Some really good matchups here
between these two programs and I don’t expect any differently here today. Ferris
State from left to right here in the first half it’ll be Myles Howard and
Zack Hankins in the circle opening tip is won by the Bulldogs in Wink. Cushingberry
as the Bulldogs go down low Mayfield underneath reverse layin no
good butHankins with the follow jam. Down the lane near side found it opening
but Howard came on the help and the Bulldogs have to swing it back to
Cushingberry step-back three on the way from Cush is up and god. Puts going here
against this 2-3 set now it’s Mayfield at the high post inside out King from
downtown trying to answer and does. Noah King right there filling it up.
Hankins with a high post inside out to Williams who drives the lane dumps it up
to Hinkins who jams at home 1814 Wildcats here against the Bulldogs high
post Ehrlich down low to hate kids reverse lay it up and good and he’s foul
feeding the outfits here for the Bulldogs up the floor Cushing bury the
LA back to Hank inside up Berlocq from downtown for Korean dog great job got it
inside back outside feeder fur like nothing but net from the wall and the
ball nice forced the turnover as Eccles pass intercepted by thrower ahead to
Cushing berry who score Ferris State back to your side with six seconds for
Lake oh one dribble inside fires the jumper and connects back to Cushing
berry high post McFadden McFadden a couple dribbles inside behind hey good
to washes it down our top of the circle back left wing Cushing berry the deep
three on the way it up the gun it’s time triple there at Outback new side corner
not a thrower thrower penetrates the defense
lobs it up but in and probably was fouled did not get the call hey guys
hammer to the ground there and you don’t see too many people hammer
Deshawn thrower to the ground without a little extra force being applied all I
was trying to chase Johnson near steal by Williams and it will be stolen away
by Gregg Williams Williams to the hole lays it up and in
a sequence by the Bulldog there great steal by Greg leav in transition
tremendous finish timeout by coach softens queues at the right side for
Farrow state decaying deep three from Noah God in his bow nor King brought to
the court and that brings the fans to cheers there on a big basket post here
for the Bulldogs as we’re kind of screened off here from Coach Bronk Yuma
in front of us now it’s king deep three from downtown
up and amber King feeling it from outside the three-point line she
dribbles back around the horn now near side with it they go baseline to
McFadden who drives hard reverse layin no good but Hinkins jams at home that’s
right what he did not get the layup you missing McFadden but her side Cushing
berry a lob pass back side they fill jams at home
oh man big-time finish their cush cush drives on your side looking for Walker
down low finds Williams in the corner for three
god and a great cutter by Gregg Williams with a triple free back to throw her
throw her high post of McFadden McFadden nice feed down low to hey Gazoo Jansen
home and was probably found that’s behind the line that cuts it back to two
at 72-68 Cushing berry lobs it up for a kazoo answered face the way hey could
still write their ankles fires the shot and it comes up short as time expires at
Ferris State holds on for a 74 71 victory at a big time victory right
there echoes was really trying to get that shot off and just the struggle for
him to get that shot off and good defense there by the Bulldogs had that
trap on them and really kind of chased him off of a comfortable spot you