That’s in. Hey. What’s up, y’all? It’s Olivia Holt, here. I’m Aubrey Joseph. We are from Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, and today we are gonna play Truth or Dare … Basketball Edition. We’ll see how this goes, honestly. But … I got my money on Liv. Okay! Didn’t get it. Okay, I’m just gonna go with truth. What’s something about you that would surprise people? There’s a lot of things. I think what comes to mind, though, is I can pretty much crack almost every bone in my body. [Olivia] It probably isn’t good for me.
[Aubrey] I’ve seen this happen. I’ve seen this happen. It’s pretty bad. Should I? Okay. Listen closely. Yeah. All right, all right! That was just a little bit! Ladies and gentlemen, Olivia Holt. No! I didn’t put anything on it. Damn. Do you have any funny fan stories? The time we were on set and that guy just walked into the bathroom and tried to talk to me while I was using the bathroom. That was pretty weird. [Olivia] Oh, no! [Aubrey] Ahh! No! Almost. Gah. Dare. Play the next two rounds talking like a pirate. Arr, matey! All right. Arr right! Arr right-y. You know what? No! See, what had happened was … Mm-hmm? Mm. Uh-oh. That’s mine to read to you. New Orleans is a very haunted place. Do you believe in ghosts? A-harr! Captain Jack, I do believe in ghosts. Because we went on this ghost tour in New Orleans. Creeped me out, pretty much. Pretty much. Arr. They had a lot of “facts”, but … Ah! Oh. [Olivia] That’s right.
[Aubrey] I guess that’s straight to me. Okay. Oh my— Did you make it? You didn’t make it? You have to talk to the person next to you as if they are your pet when you first come home. Hey, little buddy! You happy to see me? Yo, I can’t. Good luck. That’s in. Oh! That’s in. That’s in. [Olivia] You got this.
[Aubrey] I got you. I’m right behind you. You were behind. Not me, but the net. Truth or dare? Truth or dare? I think I should just quit. Honestly. I’ll take a dare. I like this dare. What is it? Read the last text message you sent. The last text message I sent. I’m just gonna peek over. Making sure you’re being honest. “Yeah, might go to Zion’s, but I’ll let you know.” Shout out my man Zion from
the boy band PRETTYMUCH. What’s up, bro? So, are you gonna go? Or … We might. Okay. We might. All right. That was pretty boring, I’m sorry. [Aubrey] I wish I had something—
[Olivia] Are you gonna invite me? I’m waiting for my invite. No, you’ve got it. Let’s go. Was that an invite? [Olivia] Oh!
[Aubrey] Mm. All right. Give me a truth. If you were not an actor, what would you be doing with your life? I think maybe I would be an interior designer? But a really bad one, you know? ‘Cause I’m not good at it. Okay. But I would work really hard to be a good one. I like walking into places and being, like, “I like that.” “That would look good somewhere in my home.” [Aubrey] Woo!
[Olivia] Oh! Stop. Stop. You got this, okay? Whatever you do … It’s okay, buddy. You got it, okay? That dare’s over, Aubrey. Okay. [Olivia] Oh!
[Aubrey] Hey! Gosh! Gosh. We got it. We got it. We killed that. Thanks guys for watching.