– [Lucky] All right, back here at Hostos Community College here on 149th and the Grand Concourse here in the Boogie Down Bronx. Lucky Ngamwajasat along with Jason Greene, and we have the second
stanza of KCC versus QCC. Kingsborough Community College and Queensborough Community College. Queensborough, who got
in on a play-in game, won two straight games,
are now in the grand final. – [Jason] But, you gotta mention, last night’s game was, well sorry, Wednesday night’s game was a nail-biter. It came down against the Hostos
Community College Caimans who’s number one (mumbles),
five seed Queensborough. And yeah, they beat the BCC 79-69, but on a outbound pass from Coron Ziegler, Ziegler outbound the pass,
he threw it over to Ike Iwu. Iwu drove coast-to-coast to get past two Hostos players,
and got the win 79-77. Hostos lost that game, Queensborough
moved on to the finals. And Kingsborough pretty
much easily in their game, Kingsborough won by a final
score of 91-83 over BMCC. So, that’s what mixes up in this final. – [Lucky] Alright, to
repeat the starting lineups Anthony Boyd, first for
Queensborough Community College, Anthony Boyd at forward. Marko Budija at the other forward. Center, The Big Man Greg Steele. Ike Iwu, who hit the winning
shot on Wednesday night, to sink Hostos Community College, and Mark Hodge, Jr. at the other guard. William Holley and Iouri Matsakov, who was the Player of the Year for men, for the men in Community
College Basketball, in the CUNYAC Conference,
are the two forwards. A three-guard set up, Fernando Jordan, Derrison Anthon, and Tarik Alassari. Refs tonight are Steve Rupinthall, Kevin Harrington and Terry Murphy. Well, can Queensborough
do the double-double? – [Jason] Yeah, this should be a very good, interesting battle between Tarik Alassari,
who we know can shoot, and Gregory Steele, he’s
also a good scorer as well. You know, it seems like Steele is a baby Shaq or a Glen Davis. He can rebound the ball,
he can shoot the ball. Marko Budija is a good
three-point shooter, so on paper, this is just about right. But, we’ll see. You also gotta watch
out for Iouri Matsakov. Matsakov was Player of
the Year for Kingsborough. He’s also a shooter, he can
shoot anywhere on the floor. He’s a guy watch out as well. – [Lucky] All right,
we’re about ready to go. Kingsborough in white and blue trim. Queensborough in blue and white trim, with red piping around the
letters and the numbers. (R&B music) (whistle) Matsakow and Greg Steele will jump it up. (“We Will Rock You” by Queen) As Kevin Harrington will
toss it as center court. And opening tip is won by Tarik Alassari, for Kingsborough. Kingsborough are right to
left, on your radio dial, swings over to Matsakov, posting up. Turn around jump shot off
the side rim, no good. Lose ball, knocked out of bounds, and it will be Queensborough basketball. So, already, Kingsborough trying to get their big man involved. Matsakov, unable to sink his first shot. – [Jason] It happened, it
seemed like the last five games that he’s been doing
that, you know, he misses. He’s always cold in the first stanza. – [Lucky] Iwu swings it
over to Mark Hodge, Jr. Hodge has a left wing, over to Iwu, swings it out over to the right wing. This is Anthony Boyd. Boyd trapped, then swings
it inside, finds Hodge. Hodge turns inside, runner in the middle of the lane, no good,
gets his own rebound, puts it back out, over to Boyd. It’s knocked away by Alassari. They say it deflected out
of bounds off Anthony Boyd, and it will be Queensborough basketball. – [Jason] Alassari gave
it a push off of Boyd, and I’m surprised they didn’t
call a foul on Alassari. – [Lucky] Well, they
say, “It ain’t cheating “if you don’t get caught.” All right, here’s Fernando
Jordan, guarded by Alassari. From the top of of the key,
swings over to the left side, pass inside, posting up, Matsakov. Matsakov posts inside, wild shot no good. Deflected off Matsakov, out of bounds, and it’ll be Queensborough basketball. And already, we see the game
plan to get Matsakov involved and get him the rock early on to get him involved in the game. – [Jason] Yeah, he’s the biggest man. He’s their center, and
if you get him down low, he should be able to shoot the two. – [Lucky] Ball’s deflected out of bounds, will remain with Queensborough. Look for the entry pass to
Gregory Steele down low, and we’ve kind of
nicknamed him “Baby Shaq” here on the radio broadcast, and he wears number 32 for a reason. Here’s the floater by Mark Hodge Jr., Hodge gets it to fall from the right side. 2-0 Queensborough. – [Jason] Good ball movement,
they gave it to Hodge Jr. For the two.
– [Lucky] Alassari, with the wild layup attempt,
is knocked hard to the floor by Hodge, and Alassari will go to the line and shoot two free throws. One thing about community
college men’s basketball, Jamie, the quality of basketball
sometimes can be even sort of better than even
in the senior colleges. – [Jason] It seems that, yeah,
so far, this first stanza, it seems much more quicker,
and definitely more aggressive. – [Lucky] Alassari, first
free throw is up and in. Alassari 47th in the
nation and NJCAA scoring, a sophomore from Fort Hamilton
High School, 6’2″ guard, has good handle and a very good jump shot. Second free throw is off the
mark, rebounded by Greg Steele, and Iwu will bring it
up along the left side. Iwu, 2-3 zone look here by Kingsborough, so it’s over to the right side. This is Boyd, Boyd gets
it out over to Budija. Budija misses a shot, no good, as Kingsborough looking to push. Alassari spots out, left wing,
three, off the side, no good. Rebounded by Matsakov,
Matsakov turns it back up. Turnaround no good, rebounded by Steele. Steele passes for Budija,
but he wasn’t looking for it, recovers and is fouled by Holley. Wild action in the early going. – [Jason] Budija not
even looking at the ball, and he’s lucky he got that ball back. – [Lucky] Steele trying
to tell him, “Budija, keep “your head up, you always
have to keep your head “on a swivel and expect the basketball.” This is Budija, swings back out. This is Boyd, Boyd drives
inside, in the lane, the jump shot off glass, no good. Rebound by William Holley. Holley looks to push up. Holley gets by Steele,
Holley inside, right side. Holley now on the right corner, baseline, isolated against Steele, puts it up, shot gets the friendly roll off rim, and Kingsborough has a 3-2 lead. – [Jason] Holley got the little easy roll there in the bucket. – [Lucky] Chants of “Defense”
here from Kingsborough. And this is Mark Hodge
Jr., and it’s over to Iwu. Iwu back to Hodge, back
over to Iwu top of the key. He’ll set up the offense,
:15 on the shot clock. Against this 2-3 zone, Hodge
inside, over to Budija. It’s knocked away by Alassari. Bringing it up is Fernando Jordan. Jordan left wing,
left-handed layup no good. Rebounded by Holley,
Holley puts it back up. Blocked by Iwa, out of bounds, and it will remain
Kingsborough basketball. – [Jason] Holley came
in there with a block and knocked it out of bounds, and now it’s again Kingsborough ball. – [Lucky] Inbounds to Tarik Alassari, and they’re gonna call
Alassari for the charge. Nice shot by Iwu, setting
his feet and doing the deed the fancy way.
