[MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, learned, certainly,
in the winning. I thought we played
well enough to win. But a couple of those key
stats, the 16 offensive rebounds and the 16 turnovers, it’s– NC State plays good defense. They’re good with their hands. They’re athletic and aggressive. And they did rattle us or
take us out of our rhythm. Some of our offensive
fouls and decision-making, our defensive fouls
at inopportune times almost cost us the game. Of course, I thought
Walker was just a man on the glass,
Wyatt Walker. I thought he was hard
for us to handle. And we didn’t do a great
job in those areas. Usually, when you give up
that many offensive rebounds and that many turnovers, you’re
not going to be successful. But we made enough good
plays and hung in there and got some good
lifts from guys. And I thought we
had some chances to separate a little bit. But they made some big plays. But thankful for the win. But need to grow from
this and learn from it. And when you’re in this
spot, you can’t take– we brought losing
into the equation when I didn’t know we had to in
certain situations with fouls and turnovers or
unsound decisions. Yeah. I don’t know. Yeah, that has not been
our formula for success. We always talk about
you got to eliminate losing first, and
taking care of the ball and defensive rebounding
and transition baskets. And we did not do a
good job in those areas. I think we ran some good
offense or just took advantage of some of their breakdowns. And what did we shoot
from the free throw line? 14 of 19. And made enough big
plays to pull it out. So I think it was just
some of the baskets. Jay made some really good
offensive plays for us, Huff. Obviously, the usual guys did. But it was just enough. It was just one of those games. I had that feeling. You could feel it
with the crowd. You could feel it
with the intensity. And I thought we
had it, and then we fouled the 3-point shooter. A lot of people say, should you
foul to put them on the line? We decided to foul
the 3-point shooter. So that was our theory on
that, which wasn’t sound. But we’ll live and learn. And again, fortunate
to get out here. NC State’s a good
team, especially when they’re full strength, which
they’re now getting back to. And you got to earn it in here. Yeah, that was huge. That was huge for him. You always want him, when he has
a good look, to take the shot. That might have been out
of an offensive rebound, if I’m not mistaken. We had 11 offensive rebounds. So there was a few key plays. Braxton kept a
couple of balls live. I think it might have been on
that one, if I’m not mistaken. But that was a big shot. And I thought we answered
when they went up 3, and then Jay got an and
one to start overtime. And so there was
enough answering. And that’s what
you needed to do. But we gave him a
few too many chances that didn’t need to happen. No. I think they’ll pressure
you with 3/4 court pressure, whether it’s a 1-2-2 or 2-2-1
press, or man-to-man press, and they make some catches hard. And we shot, I think– wasn’t the first half 11 of 18? Or I’m sorry. It was a real– yeah, 11 of 18 in
the first half. We were getting some good looks. We were getting
right at the rim. And you got to take the
easy shots for sure. And then definitely,
we shot a few more. I think we obviously got
it going a little bit in the second half. But take what the
defense gives you. And that’s what
they were giving us. They were doing a
good job of getting to our 3-point shooters. And I thought we did
a nice job at least of getting some easy
ones, minus the turnovers and some of the decisions. Yeah. Well, yeah, I want
to watch the film. But he’s very physical. And he was real physical. And I thought sometimes
we didn’t just worry about a body on
him and shielding him off and let other guys rebound. It was kind of a hit
and we’re jumping up. But he was first
to get position. And he’s strong. I saw him move Jack a couple
times, which guys don’t do. And we were just
a little sluggish, I thought, to the block
out or to the ball. And a lot of bobbles in there. And he carved out space. I had flashbacks of– you guys correct me if I’m
wrong, this is many years ago– but we got owned on the
glass by Richard Howell? I mean, we couldn’t handle him. And I remember that feeling. And again, they’re
different players. But he’s physical. He does a good job on the glass. He knows his role. And he was very effective. And so we’ll learn. And I guess it’s just getting
early, and keeping him off, and everybody else
better be in there. But he did the job. Yeah. They’re good that way. But it doesn’t matter if
you’re calm in the huddle, and you go out there, and
we commit fouls and do things we’re not supposed to. But Ty was struggling. His back was– I don’t know. I don’t know if he
just had a tight back. But he was giving
everything he had. But there was composure. We knew what we wanted to do. And obviously, you
try to challenge them to be ready, to rebound,
take care of the ball. And that experience– they’ve
been in those spots at times. But right this year, at Duke
and here were two of the times. We were a couple
other closer games. So it was good to be in that. But I think we
have to be sounder, as I mentioned a few
times, down the stretch with those decisions. Yeah. No, I was just looking
at his stat line. And so, yeah, no,
well, he redshirted. But he says he’s right. Yeah. No, we were trying
to get him a– well, we ran an action, and the shot
that Kyle shot at the end, we were hoping he
was going to attack. But no, it was good. He got in foul trouble. But his length is so good
defensively to bother, whether it was
Johnson or other ones. And I think our length
at least helped us bother some of those outside shots. But De’Andre and Braxton
both knocked down a big set of free throws. And he was aggressive, De’Andre. I know he’ll be frustrated
with some of his turnovers. But he was certainly assertive. And his game has
continued to improve. And there’s so
much more in there. And just thankful
that he, like I said, had the poise and composure
at the free throw line, because we needed those.