My name is Drew Cheatham. I am the club president
for ISU’s men’s rugby. We’re continuously growing team. We have about forty members
now on the rugby club. We play in the Wisconsin-Illinois rugby club that’s division two conference
within USA rugby. We do practice just about all year round whether
it’s as a team or individually. You know, we all stay kind of up. Just keep working
out in the summer time obviously when we aren’t down here at school.
There’s a lot of “on-your-own” that the players do. Everyone’s in the rec running,
lifting on their own. But, as far as structured practices, it’s only two or three times
a week but we really make use of the time while we’re here.
Most of our team has been playing together the last few years and so we know how each
other play and we’ve all come together. Been doing a lot of good things on and off
the field. Just constantly exercising and working out, staying in shape. We want to
be the most in shape team out there. We communicate well, we have a lot of really
talented athletes on our team and we just love the sport, so it makes it easy.
I know when I joined the club, it was more of a social club. I mean, we played rugby
but we really didn’t take anything too serious. Kevin Chanus was our president last semester
really kind of got the team together and focused more on rugby than the social aspects. And
through his leadership, we became more of a power house in the state.
This weekend, we are competing in Madison Wisconsin in the Wisconsin-Illinois Conference
final four. If we are able to win that, we will move on to the D2 rugby national tournament.
This is kind of a new tradition that we are setting for ISU rugby and, you know, we’re
pumped about it.