– [Jason] Yeah, I mean, on this floor, it’s a little slick, and it looked like he may have slipped and moved that back leg, but
instead they called Alassari. So definitely good job by Iwu. – [Lucky] Iwu against that
zone defense, wings it out, over to Anthony Boyd,
right wing, Boyd trapped. Ball’s stolen away by Fernando
Jordan after a bad pass. Jordan, three-on-two, has
numbers, finds Alassari. Layup in and one! (cheering) Tarik Alassari running the floor, a good look by Fernando Jordan. – [Jason] You gotta love that fast break. Jordan to Alassari, and Alassari had a little finger roll, and it went in. Iwu had good defense, but
it’s tough to grab the ball and try to steal it on the run, and Iwu instead gets a foul. – [Lucky] That was on Ike
Iwu, that’s his first, third team foul on Kingsborough. 5-2, your score with 17:06
remaining in the first half. Alassari’s up and off the mark, 1 for 3 from the free throw
line, as they’ll have it to Ike Iwu, again that 2-3 zone look. This is Anthony Boyd now,
back over to Iwu, jogs inside, ball fake off glass, no good,
rebound by Kingsborough. Outlet pass from Jordan,
Derrison Anthony finds Alassari, back over to Anthony,
Anthony gets inside, tries to find Alassari, passes
too hard for Tarik Alassari. Out of bounds turnover,
Queensborough basketball. – [Jason] You gotta love
the pace that Kingsborough, they’re making Queensborough
work, but that pass was just too hard, and Alassari was
just too slow to get the ball. – [Lucky] Indeed, it looks
like Kingsborough playing at a really phrenetic pace
here in the first half. Iwu passes it over to Hodge. Hodge ball fake inside, now
we’re in the left corner, that post and The Big Man Steele,
the old Rick Mahorn trick, but Steele is able to recover and score. Matsakov true to the
old Rick Mahorn trick, which is kind of pulling back
when Steele’s posting up. It’s Holley one on one
against Steele, shot up, off the mark, no good,
battle for the rebound between Steele and Holley,
loose ball, rebound by Hodge. Tremendous pace here going on. This is Budija for three, left wing, good! (cheering) 7-5, the Kingsborough Wave
with a two-point lead. – [Jason] And that’s Budija’s
trump is his three-point shot. You know, Holley got ball
and shipped from here on the other end, gave it to Budija, and Budija shot the three. – [Lucky] Alassari kicks it
back out over to Willie Holley. He’ll try a three from the right wing. Check that, it only was a
two, and it’s two points for William Holley, and the
game’s tied a seven a piece. – [Jason] Well, here we’re
going shot for shot, now. Let’s see what happens, if
they’re gonna go shot for shot, they have to give it to
The Big Man, Matsakov. – [Lucky] This is Hodge, left
wing, tries to get inside, over to Steele, stolen away by Matsakov. Matsakov gets it over to Anthony,
Anthony running the floor. Anthony down the lane,
right-handed layup is good. Anthony’s showing great
dexterity to get that shot off. – [Jason] Derrison
Anthony, a two-year player. This is his last year, and
he does the same footwork as he done, he’s a silky-smooth guard out of Dominican Republic. – [Lucky] All right, Iwu brings it up. Again, that constant 3-2
zone look, ball fake, swings it out over to Hodge,
Hodge has the open jump shot for the right wing, he hits it. Good ball movement to break
the zone by Queensborough. Queensborough fake suppresses,
here’s Holley bringing it up. Holley against Steele, Holley going right after The Big Man, and he draws a foul. That is a mismatch
between Holley and Steele. Holley much more athletic and
put the ball on the floor. Steele a big man, but a little bit of a lumbering-type of
big man, so Holley should be able to take advantage of that. William Holley with four points on the evening, 2 for 4 from the field. First free throw’s up and in. (buzzer sounding) Holley, a freshman from
Boys and Girls High School here in Brooklyn, New York. Check that, in Brooklyn, New York, we are not in Brooklyn,
we’re in the Bronx. – [Jason] Holley’s 6’4″, Gregory Steele just an inch taller at 6’5″.
– [Lucky] Holley, again, a much more athletic bodily,
Steele more of a Shaq or Big Baby Davis type of
body, a big grinding body. Looks like a 2-1-2 full
court pressure here, as Iwu gets it over to Budija,
stolen away by Matsakov. Matsakov looking to run
the floor, 3-1-1 break. Matsakov coast to coast, layup in! (cheering) – [Jason] Matsakov reminds
me of like a Brent Berry, who could run the floor,
shoot the three, he could jump inside, and he’s an all-around player. That’s why he was CUNY Community
College Player of the Year. – [Lucky] Kingsborough’s so athletic, especially in transition. Here’s Iwu, swings out
over to Hodge, tries to get to inside, over to Budija,
shipped away by Anthony. Anthony running the floor, as
Alassari, he missed the jam! Rebound by Anthony, he
puts it up and back in. – [Jason] Wow, Alassari
just a little bit too hard, and he got rejected by the front rim. But good job as Anthony gets
the rebound and get the bucket. – [Lucky] They try to trap Dabney Hunt and checked into the game. (buzzer sounding) That foul’s on Fernando
Jordan, as Budija checks out. Brian Myers checks in, and
Coron Zeigler checks in for Queensborough, as
Coach Billy Atkinson, seeing his team fall behind,
makes some substitutions. – [Jason] Atkinson, a longtime
coach and assistant coach at Queensborough, 13 seasons with them. Tom Sinnickson retired,
he was the coach previous. – [Lucky] (mumbles) jump
shot by Hunt, off the mark. Rebounded by The Big Man, Steele. He puts it back up and in,
and that’s the advantage of having Greg Steele in the middle. – [Jason] Yeah, and that’s what
makes Steele a good player, as he watches, stays under the hoop, and get the rebound, and get the two. – [Lucky] Holley brings it up for Kingsborough Community College. Holley bounce pass
inside, over to Anthony. Anthony looking for someone to pass it to, stolen away by Steele. And we got a player down
for Queensborough, here. Looks like it’s Zeigler,
yep it is Zeigler. Looks like he got caught in
the eye, maybe by Matsakov. I don’t remember who,
right now he’s blinking and seems like he’s okay–
– [Jason] Omari got hit in the eye during practice, and now he has a torn rectum, so his rectal line in your eye. Now, he’s gonna need surgery. Eye is dangerous in basketball, you get poked in it, that’s trouble. – [Lucky] All right, here
is, pass is stolen away by Anthony, looking to
even the entry out Steele, bounce pass over to Holley. Too much steam for Holley, and
so it’s thrown out of bounds. – [Jason] Holley was fixing a high pass, instead it went low and dropped it out. – [Lucky] Inbounds over to Brian Myers, as now Zeigler running the floor. Right-handed layup, no
good, rebounded by Matsakov, and Kingsborough looking to run. Here’s Alassari on the
left wing, spot, pop, jump shot, doesn’t get the roll, but Matsakov running the floor, gets that offensive rebound
and puts it back in. 17-11 the score, 12:52 remaining. Kingsborough with that six-point lead. – [Jason] Good job on Matsakov. He ran inside, past the
Queensborough defenders for the two. – [Lucky] Ball was deflected, Iwu tried. Great play by Ike Iwu to
keep the ball in play, knock it off Derrison
Anthony, and the ball goes over to Queensborough Community College. A hedgy play by Ike Iwu. – [Jason] Yeah, Iwu, that’s
his job as a point guard, to run it out of bounds,
try to get the ball, wait ’til the whistles
over, he never gives up. – [Lucky] Number 24,
Jose Arroyo, checking in for Kingsborough Community College. And this is Hunt, hands it over to Iwu. Iwu over to Myers, inside over to Steele. Steele turnaround,
right-handed layup no good. And Matsakov gets the board. – [Jason] No love for
that, the ball went in, around the rim, and out. – [Lucky] Jordan guarded
by Hunt, hands it over to Alassari left wing, looking to post up. Matsakov up against Zeigler,
jump shot off the mark, no good, rebound finally
gathered in by Greg Steele after battling with Holley. Holley and Steele matched
up against one another. Here’s Hunt, left wing,
hits it over to Iwu. Iwu gets inside, kicks it back out. Left corner, and jump shot goes in. Looked like it might’ve been deflected by Arroyo but still goes in. It’s a two-point shot,
17-13, under 12:00 remaining in the first half and a
phrenetic pace first half. And we got a whistle
here, we got an elbow. It’s on Dabney Hunt, that’s his first. That’s the team’s fifth foul,
so Queensborough in danger of being into early, early foul trouble. (whistling) Stack inbounds for William Holley. Bounce pass finds over to
Arroyo, guarded tightly by Hunt. Arroyo tries inside, ball’s
deflected, stolen away by Iwu. 3-1-1 break, Iwu bounce
pass, Zeigler lays it up and in with the right hand. – [Jason] Zeigler can run
it up and down the court. He is a speedster and a good ball mover. They gave it right to Zeigler for two. – [Lucky] 17-15 the score,
Jordan against Myers, kicks it back out, left wing,
this is Alassari for three, off the mark, no good, rebound by Steele. Steele finds Myers, Myers
bounce pass finds Iwu. Iwu breaking the press, Iwu
stops, pops, jump shot good. And we have tie game at 17 a piece. And we got a timeout for
Kingsborough Community College. 11:15 to go, you’re listening
to the Men’s Community College Final here on CUNYathletics.com. – [Announcer] Kingsborough :30 timeout. Fans, don’t forget now, you can find out all the information you
need on CUNYathletics.com. Check out the CUNY Athletic Conference and it’s 15 member schools by logging on to www.CUNYathletics.com. Also find us on Facebook, just search for CUNY Athletics, and join us today. (buzzer sounding) Con Edison is now in it’s 33rd year of support for CUNY Athletics. The relationship began way back in 1976. Con Edison now supports
all 24 championships. Don’t forget that at the
conclusion of today’s game, we will be selecting–
– [Lucky] All right, back here at Hostos Community College, 17-17. Inbound pass for Fernando
was deflected out of bounds by Myers and will remain QCC basketball. And it’s been such a fast
pace, we haven’t had a chance to catch our breath here, J. – [Jason] Yeah, well
this is the men’s style. Men will run up and
down the court all day, and it seems like more
points than the women’s game. – [Lucky] Here’s Holley going
up, isolating against Steele. Holley left wing, dribble
drive against Steele, stops, pops, jump shot
from the left wing is good. And it looks like they were able to isolate Holley against Steele. – [Announcer] For William Holley. – [Lucky] Holley with eight
points on the evening. This is Iwu, hands over on the left wing, back over to Iwu, top of the
key, now out over to Hunt, the left wing three, too strong, no good. Rebound by Steele, offensive rebound, and The Big Man puts it back up and in. – [Announcer] Gregory Steele!
