up. He lays this one in through
some contact, but no whistle. And finally, Anthony Gill is on
the board with his first field goal of the night. And now, backing out,
Rabb will feed it. Wallace attacks, feeds Rabb. Rabb a long jumper– that
one’s an airball, too strong. It goes off of Brogdon,
though, and right back to Bird. He’ll hand to Rabb for the
three-point play opportunity as he lays it in up close. Thompson trying to get
something going on offense, drifting to his right
at the top of the arc, beats the right
wing, bounce pass. Nice pass from
Perrantes to Gill, who kisses it in with a foul. Anthony Gill with a chance
to answer one three-point play with another on the
other side of the floor. Here’s a pass– nice look
from Perrantes to Reuter with a big, two-hand slam. -Big JR, finishing at the
rim, biting some iron. -Here’s Perrantes at the
right elbow, driving inside, scoops a shot high
off the window. It ends on the rim and drops. Cavaliers with
back-to-back field goals, they are back to
within five now. And here comes the volume in
Charlottesville, Virginia, at John Paul Jones Arena. And sensing the momentum shift,
Cuonzo Martin wants a timeout. Brogdon top of the arc–
bounce pass to Thompson. Thompson takes it left
baseline, feeds the driving Reuter, who puts up
an up-and-under move and lays it in. The freshman in double
digits– nine points. Virginia back to
within five again. Six minutes to go now. Perrantes inside the free
throw line, feeds Brogdon. He hoists up the three– a
parachute from the right wing. He’ll lob it right
in the lane to Gill. Gill, working inside,
powers his way right past the big man, Kingsley
Okoroh, and kisses it in. We are even for the first
time since this game started. A 7-0 scoring run as Anthony
Gill ties it at 50 apiece. Rooks, looking to give
it to Matthews but he’s in trouble as he holds on. Now four to shoot–
working quickly, Matthews runs right into
Wilkins and turns it over. He feeds ahead. Thompson takes flight and sets
it down with a rim-rocker. Virginia with its first lead
of the game on a 9-0 scoring run with one minute to go. Brown dribbles with
the right hand, pulls up inside the
free throw line. Shot rims around, wouldn’t go. But he was fouled. He’s gonna dribble between
his legs, defended by Brogdon. Two seconds left–had the
ball poked away by Brogdon. Brogdon launches up a half-court
shot at the horn, no good. But the senior schooling
the true freshman on that possession, as Cal
could not get the game-winner. We are going to overtime. So here comes the inbound pass. It’s lobbed in over the
shoulder to Brogdon. Brogdon, a bounce pass to
Perrantes– nice, quick feed to Gill who soars to the
rim and sends it down with a big, two-hand jam. Wallace dribbles
to the right side. Wilkins hedging over. Now Wallace attacks inside,
floats it up and good. They’re gonna give him
a foul on top of it, so he’ll have a chance
at the three-point play. Gill draws two defenders,
passes out top of the arc. It’s stolen away by Wallace. He holds onto it, now attacking
on the other side, pump fakes, puts the shot up, no good. Tapped around, it’s tapped
back in on the third try by who else– Ivan Rabb, who
has just completely victimized Virginia on the offensive glass. –Virginia saw
earlier, as Wilkins feeding down low to Brogdon. Brogdon missed the layup. Rebound batted out, for that
Wilkins– Wilkins, in traffic, lays it in with a foul. Oh, that’s what
the doctor ordered. Virginia needed it
in the worst of ways. Just inside of a
minute to go now. Perrantes crosses
the mid-court stripe. He can ill afford to
take too much time. Brogdon hoists up a three
and he knocks it down from the near side. A big-time bucket
for Malcolm Brogdon has pulled the Cavaliers
back to within two. 48 ticks to go now. Game clock and shot clock
separated by about 22 seconds. Wallace hoists up a long jumper. That’s too strong. Rebound snared down by Wilkins. Shot clock is off. 25 seconds to go. Virginia down by two. Shot clock off. Running a box set again. And they go to Brogdon
again, guarded by Singer. Perrantes for three and the
lead– yes, with 10 seconds to go. Perrantes feeds the near side. Malcolm Brogdon, spinning–
he’s defended by Singer, now feeds Perrantes
to test a three. And he drills it. London Perrantes
from the near wing left– Virginia with a one-point
lead, eight seconds to go. Cal has a timeout. No sign Cuonzo’s
going to use it. Now he’s trying to call it. The shot wouldn’t
go for Wallace. –along with Brown,
Rabb, Wallace. And Singer throws
a baseball-style pass up the floor. It’s gonna be tapped. Here’s a shot from Rabb–
three-pointer no good. Virginia steals one here at
the JPJ in overtime, 63 to 62, as they shock the
Bears down the stretch. Virginia led in this game
for all of 29 seconds. That’s all it took. [MUSIC PLAYING]