♪ Ted Donato, The Robert D. Ziff
Harvard Men’s Varsity Ice Hockey Coach, here for my 16th season. Well I think, for me I really got on
the ice probably at about age three which is pretty early. Oddly enough I had
two brothers that played but, I also had my babysitter’s brother,
was into hockey. He use to take me up on certain days and that got me some
extra ice time. But before that, a lot of street hockey, a lot of hand hockey
we called it back in the day which was basically a pair of white socks and your
hands used as hockey sticks. Not as glorious as the mini sticks,
and all the games they have today. When you play, an 80 game schedule,
82 back then, and you add in the exhibition games and the playoffs, your talking about
100 game season for that many years, it’s a lot of, every season is like
three college seasons. So in, essence you get a lot of experiences.
You get exposed to a lot of different playing styles, a lot of different coaching styles
A lot of different nationalities, whether you’re playing with guys from Russia,
Sweden, and Finland. Obviously from Canada. So you hope to be a sponge and learn from
different backgrounds, different paths. There’s Xs and Os and things that you
adjust with each team, but when it’s all said and done, you try to put kids in
a situation to have success and to know there’s lessons to be learned in wins and losses,
and sometimes more importantly in losses, but to me the real measuring stick is can we get better,
can we at the end of the year be better than we were at the start of the year, and can the kids
enjoy themselves, and be in a respectful environment that they’ll look back at very fondly.