– [Lucky] Six points for The Big Man, Greg Steele,
as inside Holley goes right after it, and if that’s on
Steele, that’s number two. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, charge number 20, Brian Myers.
– [Lucky] That’s on Brian Myers, that’s his first. – [Announcer] Team’s sixth.
– [Lucky] And the team’s sixth foul, but Holley will go to the line and shoot two free throws. – [Jason] And Holley’s so far 2 for 2 on the free throw line, a guy you do not want on the line. – [Lucky] And really see the strategy, isolate Holley on Steele, let
him go one on one at Steele. (buzzer sounding) Steele might be a big body,
but he looks like he’s kind of a little bit clumsy on his feet going back on defending,
so it’s a perfect matchup here for Coach Hassan Duncombe. Holley’s second free
throw’s up and off the mark. Rebound by Alassari, the
putback by Alassari is in. Nobody boxed in Alassari, an
easy basket for Kingsborough. 2-1-2 full court pressure, here is Myers. Cross-court pass finds
Hunt, Hunt able to throw it inside, right-handed layup’s up and in. – [Announcer] Dabney Hunt!
– [Jason] Dabney knows how to switch hands, and that’s
why he went from his left to a right, drove in, and got the two. – [Lucky] 22-21, just
over 10:00 remaining. Anthony hands over to Holley, against isolated against
Steele, one on one. (whistling) And we’re gonna get Holley
for a palming violation. So a turnover, seven
turnovers for Kingsborough, six turnovers for Queensborough. Both teams shooting very
well from the field. 9 of 18 Queensborough,
9 of 19 Kingsborough. This is inside over to Steele,
Matsakov gets it in and one! – [Announcer] Greg Steele! – [Lucky] So it’s very interesting. They have Steele against
Matsakov on the offensive end, and Holley versus Steele
on the defensive end for Queensborough, as
we get a substitution, Lloyd Antoine checks in. – [Announcer] Greg Steele has one shot. – [Lucky] And Matsakov checks out. Matsakov picks up his first foul. Steele has six points, check
that, now he has nine points. (cheering) 24-22 Queensborough with a two-point lead. (whistling) We got a whistle here, and looks like they may have to reset the clock. Steele nine points, six
rebounds in the first half. Impressive.
– [Jason] It’s impressive, but he’s four rebounds short
of at least a double there, and his nine only needs one
more for a double-double. – [Lucky] This is William
Holley up against Zeigler, calling out a play, isolation here, as it drives down the lane,
left side bounce pass, finds Lloyd Antoine, blocked by Steele. The Big Man showing his dominance. – [Jason] Planted his
foot, and blocked it out. (whistling) – [Lucky] Back over to
Antoine with a left block. Antoine drives against Steele, inside, loses the handle on the basketball, and it slipped out of his hand. Basketball will go over to
Queensborough Community College, the underdogs, the lowest
seed in this tournament, Queensborough, playing
with a fire and a fervor into this tournament and maybe into the Region 15 tournament. – [Jason] Yeah, and right now,
with this, their third game, out of everyone else, only playing two. – [Lucky] Ball was stolen away by Antoine, recovered by Arroyo, Arroyo
now running the floor, drives to the left side, down in the lane, right-handed up and in. They’re gonna call a charge on Arroyo. – [Jason] That’s how Arroyo
using all his momentum to push him across, and
you can’t stop in mid-air. He gets the offensive charge. – [Lucky] Arroyo checks out, Fuat Yapar, freshman from Istanbul, Turkey, checks in. Again, that constant, 2-3 zone look here from Kingsborough Community College. This is Iwu, entry pass
inside, over to Steele, trapped, stolen away by Holley. Holley’s got numbers,
four on two, bounce pass over to Anthony, lays it up and in. – [Jason] And that play all
started ’cause of Anthony. When Steele turned around,
and Derrison Anthony stole the ball, gave it to Holley, who Holley gave it back to Anthony. – [Lucky] This is Iwu,
passes inside over to Steele, kicks it back out, over to Hunt. Now this is Iwu, left wing three, good! – [Announcer] Three for Ike Iwu! – [Lucky] 27-24, three-point lead, 8:31 remaining here in the first half. – [Jason] Well, Budija, now Iwu joining the club in three-point land. – [Lucky] Derrison Anthony
driving against Myers, bounce pass over to Yapar,
and it’s over to Alassari, spin move, right side,
he picks it back out. Anthony against Myers, stops,
pops, left wing jump shot, off the mark, no good, rebound by Holley. Holley puts it back up and in. William Holley just horsing on the board. It’s 11 points for the
freshman from Brooklyn. – [Jason] And they clean up the glass. Again, on this shot taken
by an offensive rebound. That’s key, and then
drive it home for two. – [Lucky] Edgy pass is
stolen away by Holley. Holley finds Anthony, check
that, Alassari on the left wing. He lays it up and in on the ride side. – [Announcer] Tarik Alassari!
– [Lucky] 28-27, and a timeout taken by Billy Atkinson. I’d like to remind you here on CUNYathletics.com that
Con Edison and CUNYAC are celebrating 33 years together. Since 1976, Con Edison provided support for the CUNY Athletic Conference. This long-standing partnership is in it’s 33rd consecutive
year with Con Edison for the men and women’s
basketball championships. And don’t forget, at the
end of tonight’s game, we’ll present the CUNYAC/Con Edison Player of the Game and MVP. All right, J, again, a
fast-paced, up-and-down game, a really exciting and enjoyable game to watch these two teams. You look at the stats, and both
teams are shooting very well from the field.
– [Jason] Oh yeah, but right now, Queensborough’s
shooting 57.1%, but they’re 12 for 21. Kingsborough 48%, 12 for 25. Queensborough two for
two in three-point land. That’s gonna be huge. Budija and Iwu are lining
up to wind up there. And free throws 100% for
Queensborough, one for one. Kingsborough four for seven, 57.1%. But the key right now is
turnovers, 18 turnovers combined, nine a piece for both these teams. – [Lucky] Okay, and as we said, a very evenly matched game
between these two teams, As Myers swings it back out over to Iwu. Iwu ball fake, gets it inside
the lane, right-handed layup, off the glass and in.
– [Announcer] Number Ike Iwu! – [Lucky] 29-28, 7:27
remaining, QCC with the lead. Here’s Derrison Anthony
driving up against Budija, who checked back into the game. William Holley right wing,
Holley up against Greg Steele, isolation, Holley stops, pops, jump shot good from the right wing. William Holley with 13 points and carrying this KCC Wave team. Steele has it on the left side, looking for Brian Myers, finds
Iwu, and he’ll set up the offense from the top of the circle. Iwu swing it left wing, back
over to Iwu, bounce pass, left side, inside pass,
bounce pass over to Steele, gets it back after being
blocked, puts it back in. Greg Steele and Holley having
a battle down on a low block. – [Announcer] Gregory Steele!
– [Jason] A miss by Budija, but Steele got the
rebound and got the two. – [Lucky] Now Holley going coast to coast, rebound by Steele, misses the shot. Holley missed the shot, and
Steele was able to get it. Here’s Myers, ball fake
inside, the layup is no good. Still loose.
