[MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, you’ve got to– we always talk about
road ball, home run, every game you’re just ready. But you know the saying. You try to use it,
defense travels. You try to just be it. If your sound and your
game doesn’t change, regardless of the
environment, it can allow you sometimes, whether
you’re at home or on the road, to just stay true
to that and not become unclear on who you are. And I think that’s what
this team has done– their style, how they play. They don’t get outside
of themselves too much, and that’s an important factor. And that’s, I think,
led to, obviously, just really good players, good
plays that are being made. But they’re staying
true to themselves and how we’re trying to
play in all environments. Coach, you mentioned
Kyle’s hot start where he was just 5 and 15
from the field per game. Do you think that was
what Clemson was doing– For sure. Yeah. Well, he makes shots that he
just needs a sliver of space. And he kind of kept us alive
when we were missing early. And then they might have even– I don’t know if I saw it
right on a possession or two– tried to play a box in one
or just face guard him. But they were really
making his cuts hard, and that’s why, in
the second half, we made some adjustments
and different guys started attacking, and
we got some mismatches. But he was definitely
a marked man. And you have to when he
gets it rolling like that. So great first half shooting. Second half, I don’t
know his stat line. So that’s a couple
of his turnovers I thought he drew
a lot of attention and that helped the others. How prevalent do
you see teams kind of almost beat
themselves [INAUDIBLE] shots, which is how much
you have used the shot clock offensively, and seeing
on defense those [INAUDIBLE]?? You know, it’s our
goal every time down, every possession is,
offensively, just get a great shot. Whether it goes in or not,
try to get a great shot. Take care of the
ball, run assertively. If it happens early and
it’s a great shot, take it. If you need to– against good defensive teams– break them down. And then defensively,
it’s just the opposite. Make them shoot
a contested shot. And they do go
hand-in-hand, like you said. If you’re working
them and getting good looks, and then
you’re coming down and they can’t get
the easy looks– over the course of the game
is kind of what we talk about. It’s a battle of wills and who’s
going to bend or break first. So we definitely do
that, but it’s really the goal is uncontested,
good-looking shot, and then make them
shoot the contested shots every time down. Jeff and then Josh. I know you like him for his
defense first and foremost, but when Kihei can
hit open field– It was big. –like he did today, what
does that mean to you? Good. And I want him to continue to
keep being aggressive, touching the paint, making some plays. You see his point of attack
defensively on the ball, but another big
three for us and he’s getting close to playing them. He’s got an
immobilized left wrist. It was the cast,
now it’s a splint. He can’t move his left wrist. And we’re getting close
to where it might be– just depends on
how it progresses. We’re OK. Now it becomes
tape, and just think about playing with
a frozen wrist, even though it’s
your opposite hand. So I’ve marvelled at how he’s
been able to manage with that, and hadn’t changed his
heart at all for sure. OK. Got time for two more. We’ll take Josh. Do you feel like being here
on a day when their football team has a parade and is
celebrating a National Championship, is that
kind of weird for you? It’s identical. Two years ago it
was the same thing. At halftime, as I
saw coach Dabo– and I have the
greatest, obviously, respect for their program
and what they stand for. It was interesting though. I said to my team– and this
is two years ago when we came, it was maybe– I don’t know how many, 70,000
or 3/4 full in the stadium. This time we came and, I
don’t know if it was weather or maybe I had a bad view. I think it was a lot less. And I told our team, no one will
ever take away their National Championship, but– of course you
represent the fans, but the joy really comes in
the challenges and competition than playing for your
teammates, playing for whatever it is that matters to you. And you can tell they’re
that successful when, I don’t think half
as many people came to celebrate their second
National Championship. And I just talked about that,
like this is about competition and enjoying that. But I stand in
awe of, again, how the program’s run, from
everything I see and know, and what they do. But I still love
Virginia football. [MUSIC PLAYING]