[THEME MUSIC] – Isaiah, you played
for 36 minutes. How are you doing– – (SNICKERING) I’m good. I’m regular. My knees hurt. – He’s old. – The normal. Yeah. – [INAUDIBLE]. That’s from your hand? – I was bleeding everywhere. Yeah. Yeah. There was a lot of bleeding. Yeah. – Devon, how would you evaluate
Kyle Guy and Ty Jerome, how they played tonight,
but also kind of the role that you see them playing
in the back court with you this season? – Both of them just
stay aggressive. They’re both aggressive
guards, and they can make a lot of plays for us. So this entire
season is up to them to stay aggressive the
entire season and make plays. They’re really good at doing it. Kyle knocks shots down, Ty
can get in lane, find people. I mean, even though he
didn’t shoot it well tonight, he’s a terrific shooter. So it’s just a matter of moving
on to the next game and both of them staying aggressive. Every last guard, even
Nigel, De’Andre, Marco, guys come off the bench. – Was it good to be [INAUDIBLE]? – Absolutely. I think that’s why the
schedule is designed like that. Coach Bennett said it. So we’re playing
the ACC, and it’s good to play–
that’s a good team. They won what? 25 games last year, so. – Thanks. – Devon, how normal
is it in a first game, even after you’ve
practiced and scrimmaged, for the actual tension
of an actual game to maybe make it
harder to figure out what everyone’s role
is and maybe a take a game or two to kind
of adjust to that? – Absolutely. I think it’s just a
matter of going back to the drawing board each
and every game and learning. You find out what
our strengths are, what our weaknesses are and
try to get better from them. – Isaiah, I know it’s obviously
a game-to-game process, but in terms of the defense and
the guys who haven’t played it as long as you two, what did
you think about the execution? – I think we played hard. I think we had really good
defense and stretches, and practice is obviously
different than the game. So we take this game,
we learn from it, and we get ready for Monday. – Mm. – Coach Miller was in
here just a second ago and he said that they really
wanted to pressure you guys. That was part of their game
plan was to sort of take you out of your element. How much you feel like their
pressure kind of took you out of your element a
little bit offensively, and how do you feel like
you sort of responded to it? – I think when teams like
that try to pressure you, you’ve got to use a
bounce a little bit more, try to get in the
lane and make plays. I think we started to do that. And at first we were a
little bit stagnant with it, so we kind of made adjustments
to be more aggressive just off the bounce. And you see Nigel got in there
and made a few plays, and Ty, same thing. Guys collapse, you can
make baskets, make plays. – [INAUDIBLE] – Devon, you mentioned Nigel. It seemed like he had a big
bucket there in the drive when they cut it to 8. What did you– is that
a big part of his game? – Yeah, he’s capable. All our guards are capable,
so we’re asking every last one our guards to be aggressive. And if he’s able to get in the
lane and make plays, why not? It’s good for us. – All right, thanks, guys. [THEME MUSIC]