(whistling) Budija with the putback does
not go, but he’s fouled. Looks like that is on
Yapar, and Budija will go to the line and shoot two free throws. (buzzer sounding) – [Jason] In the semifinal game, when Matsakov got three
fouls, Fuat Yapar played a lot of minutes, and he’s
more of a bench player, but when he comes in, he’s a
big factor for Kingsborough. – [Announcer] Fernando Jordan
returns for Kingsborough. – [Lucky] Jordan checks
back into the game, as Budija will go back to the line and shoot his two free throws. On the floor, that apparently
was a non-shooting foul, so side out, stack offense, here’s Steele up against Matsakov, and he trades the jumper
in Matsakov’s face. Steele has 13 points, 33-30. Here’s Fernando Jordan
along the right wing, hands it over to Yapar,
Yapar top of the key. It’s over to Matsakov, left wing. Matsakov left wing three,
off the mark, no good. Anthony knocks it out of bounds, and it’ll be QCC basketball. – [Jason] Again, a missed shot. What happens to the rebound? And there’s always someone in the white, which is Kingsborough, behind
the ball, which is great. And Derrison Anthony, of all people, who’s not the biggest man on the court, but he’s always the first
one near the basket. – [Lucky] Extremely athletic
is Derrison Anthony. Here’s Myers, Budija
drives down right baseline, gets inside, off-hand layup,
but no good, knocked away. And here’s Derrison Anthony
down the right side. Anthony just down the lane, stops, pops, foul line jumper off the mark, no good. Rebounded by Peter Samolis,
who checked into the game. Samolis swings it out over to Iwu, and Iwu will reset the offense. Iwu left wing, over to Myers, swings it inside over to Steele. Steele turnaround in the
lane, off the mark, no good. Ball’s deflected, and Fernando
Jordan will push it up. Jordan lookin’ to run,
Jordan finds Matsakov. Left wing ball fake, inside
the lane, gets stripped, gets the ball back, inside right side. The layup attempt is no
good, but he was fouled, and he’ll go to the line
and shoot two free throws, and KCC now in the bonus. Foul was on number 20, Brian Myers. That’s his second.
– [Jason] Really aggressive is Queensborough, and at
that time, Steele was swamped by three Kingsborough players
and couldn’t get the shot out. – [Lucky] Iouri Matsakov,
the CUNYAC Community College Player of the Year for the men’s side. First free throw is up,
and gets the friendly roll. Matsakov, sophomore, went
to Lincoln High School. Sets, shoots, and good. (cheering) 33-32 is the score. This is Ike Iwu, Iwu swings
out over to the right side, and over to Myers, back over to Iwu, top of circle, turnaround,
shot in the lane, and getting the roll is Budija. – [Announcer] Marko Budija!
– [Lucky] 35-32, just over 5:00 remaining
here in the first half. Three-point lead for
Queensborough Community College. Jordan over to Yapar,
turnaround against Steele, the right-hand shot no good,
rebounded by Greg Steele. – [Jason] Yapar was really
wild, but wanted to spin around, and Steele had a good defense,
didn’t have much for Yapar. – [Lucky] This is
Samolis, three-point shot from the left wing, off the mark, no good. Rebounded by QCC, Derrison Anthony. Anthony, a ball is deflected
and recovered by Matsakov. Matsakov gets inside, puts it out, over to Yapar, brings it back out. Derrison Anthony, ball
fake, puts it back out. Alassari left wing three,
sinks it, tie game! – [Announcer] Three
points for Tarik Alassari! – [Lucky] 35 all, 4:17 remaining
here in the first half. Brian Myers brings the ball
up court for Queensborough. He’s back out, left court, deflected and stolen away by Yapar, but it’s in the hands of Greg
Steele, kicks it back out. Samolis for three, off the mark, no good. Rebound by Derrison Anthony. Anthony looking to take the lead. Anthony swings it inside, deflected, out of bounds by Myers,
and it will remain QCC, check that, Kingsborough basketball. Hunt checks in, Samolis checks out. (whistling) And a timeout taken by Derrison Anthony, with 3:56 remaining, tie game 35-35. You’re listening to CUNYathletics.com. (buzzer sounding) I’d like to remind you, for
all the latest information on the CUNY Athletic Conference, go to CUNYathletics.com,
that’s www.CUNYathletics.com. – He just left, he just left. Oh well, that’s okay. Ladies and gentlemen, where’s Allie? Allie from Queens, stand up. (cheering)
Allie, we’re gonna give you a chance to win a shirt
if you can tell me– (R&B music) who is singing this song. Is it A, (mumbles), B, (mumbles), or C, Marc Anthony? Did you say (mumbles)? I tell you what, if you (mumbles)
with the guy behind you, I’m gonna give you a shirt. (rumba music) Come on, show us a little somethin’. That’s all right, we’ll
give you a shirt anyway. Give her a nice round of applause. (applauding) (music playing and buzzer sounding) (whistling) – [Lucky] All right, back
here, a tie game, 35 a piece. 3:56 remaining between
Queensborough and Kingsborough. We’re here in the Men’s Community College Basketball Championship,
and Tarik Alassari has it against Ike Iwu on the right side, drives inside, kicks it back out. Fernando Jordan right wing three, good! – [Announcer] Three points
for Fernando Jordan! – [Lucky] That’s Jordan’s first basket and his first three points of the game. Iwu hands it over to
Hunt along the left wing, top of the circle, back over to Iwu, now back over to Iwu, top of
the circle, gives it to Hunt. Queensborough being frustrated
here by this 2-3 zone. Now kicks it out, Iwu will take the three from the left wing, he hits it! Ike Iwu not lacking confidence, that’s 10 points for the point guard. – [Jason] Shot for shot,
three-pointer for three-pointer. Both these teams can make the three, and they’re not afraid to shoot it. – [Lucky] Anthony driving
up against Budija, a spin, turnaround jump shot good! Just making Budija look silly there! – [Announcer] Anthony!
– [Jason] Four spins there for Derrison Anthony, and
he out-faked Marko Budija. – [Lucky] And this is the lead for Kingsborough in quite some time. Alassari nearly stole it away from Iwu. Iwu tries it back outside,
a bad pas over to Myers, but finally gets it over to Budija. Budija gets it out over
to Myers, ball fake, driving down right baseline,
stops, pops, jump shot from the baseline, no good,
and Matsakov gets the rebound. 40-38, under 2:35 remaining
here in the first half. Kingsborough Community
College with a two-point lead. Fernando Jordan has the
left wing, pass inside for a cutting, Anthony gets
into the left-handed layup, the tap is by Yapar, he gets it to fall. – [Announcer] Number 32, Fuat Yapar! – [Lucky] Yapar getting
that left-handed touch and cleaning up on the glass,
42-38, four-point lead. Both teams are really not
having much separation here. This is Budija, ball
fake, will take the three from the left corner, he hits it! – [Announcer] Three
points for Marko Budija! – [Jason] Budija, that’s again
a three-point shot for him. He’s two for two in three-point land. – [Lucky] Here’s Yapar,
hands it over to Alassari, and he’ll reset the offense
along the right wing. From the top of the center
circle, tries right side, gets in the lane reverse layup, goes all the way around, basket in! – [Announcer] Tarik Alassari!
– [Jason] Alassari got that extra speed and caught Iwu off-guard. – [Lucky] 44-41, 1:32 remaining,
Kingsborough with the lead. This is Myers, kicks it
back out over to Iwu. Iwu thought about taking
three, decided to bring it back out and will reset the
offense from the top of the center circle, sends it back out. Here’s Myers, this is
Hunt, back out to Myers. Ball’s deflected and
stolen away by Jordan. Jordan one man to the
heat, right-handed layup, off the mark, no good, but he’s fouled– – [Announcer] No basket.
– [Lucky] Before the shot, and he’ll go to the line
and shoot two free throws. – [Announcer] Foul was on
number 20, Brian Myers– – [Lucky] That was on
Myers, that’s his third. – [Jason] Yeah, and that’s interesting ’cause he’s a bench player, a role player on the bench, now already in foul trouble. Queensborough has more players to put in, so they got Samolis they could play, and I think one of them’s
gonna check in now. – [Lucky] Jordan’s first free
throw is up and off the mark. – [Announcer] William Holley
returns for Kingsborough. – [Lucky] William Holley checks back in. Anthony Boyd checks back
in for Queensborough. And Samolis checks back in. This has been a really tactical game between these two teams, as Jordan’s second free
throw gets the friendly roll. (buzzer sounding) It’s a 45-41 lead with 1:13 to go. – [Announcer] Kavon Baker
checks in replacing Jordan. – [Lucky] All right, at
the half, we’ll have both athletic directors for talks,
both from Queensborough and Kingsborough and talk
about the game a little bit. And here’s the runner shot by
Hunt, goes off glass and in! – [Announcer] Dabney Hunt!
– [Lucky] 45-43, under 1:00 to go here in the first half. Derrison Anthony against Hunt. Oh, goes right by Hunt, but
Hunt does a great job deflecting it off Anthony, out of bounds, a great defensive play, and
it looked like Hunt was left for dead by the speed of Anthony. – [Jason] That’s amazing
’cause its’ like fool me once, but Hunt, he got him
back and stole the ball, knocked it out of bounds. – [Lucky] :43 left, Iwu brings it up, over to Samolis, hands
it out over to Boyd. Boyd kicks it back out, Iwu
gets in the lane, stops, got in a different mindset here. Here’s Holley running the floor. Here’s Derrison Anthony,
goes up, and lays it in. 47-43, clock running, :22 remain. Queensborough can take their time. Iwu brings it up, swings
it out, it’s over to Boyd. Here’s Hunt, :10 left, ball’s stolen away. Holley bounce pass on to Anthony again. Anthony lays it back up and in! (cheering) :02, :01, Samolis has
gotta get it all, does not, and that’ll end the half.
