We prepared for two days
after our Louisville game. So I mean, I knew the first
meeting that in the middle is going to be a little
soft– that’s going to have a soft spot of its own. So just trying to make
good, quick plays. Yeah, I hadn’t really seen
that side of you as a passer. Is that something you
did through high school? Or were you [INAUDIBLE] It depends. I mean, we weren’t too
crazy, I don’t think. Miami was wide open, so I
just had to give it to him. You guys held Syracuse
to the fewest points occurred on history. I don’t know if you knew that,
but how does it make you feel? Makes us feel good. Those two guys can really score. They kind of lean
on them a lot, so we knew coming in we had
to stop those three. And if we did, we’ll
be in good shape. How much easier, though, is it– you know that Syracuse
basically just has three guys who can score. Does that make it
easier for you guys? I won’t say it makes it easier,
it kind of makes it tougher, because they’re coming at
you every single play, so just had to stay ready. You got the contested
rebound and then went the length of the floor with
it, had the 3-point play. You don’t always take it
up and push it like that. What did you see on them? I saw that they were
denying most of the guards, so I just tried to take
advantage in open court, and make a play. Did you see a change to
the zone in second half? Any different wrinkles
that tried to stop you from getting into range? Yeah, they kind of
crowded me a lot more. Once I got it, they were
kind of jammed in a lane. So I just told the guards
just to try the spacing– they’ll get open shots. With Ty getting some more
fouls, trying to especially in the second half there. I was like, you were running
[INAUDIBLE] a little bit more. Was that easy for you
to transition over to handling the ball? Yeah, it was pretty easy. With Nigel down,
I knew that I had to take over a little
responsibility, but I did pretty good. I’m not Ty Jerome, the point
guard, but I did pretty good. You’re not what? Ty Jerome, not the point guard. Pretty snazzy out there. How much did you talk about
or think about the fact that at halftime you were in
the same position you were last year against this team? You know, I couldn’t
remember if we were up by a little bit or a lot
last year, so it didn’t really cross my mind. But I knew that we
needed to keep– that lead was important,
we needed to keep it. It was 12 last year. OK, gotcha. How do you feel you guys
handled the pressure there, particularly in the second half? Really well. Much better this
time than last time. We worked on that all week,
so we knew it was coming. De’Andre’s passing
in the middle– Yeah, I mean, it’s
going to get– it’s like beating a
dead horse, right? We worked on it all week. We worked on him
being in the middle and making good decisions. You know, these are the fewest
points Syracuse has ever scored at the Carrier Dome. What does that– obviously,
your defense’s is [INAUDIBLE] but to do that is
pretty impressive. Yeah, it is, it is. We expect to do that kind of– it’s a real treat to do
that, especially on the road. But we kind of expect that,
so hats off to our guys. You have the college
game day coming back with the [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, I saw that. Yeah, I love that stage. I saw it right before
we got here, actually. So we’re excited
for that, and we’re excited to play a
good Hokies team. What was Tony’s message to
you guys coming in to here? It’s not an easy place to– Yeah, I know. With great power comes
great responsibility. So we’re number
2 in the country, there’s a lot of hype
around us, and we just got to stay humble and
be unified as a team, and just try to keep our
head down and win the games.