professional goalie Kimberly Sass is one
fierce hockey player but surprise she’s also an architect I love art and that
you kind of create your own rules whereas architecture the rules are kind
of presented to you we all know that architects design buildings but did you
know that architectural designers plan the interior of buildings as well today
architectural designer Kimberly Sass is going to show us the planning behind one
of her favorite buildings this pro ice hockey stadium in New Jersey this is
Plexiglas and it’s meant to protect the audience on this side of the glass from
the rubber pucks flying every which way on the ice surface and also sticks and
bodies slamming against the glass and the boards it may be obvious the clear glass is there so you
can see but up until the mid-1940s hockey rinks used chicken wire as
protection which was much better for keeping the chickens in than keeping pucks out here they come but there’s Plexiglas right there so I am fine clearly the audience has to see the tiny
little puck from every seat in the house so how do designers make that possible
ice arenas typically have stadium very bright powerful lights it’s because the
players on the ice have to see this little round rubber disc from 100 feet
away also the referees have to be able to see
the puck and make sure they follow it if it goes into the goal and also the fans
need to be tracking this little object as well with a small puck and a huge
stadium sound plays an important role in making hockey more exciting sound waves bounce off hard surfaces like metal and ice creating an echo effect which
increases the noise of the crowd’s cheers sounds like you really work with a lot
of different people as an architectural designer yes I kind of understand why
you go by Sass now she’s a boss but because she can’t teach me how to install
seats she’s gonna give me some hockey pointers hey I know that you told me you were
a professional hockey player but seeing it in person is kind of insane so we’re
gonna start on the blue line we’re gonna do some shuffling obviously I pretty much nailed shuffling
but now let’s see if I can score the crowd goes wild the echo is everywhere the lights are bright the ceiling is high the Plexiglas is there to protect them and she doesn’t get a goal try shooting it at me next time oh sure Kim it has been really great and truly
humbling to get to know you today not only do you have two careers but you’re
really good at both of them should we blow the whistle on today let’s blow the whistle
on today stay sassy