(buzzer sounding) So a late run of scoring here by Kingsborough Community
College allows them to take a six-point lead into halftime. – [Jason] Anthony now with 12 points. That’s interesting, now, Anthony started with 10 points at the half,
so we’ll take a break here. So it should be a fun second half. 49-43 in favor of KCC, The Wave. – [Lucky] Oh, it should definitely
be a fun second half here as it gets quite loud here with these 400-or-so people here at
Hostos Community College. (“We Will Rock You” by Queen) We’re ready for the
second half to start up. Alassari will hand it over to Holley, and we’ll begin the second
half as Kingsborough goes right to left, check that, left
to right on your radio dial. Here’s Matsakov posting
up against Anthony Boyd. It was of the mark, no good,
rebounded by Greg Steele. Steele with his 10th rebound. That’s a double-double for The Big Man. 49-43, this is Hodge Jr.,
hands it out over to Iwu. Now over to Anthony
Boyd, kicks it back out. Three-point shot attempted by Budija is off the mark, no good,
rebounded by Derrison Anthony. Anthony kicks it out, left
wing three, off the mark, no good by Alassari,
and rebounded by Hodge. Hodge hands it out over to Iwu, left wing. Iwu drives, stops, pops,
and is rejected by Alassari. Out of bounds, but it will
remain Queensborough basketball. – [Jason] It’s funny, Anthony went low, Alassari went high, and
Alassari got the block. Right now, so far, a cold
start :45 into the second half, and no one made a single shot yet. – [Lucky] Well, it’s just very, very early and still plenty of time left in the game. This is Hodge, guarded
tightly by Fernando Jordan, the double-team, kicks
it back over to Iwu. Now, back over to Hodge
along the left baseline. It’s out over to Iwu,
right wing is Budija, Budija shot, off the mark, no good. They’re gonna call it a
charge on Marko Budija, and it’s a turnover, ball
goes over to Kingsborough. – [Jason] That’s good,
because Budija charged right into Holley, Holley has planted his feet and got the charge. – [Lucky] Ball is handed off over to Derrison Anthony,
he’ll bring the ball up. Now over to William Holley, left wing. Holley is open, he’ll try a three. Left wing front rim, no
good, rebound by Anthony. He gets inside, puts it back up and in. – [Announcer] Number 15, Derrison Anthony! – [Lucky] Eight-point lead,
here, 51-43, 8:37 to go. This is Boyd, hands it over
to Iwu, back over to Boyd. Right wing, Boyd looking
for someone to pass to. The zone defense confusing
Kingsborough, Queensborough, check that, as Boyd gets
inside, down the right baseline. Jump shot off the mark, no
good, rebound by Anthony. Anthony looking to run,
Anthony 3-1-1 break. Here’s the finish by Fernando Jordan with a left-handed layup
along the left side. – [Jason] Good ball movement,
and Anthony fell down a little and gave it to Fernando Jordan,
and Jordan for an easy two. – [Lucky] A quick leading
run here, a 6-0 run. 53-43, a 10-point lead
now, as Budija passes that over to Hodge Jr. and throws
it away over to Holley. Holley looking to run,
passes over to Anthony. Anthony lays it up, right hand up and in! And Queensborough needs a
timeout, and they take it. A quick spurt of an 8 for 0 run has given them a 12-point lead here. – [Jason] Well, at one
point, remember :45 into this second half, no
one could make a basket, and now, of course
Kingsborough’s been making their shots more, especially on the run, getting Queensborough off-guard. Queensborough has to step up their game if they want to try to win
this, already down by 12 points. – [Lucky] I should correct
myself, it’s a 6-0 run, so it’s a 10-point lead, 6-0 run here for Kingsborough Community College. Really, Derrison Anthony just taking over, has 16 points and 10 rebounds. When you look at Kingsborough
Community College, they have so many players. – [Jason] Unbelievable, you know, you look at 14 to 10 in turnovers, but not so bad, only 24 turnovers combined,
but KCC had a 12-point lead. Right now, that’s the largest lead, and they can increase that lead. And what they’re doing a good job of is they’re getting Greg
Steele out of the way. That’s a good job. (buzzer sounding) – [Lucky] All right, so
Queensborough will inbound the ball, down by 10, and they really
need to get themselves going. – [Announcer] Number 34,
Coron Zeigler and number 20, Brian Myers, back in for Queensborough. – [Lucky] Inbound over to Ike Iwu, who will bring up the ball up the floor, hands it over to Brian
Myers, who’s checked back to the inside, over to Steele. Steele loosing a handle on the basketball, surrounded by four players,
knocked out of bounds off Steele, and it’ll be
Kingsborough basketball. Kingsborough coming out with a ferocity in this second half on a 6-0 run. This is William Holley, left wing. Holley up against Steele. Holley inside against
Steele, up, in, draws a foul, no good, but he’ll go to the
line and shoot two free throws. – [Jason] Well, I would
say they give it on Steele, and it is on Steele, and Steele
having a tough half so far. It’s a tale of two hares for him. – [Lucky] Steele will stay on the floor. Holley’s first free throw is up and in. 13, check that, now 14
points for William Holley, and now, a 7-0 run here by
Kingsborough Community College. Second free throw’s up and true. 14-point lead, 57-43, and
you go back to the end of the second half, first
half, really this spurt by Kingsborough has given
them all the momentum. Here’s Brian Samolis, ball fake, drives inside, it’s blocked,
but they’re gonna get a foul called here on Matsakov. Samolis looked like he
was trying to lay it up or dunk it, but he got
rejected by Matsakov, and Matsakov attacks number two. – [Jason] That’s the only
thing Matsakov can do it try to block it, but instead he gets the foul. – [Lucky] Brian Samolis,
check that, Peter Samolis, sets, free throw’s up and in. If you look at the three-point shooting, both teams are shooting pretty
well from beyond the yard, four for seven here for QCC, and KCC two for six, may play
prominent in the second half. Second free throw’s up and in. 12-point lead for KCC,
57-45, just a little over 17:00 remaining, as
Holley has it on the left wing, guarded by Steele,
man-to-man defense here. Isolation on Holley
against Steele, turnaround, the fall-away jump shot,
gets the friendly roll, as Holley, geez, abused Steele. – [Jason] Holley’s taking
over the second half, as Queensborough is dropping,
Holley went out with 17. – [Lucky] All right, here’s
Ike Iwu, hands it over to left side, back over to Samolis. Samolis hands it over to
Zeigler, looses the handle on the basketball,
ball’s still in the air, deflected, tapped, Holley
finally gets a handle on it. Now, it’s Fernando Jordan, 3-1-3 break. Holley little teardrop in
the lane, rebound by Jordan, no good, rebounded by Iwu. Queensborough’s gotta run. Here’s Zeigler over on the right
wing, not getting past ’em, as the ball’s deflected and
stolen by Fernando Jordan. Jordan’s got numbers,
that’s big for the trailer, Matsakov and he finishes, and one. – [Announcer] Matsakov! – [Jason] That’s his job,
Matsakov did a fantastic job. That started off by running in on Jordan, Jordan givin’ him the ball. – [Lucky] That’s
Queensborough third team foul, and Matsakov will get one shot. – [Jason] Foul on Samolis,
Peter Samolis that’s his first. – [Lucky] Set, shot, off
the mark, and deflected. Anthony gets the offensive rebound. Ball’s deflected, but
finds Fernando Jordan. Here’s William Holley, driving
the lane, blocked by Zeigler. Samolis will take it out,
61-45, under 16:00 remaining. KCC with the lead, and the
ball’s throw away by Iwu. Myers unable to get a handle on that pass. (whistling) Alassari will bring it
up along the left wing. Alassari, the entry’s pass is stolen away by Zeigler, and he’s fouled
hard there by Alassari, falling straight to the floor. That’s the second foul on Alassari. – [Jason] First, Alassari threw the pass and intercepted by Zeigler,
Zeigler gets a foul for it. – [Lucky] Zeigler brings up the ball, hands it over to Ike Iwu. Iwu swings over to the left
wings, Samolis ball fake, and there they get Fernando
Jordan on a reach-in. – [Jason] So now, the fouls
are gonna start piling up, already six total in the half. – [Lucky] Well, we saw in the women’s game how free throw shooting
played an important part. This inside edgy pass over to Greg Steele. He’s fouled and one!
– [Jason] And the foul’s gonna be on Fernando Jordan,
it should be, number 10. – [Lucky] So Fernando Jordan
will pick up his third personal in a matter of seconds.
– [Jason] Oh no, they gave it to 15.
– [Lucky] Oh, they gave it to Derrison Anthony.
– [Jason] Interesting, ’cause both of them
were in the lane, there. I’m surprised they’re
giving it on Anthony. – [Lucky] Steele has 15 points, looking for his 16th right here, 16 points, and free throw is off
the mark, but rebounded by Myers, up, almost gets the and one, but he draws a foul against Holley, and he’ll go to the line
and shoot two free throws. – [Jason] Just the
opposite, it seemed like, in the last game when they
played against Hostos, Steele was making all
his free throw shots. Tonight, it’s the other way around. – [Lucky] All right, so Brian
Myers will take the shots. Fifth team foul, first free throw up, does not get the friendly bounce, rather ugly free throw
to be perfectly honest. – [Jason] He has an unorthodox stance. – [Lucky] And we take a timeout here, as Hassan Duncombe takes a timeout. :30 timeout taken, and while
we’re taking that timeout, we’d like to remind you to think of us as CUNYAC’s all-star
team for sports medicine, The Hospital for Special
Surgery, specialists in mobility. All right, 61-47, and J, this game has kind of gotten away from Queensborough. I mean, talk about what
Queensborough has to do to reestablish their dominance. – [Jason] Well, it’s definitely, Queensborough in this second half, it seemed like everyone’s
missing their shots. Steele has been a little sloppy. You know, you had Budija’s
not even in to play, but Samolis is in foul trouble already, so they got to that place already. Brian Myers has three fouls,
and that’s interesting, because I mean, he’s the role player. You get him out of the
game, who you gonna put in? They have a deep bench, Queensborough, but they gotta start making more shots and definitely start scoring. – [Lucky] All right, here’s
the second free throw for Brian Myers, off the mark, no good, and a wasted opportunity there for Kingsborough Community
College, check that, Queensborough Community College. Here’s Anthony against
Myers, puts it on the floor, pass inside over to Holley, he finished. Great pass there by Derrison Anthony! – [Announcer] Holley! – [Jason] Back to back, the
two guards, Holley and Anthony, Anthony giving it right to Holley. – [Lucky] Ball fake by
Samolis, hands it over to Iwu, now over to Myers for the
three, right wing, no good. Rebound by Anthony,
Anthony running the floor, finds Alassari, great pass
finding Jordan, blocked by Myers! What a sequence!
– [Jason] Myers came outta nowhere to get the block, and it seemed like Kingsborough
just had that extra pace, just a extra gear on Queensborough. – [Lucky] Holley bounce pass inside. He finds Matsakov wide open, nobody guards and lays it up and in!
– [Announcer] Iouri Matsakov! – [Lucky] 65-47, things
getting outta hand here for Queensborough,
they’ve gotta get scorers. Iwu has the top of the circle,
left wing over to Samolis, along the left baseline
is back over to Samolis, three-point shot, left wing, no good. Rebounded by Holley,
Holley looking to push, finds Derrison Anthony, Alassari for three from the left wing, he hits!
– [Announcer] Three points for Tarik Alassari!
– [Lucky] And it’s a 19-4 run in this second half,
68-47, 4:15 remaining. 2-3 zone look here by Kingsborough. Inside over to Zeigler,
Zeigler drives inside, off glass and in with the right hand. Slowly stemming the tide,
this game is certainly not out of reach, plenty
of time left for QCC, but they’ve got to get stops. – [Jason] They do, they gotta stop. And pretty much anyone–
– [Lucky] Derrison Anthony turns, spins, in the
lane, it’s stripped by Iwu who gets the ball back, finds Alassari, spinner nearly makes a tremendous layup! What an athletic move! A spin move, mid-air reverse layup. Unfortunately, it would’ve
been great if he hit that, but he did not.
– [Jason] It came close, just it did not go in. – [Lucky] Here’s Matsakov,
right corner jump shot, off the mark, no good, loose ball. Who’s guy is it? It’s Ike Iwu,
(whistling) and it’s a jump ball, possession now goes to Kingsborough Community
College, check that, Queensborough Community College. – [Jason] You gotta love the pace. Kingsborough is just a little quicker than Queensborough, and it’s showing. – [Lucky] All right, here’s
Iwu, swings over to left wing. This is Hunt, who checked
back into the game. Shot no good, William
Holley with the rebound. Holley looking to push,
Holley down the lane, Holley bounce pass, finds
Matsakov, he dunks it! (cheering) – [Announcer] Iouri Matsakov! – [Lucky] Kingsborough so
deadly in transition, 70-49. Brian Myers, right wing, tried inside to get it over to Steele. They’re gonna call Matsakov for the reach. – [Jason] Wow, 21-point
lead for Kingsborough, and that exclamation point
seen there from Matsakov. Ah, he’s gonna get fouled. Well, that’s interesting,
’cause, third foul on him. – [Lucky] All right, we have a timeout here at Hostos Community College. The score is 70-49,
Kingsborough with the lead. We’ll take a timeout here
at CUNYathletics.com. (R&B music) (buzzer sounding and cheering) Back here at Hostos, 70-49 the score. Side out here for Queensborough
Community College. Inside over to Steele, it’s swatted away there by Anthony, but
he gets his own rebound and puts it back home.
– [Announcer] Gregory Steele! – [Jason] Anthony tried,
Derrison Anthony tried to block that ball, but
he swapped outta the way, and Steele jumped up a
second time and got it in. – [Lucky] Fernando Jordan with
a bunch of fancy dribbles, hands it out over to William Holley. Holley trying to point out the offense. Holley almost asking as a point forward. Holley jump shot from the right side, no good, rebounded by Hunt. Hunt gets by Alassari, Hunt tried to pass for Zeigler, the outlet pass too strong. – [Jason] Queensborough
missing opportunities to get back in this game, now down by 19. – [Lucky] There’s no need to
panic here for Queensborough. There’s, again, plenty of time left. Here’s Fernando Jordan against Zeigler along the left wing, isolation, and they’re gonna call Jordan
for the palming violation. – [Jason] Well, yeah,
you said there’s plenty of time left, but the way
Queensborough’s been shooting this second half, they’re
making, it seems like, one out of every ten shots. It’s hard to win that way. – [Lucky] Here’s Iwu,
hands it over back to Hunt. Now Iwu, now finds Brian
Myers, now it’s passed inside over to Steele, and stolen
away there by Jose Arroyo, who checked into the game,
finds Fernando Jordan, right wing, now over to
Alassari, right wing three, off the mark, no good, rebounded by Hunt. Hunt looking to push, two-on-one, Hunt takes it all the way,
lays it up, off the mark, no good, Iwu tries a
putback dunk, no good. Holley will look and
run, five-on-two break, Alassari right wing three,
foul, nearly a four-point play, but he couldn’t hit the three-point shot. – [Jason] Back-to-back threes he’s missed, but this time, he gets a
reprieve and goes on the line. Hunt was charged with
the foul, his second. – [Announcer] Alassari at the line. – [Jason] A golden
opportunity here to increase their lead for Kingsborough,
he shoots three. – [Lucky] Alassari sets, shoots, good. Tarik Alassari, sophomore guard from Fort Hamilton High
School, wears number 23. Set, shoots, good. That’s the second of three free throws. Alassari definitely an
assassin along the perimeter. Sets, free throw, good. (cheering) 73-51. – [Jason] He made all three.
– [Lucky] Here’s Hunt driving the lane, he’s blocked,
Jordan looking to run. Outlet pass for Alassari,
Alassari goes up strong. That’s a hard foul there by Myers. And are they gonna call a flagrant here? – [Jason] No, Alassari kept his cool, ’cause he was gonna attack him. He was gonna attack Brian Myers. – [Lucky] Intentional foul.
– [Jason] Well, that’s his fourth, that’s crucial. – [Lucky] It’s two
shots and the ball back. So Alassari going to the
line, Alassari and Holley and Anthony, just so many athletic players on this Community College team. – [Jason] Four players at
Kingsborough have double figures, Holley, Matsakov, Anthony, and Alassari. (cheering) – [Lucky] And at this pace,
it’s not inconceivable for them to hit that triple-digit mark. – [Jason] He’s tied Holley with 19 points. – [Lucky] Alassari second
free throw is good. – [Jason] And now, he has 20,
has the lead for Kingsborough. – [Lucky] So intentional
foul means the ball remains with Kingsborough, Alassari’s
out, Jose Arroyo is in. Swings it out, now this is
Kavon Baker, who’s just checked in to the game now, hands
it over to William Holley. Holley left wing guarded by Iwu, Holley slowing the pace down,
isolation against Steele. Holley stops, pops, jump shot good. And they have been doing
that all night long. – [Jason] Giving the ball to
Holley, giving it to Anthony, they know they’re confident
can shoot the ball well. – [Lucky] And looks like
we’ll take a timeout here. Ike Iwu’s taking a timeout, 77-51, and this game is quickly
getting out of hand. So we’ll take a short break
here on CUNYathletics.com. – Timeout. (“Jump Around” by House of Pain) All right, Dean Nathaniel
Cruze, I have a t-shirt with your name on it, where is the Dean? If you wanna earn it,
you gotta chop it off for us one time, that’s not that hard. I can do that, that’s not gonna get it. We’ll catch him on the next timeout. He’s got (mumbles) (buzzer sounding) I’ll send it over, I’ll send it over. Let’s give Dean Nathaniel
Cruze a nice round of applause, ladies and gentlemen. I think he prefers (mumbles) – [Lucky] All right, back
here at CUNYathletics.com. Ike Iwu has the ball, down 51-77. Here’s Samolis inside, over the Steele. Stolen away by Holley
again, Holley looking to run the floor, four-on-two break. Finds Derrison Anthony, misses the dunk, rebounded by Holley, and he’ll
bring it back out, 77-51. Swings it out, Jose Arroyo
now finds Derrison Anthony. Anthony swings out over to Arroyo. Arroyo swings it back
out, left wing three. And they’re gonna travel before
the shot on Fernando Jordan. – [Jason] Wow, Kingsborough
with 33 total rebounds, Queensborough 26, and a
double-double for Derrison Anthony, so two double-doublers
so far in this game, Steele and Anthony.
– [Lucky] Here’s a telling stat, 21
turnovers to 12 turnovers, Queensborough to Kingsborough. Inside over to Steele,
outside back out to Iwu. Iwu stops, pops, left-hand
jump shot off side rim, no good, rebounded by Greg Steele, he puts it back up and in.
– [Announcer] Gregory Steele! – [Jason] It took Steele
two consecutive passes after that, you know,
he missed the first one, got his own rebound and got the bucket. – [Lucky] Jordan has it against Ike Iwu. Jordan swings it out, over
to Jose Arroyo, left wing. He’s out right wing, William Holley. Holley swings it out, now
Jose Arroyo stops, pops, left=-ing jump shot no good,
rebounded by Kingsborough. Kavon Baker has it, Baker swings it out over to Fernando Jordan
along on the right wing. Slow down the pace here, Baker ball fake, over to Yapar, now here’s Baker. Baker, :13 on the shot clock. Now over to Yapar, Yapar
three-point shot, good! – [Jason] Boy oh boy, he’s not
really a three-point shooter, but this time, he was wide open for three. – [Lucky] 80-53, 9:33 remaining, and things are getting bleak here. Three-point shot by Samolis, he hits. – [Announcer] Three
points for Peter Samolis! – [Jason] Samolis fires
right back, but still, a tough deficit to come back from. – [Lucky] Especially
with how KCC now playing, slowing down the pace, not
allowing it to get phrenetic. This is Jordan, Jordan
swings out at Yapar, ball fake, thought about taking a three, gets it and tries to get it inside to Holley, stolen away by Budija. Iwu driving up, down 80-56, ball fake by Samolis, gets inside, shot no good. But he’ll go to the line and shoot two. – [Jason] Yapar, that’s his
second, and he was in traffic there as Samolis was driving in, defending on Jordan,
and Yapar got the foul. – [Lucky] Yapar at the free
throw line for two shots. First one’s up, and not in. Again, free throw shooting,
especially when the clocks stop, when you’re behind, you’ve
got to put these away. – [Jason] A golden moment
when the clock is stopped, you need to get those in all levels, it seems like, it’s a number one priority and not taking too much attention towards. – [Lucky] Second free
throw is up and good, as Derrison Anthony checks in, and William Holley checks out. Boy, when you have players
that you can switch like Derrison Anthony and William Holley, it’s really no drop-off whatsoever. Here’s Anthony, hands it
over to Yapar, left wing. Yapar ball fake, over to the left corner. This is Jose Arroyo, he nails a three. – [Jason] Arroyo gets into
the action, his first, first basket, and it’s a three. – [Lucky] Ball fake inside by
Budija, trapped in the corner, somehow finds Zeigler, Zeigler
finds over on the left wing, it’s Samolis, shot no good,
rebounded by Matsakov. Arroyo brings it up along the right side, hand it out over, to Yapar,
The Big Man drives it all the way to the cup and in. – [Jason] And Yapar gives
a little wink to Head Coach Hassan Duncombe for Kingsborough,
so he know he’s on fire. – [Lucky] All right, this
is Samolis, drives inside, no shot, no good, rebounded
by Baker, three-on-one break. Baker finds Anthony, behind-the-back pass, over to find Matsakov!
– [Announcer] Iouri Matsakov! – [Jason] Now they’re
getting a little fancy at making their shots.
– [Lucky] 87-57, 30-point lead, 7:45
remaining, and this is Budija. He nails a three.
– [Announcer] Three points for Marko Budija!
– [Lucky] And you know that Kingsborough’s looking
for those triple digits. – [Jason] Yeah, especially
what happened last year. They lost in the finals to Hostos. This is definitely redemption for them. – [Lucky] Here’s Matsakov
along the left side, swings it, finds the left corner Baker. He’ll try the left corner
three, off the mark, no good, rebound by Yapar, nobody boxed him out, and an easy layup! – [Jason] You figure, you
get one of the two men, Matsakov or Yapar, and no one got ’em. – [Lucky] Holley has 21,
Alassari has 20, Anthony has 16. Bounce going, here’s Samolis for three, off the mark, no good. Matsakov looking to
run, three-on-one break, finds Yapar, finds it under the basket, Jose Arroyo, who lays it up and in. – [Announcer] Jose Arroyo! – [Lucky] Whichever team faces Kingsborough Community
College in the NJCAA will have a game from them. Timeout taken, 91-60, 31-point lead. We’ll take a short break
here on CUNYathletics.com. – [Announcer] (mumbles)
Dean Nathaniel Cruze, this one is for you. Where’s Dean Nathaniel Cruze? We got a t-shirt for him. Zack, where did he go? Where is Dean Cruze? (announcer mumbling) (lively music) – [Jason] Welcome back,
live on CUNYathletics.com. It’s the first time that
these two teams have met in the championship game,
while Kingsborough’s looking for their eight title, and looks like they’re gonna win single-handedly. – [Lucky] Well, they’re definitely looking like they’re gonna run
away with it, 91-60. Just a great performance
so far by this Kingsborough Community College team,
just they’re so athletic. They can do everything on the
floor, and they would give any of the senior colleges
a lot of trouble here. Here’s a three-point shot by Ike Iwu, off the side rim, no good, and
it’s deflected out of bounds. It’ll be KCC basketball. – [Jason] Alassari has
20, he looks like he has the most points for Kingsborough. – [Lucky] This is Arroyo, driving inside, finds Baker now, and he’ll
take it over on the left wing. Yapar, as a bad pass thrown by Baker. Out of bounds, it’ll be
Kingsborough basketball. – [Jason] My fault, Holley
has 21, Alassari with 20, and Derrison Anthony with 16. – [Lucky] Ever since the
end of the first half, Kingsborough’s been on rocket fuel. Drive down the lane, inside,
off the mark, no good. Rebound by Greg Steele, and we
got the foul before the shot. – [Jason] Well, it tells
you 49-43 at the half, Kingsborough led, they outscore
Queensborough in this half 42 to 17.
– [Lucky] That’s amazing. That is incredible offense. Bounce pass over to Yapar, right wing, tries to find Derrison
Anthony, hands it back over and out to Yapar, ball
fake against Steele, swings it back out, left wing over to, fancy pass there by Matsakov. Left wing three, off the
mark, side rim, no good. Rebounded by Anthony
Davis just checked in. Davis down by 31, want to
make a silly turnover here. Bounce pass, it’s stolen
by Derrison Anthony, goes behind the back, and looks like they’ll get Myers on the foul. – [Jason] And that
should be Myers’s fifth, and Myers is done. – [Lucky] So after a player fouls out, you get :30 to regroup, but–
– [Jason] So, Myers finished up with one rebound and no points. He had assists and three
turnovers in over 19:00. – [Lucky] Anthony will go to the line and shoot two free
throws, Derrison Anthony. – [Jason] It’s his first time tonight on the free throw line. – [Lucky] From Portsmouth in the Dominica. First free throw’s off the mark, no good, and rebounded by John
Martin who checked in. So Hassan Duncombe kind of
emptying his bench, here. Martin has the left wing,
and he’ll reset the offense. Martin stops, pops, jump
shot, high arcer, no good. Ball’s loose and rebounded by Iwu. Iwu’s got The Big Man
Steele running with him. Iwu will go by himself, shot
from the right side goes in. 91-62, 5:15 remaining, here’s Baker. Baker driving up against his defender, gets it over to Matsakov. Matsakov, hands it over
to Yapar left wing, looking for the cutting Baker, but it’s deflected and stolen away. There’s Davis, Davis right wing. Now over to Samolis,
three straight-on is good. – [Announcer] Three
points for Peter Samolis! – [Jason] He’s shooting
the ball much better, here in this half, Peter Samolis. – [Lucky] Here’s Baker
driving inside and getting all the way to the basket, and one. – [Jason] Only Lloyd
Antoine has not scored for Kingsborough Community College. – [Lucky] Foul was on
Samolis, that’s his second. – [Jason] That was Samolis’s
first three-point shot earlier. – [Lucky] Free throw is up, and in. (buzzer sounding) – [Jason] Well, six away to 100. – [Lucky] And that’s really the
only mystery about this game right now is if Queensborough
will get to 100 points, 94-65. And ball’s stolen away by Martin. Martin has a free lane to the basket, but deflected out of bounds by Samolis. Good hustles there shown by
Samolis, even down by so much. – [Jason] Yeah, Samolis
is also a gritty player. He doesn’t give up until
the whistle is blown. You want that.
– [Lucky] Martin against Davis, crossover
dribble along the right side, hands it over to Baker, Baker will shift the offense now to the top of the circle. Baker setting up the
offense, drives inside, nice pass finding Derrison
Anthony with a left-handed layup from the right block,
96-65, 4:05 remaining. Kingsborough with a commanding lead. Here’s Ike Iwu right
wing, ball fake, jump shot from the right wing, no
good, rebound by Matsakov. Matsakov looking to run the floor. Matsakov right side against Samolis. Dribble drive stopped there by Samolis, swings it out, and Baker
will reset the offense. Baker gets a pick there from Anthony, lose the ball in traffic,
but Anthony tries for the major stuff, misses the dunk. Iwu gets the rebound, swings it out. Left wing three-point shot
by Davis is an air ball. – [Jason] Oof, missed that
just, missed by an inch. – [Lucky] Of course, this
being a New York crowd, they’ll let you hear it,
no matter what level. Here is Martin, loses the
handle on the basketball, stolen away by Zeigler and deflected out of bounds there by Queensborough. Hodge Jr. comes back in,
Jose Arroyo comes back in. – [Jason] Kingsborough
calls a full timeout. 96-65 is the lead, so this– – [Lucky] Well, I guess
you could pretty much, the writing’s on the wall
of who’s gonna win it. Congratulations, Kingsborough, and congratulations, Queensborough. The were the lowest seed,
they played a playing game, and they got all the way to the final. – [Jason] Yeah, yeah, that
tells you that maybe having that rest instead of
playing game after game has made it a little more better. Rest is important, but
they won’t let it roll. It came down to the wire two nights ago, and tonight was just a tale of two hares. They got out-beat in the
second half pretty badly, so far, I mean, but it seemed
like turnovers were crucial. 24 turnovers as we speak right
now, only 16 for Kingsborough and that’s what wins games, less turnovers and capitalizing off of them, of course. – [Lucky] We’ve just been
informed that this is the most points scored by the winning team in the Men’s Championship
Game, 96 and counting. Jump shot there by
Hodge Jr., off the mark, rebounded by Davis, he’ll
try from the right wing. Shot off the mark, no good,
and rebounded by Jose Arroyo. – [Jason] Yes, ’cause
previous to that was 1990, Kingsborough defeated
Manhattan 91-81, wow. The record has hold for 19 years. – [Lucky] Inside, wings
it out over to Antoine. Lloyd Antoine lays it up and in, 98-65. 2:40 remaining in this game. Three-point shot straight on by Davis, off the mark, no good, and
Antoine will slow it down as Kingsborough looking
for that triple-digit mark. Arroyo has the left side. Arroyo swings it inside, ball’s
loose, and laid up and in. – [Jason] And there’s your 100 points. – [Lucky] Marc Hollis, and
that is your 100 points, you’re right, 100-65, 2:04 remaining. This is Davis, lays it up
and in from the right side. – [Announcer] Anthony Davis!
– [Lucky] So 100 points, a new record here in the
CUNY Athletic Conference, and again, still counting. (cheering) This is Martin against
Davis, down over to Baker. Baker drives inside, all
the way, goes for the jam, does no good, and rebounded by Iwu. – [Jason] Wow, that’s the
fourth missed dunk tonight. – [Lucky] Iwu floats it up,
and off the mark, no good, and that was a nasty
spill there between Iwu and I think that was Davis. – [Jason] Iwu’s knee
landed on John Martin, and that’s Martin, yeah, looks
like he’s wiping off his eye. – [Lucky] Well, if there’s
any blood on the floor, you must come off the floor, but looks like he’s shakin’
off, he’s all right. First free throw by Iwu’s up and in. – [Jason] I think he’s coming out. He looks a little woozy,
but they’re gonna keep him in the game, I mean it’s
garbage time, I understand, but if you’re hurt, you’re hurt. – [Lucky] Christopher
Todd checks in for Baker. Second free throw’s up and off the mark, no good, and deflected out of bounds. It’ll be Kingsborough basketball. 1:29 to go, have a lot
of choices for the MVP and Player of this Game, Holley, Alassari, Matsakov, Anthony, Honorable Mention for Greg Steele. And here’s Hollis, turnaround
jump shot in the lane, no good, knocked out of bounds, and it’ll be Queensborough basketball. 1:13 remaining, mind you,
we have a post-game show, the trophy presentation
sponsored by Crown Trophy. Right wing jump shot,
off the mark by Davis. Big collision there, and finally
recovered by Lloyd Antoine, who loses the ball out of bounds. Under 1:00 to go, 100-68. So, congratulations Hassan
Duncombe, his coaching staff, (mumbles), Andre Vincent,
and Marvin Williams. Kingsborough winning their
eighth championship overall and setting the new
record for points scored in a community college championship final. – [Jason] It’s Hassan’s second title. 2006, they beat BCC,
69-55, so congratulations definitely goes to Kingsborough Wave. – [Lucky] As the ball is finally
recovered there by Hodge, driving inside, ball’s
loose, still inside. Here’s Anthony Davis, he lays
it up and in under the basket. Now Martin, full court
pressure here by Queensborough, not giving up ’til the last second. Jose Arroyo has it along the left wing. :03 (mumbles) shot clock or
game clock, doesn’t matter now. It’s stolen away by Iwu, bounce
pass finds Anthony Davis. He lays it up and in, :20
remain, hard defense here, wings it out, this is Lloyd
Antoine, Antoine, Antoine, the floating shot comically
goes behind the backboard. – [Jason] (laughs)
– [Lucky] :13 remaining, as Queensborough Wave,
Anthony Boyd, walk down. Boyd will take the three, it’s good, as that’s just window
dressing, :03.4 remaining, and that will do it. Kingsborough Community College wins the Men’s Community College Championship in the CUNYAC Conference and move on to the NJCAA Regional Tournament. J, your thoughts on tonight’s game? – [Jason] Kingsborough all-around game, from the first half, it
was a nail-biter at first, but they took over the second half, showed that it was
redemption time for them after their loss last year to
lowest score defender Hostos. This season, Tarik Alassari
took over, William Holley, Matsakov, it was a whole
effort, a team effort. – [Lucky] Well you look
at the point score, William Holley 29 points, nine rebounds, Matsakov 14 points, 10 rebounds, Derrison Anthony, who
I’m thinking should be the Player of the Game,
18 points, 13 boards, Alassari 20 points, just
a balance going overall. And Fuat Yapar, nine points off the bench, good solid competition by a bench player. – [Jason] You know, you
look at the turnover ratio, 24 turnovers to Queensborough,
20 from Kingsborough. Rebounds 34 for Queensborough,
48 for Kingsborough. Field goals, total shots
45.6% for Queensborough, 51.9% for Kingsborough. Three-point land, 47.1% for Queensborough, 38.5 for Kingsborough. Free throws, Kingsborough shot
71.4%, 50% for Queensborough. The largest lead was 35 by Kingsborough and three for Queensborough. – [Lucky] All right, we’ll
take a short break here, and we’ll be back with
the trophy presentation.